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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Labor’s vilification of RC Commissioner Dyson Heydon, when hearing evidence from Shorten and ex PM Gillard, turned out to be yet another of Shorten’s misguided missiles because Heydon let the criminality of both slide through to the keeper. Now those flawed decisions may come back to haunt him via an unpretentious bloke called Ralph Blewitt.

Justice Heydon excoriated Shorten and determined that Gillard was an innocent tool of partner and union crook, Bruce Wilson.That was not true of Gillard and Shorten deserved to be charged over the monetary betrayal of his AWU members.

Perhaps the Bench believes Labor leaders should be exempt from prosecution as it is they who screamed the loudest about Conservative interference. Labor demanded that dyson Heydon be sacked as a Conservative sympathiser. So the Commissioner (and others) will be watching Ralph Blewitt’s testimony with great interest.

Blewitt has been told by WA Police that he will face over 30 criminal charges. Each of those charges will embroil Julia Gillard and she will find it hard to avoid the witness box in a normal trial. What that evidence leads to should concern Gillard more than Blewitt who has declared his intention to bring down both Gillard and her then boyfriend Bruce Wilson

Despite having been assured of only partial immunity, Blewitt maintains he did not profit from any criminal venture of Gillard and Wilson.

Bill Shorten had insisted the AWU forgo any attempt to recover stolen funds, which by now had amounted to, in total and as best we can determine, $1.4 million in 90s money, could be much more.

Dyson Heydon made a serious mistake in not recommending charges be brought against Gillard and it is likely to leave egg on both his face and reputation when the truth is laid bare, as Blewitt is determined to do, no matter what the cost.

The Commissioner cannot claim ignorance as The Australian newspaper had spelt out the facts behind Gillard’s actions while working as a solicitor for Slater & Gordon. 

Slater & Gordon, who are now teetering on the edge of insolvency, were deeply enough involved to sack Gillard in an attempt to appear clean handed.

Anyway, Blewitt was owed a legitimate amount of $13,430 in AWU long-service leave but he was now ‘persona non grata’ with the AWU.

A peeved Ralph needed his money, he was broke. So when he discovered his ol’ mate, and partner in crime Julia had knifed her way into a plum PM’s job, and therefore was now a "person of influence", he decided to give her a call. Remember, ol’ Ralph can be a bit naive too. 

“Can you arrange for me to get my severance pay, Julia?” asked Ralph politely. Gillard told him in no uncertain terms to "fornicate" off.

Undeterred, Ralph called Gillard again. This time he couldn’t get past her minders. So he waited and called again, he was transferred to a staffer, “Piss off Blewitt or we will get the Commonwealth Police on to you.”  Ralph pissed off and the AWU still owes him his severance pay. And the hurt still abides.

Perhaps it wasn’t wise to piss ol’ Ralph off because when I enquired as to his whistle-blowing motives, he sent me this:

“So we must fly a rebel flag,

As others did before us,

And we must sing a rebel song

And join in rebel chorus.

We'll make the tyrants feel the sting

O' those that they would throttle;

They needn't say the fault is ours

If blood should stain the wattle!"

The is no doubt that Gillard was complicit in, and profited from, at least $1.4 million stolen from the AWU, Slater & Gordon’s client. Her most damning action was that she posed as a solicitor for Slater & Gordon’s client, her boyfriend Bruce Wilson of the AWU. 

The WA Police are only moving against Blewitt on a figure of $400,000... there’s a million missing somewhere.

If you have any doubts about Gillard’s guilt, have a read of the 10 part comprehensive series here on home page.  

Justice Heydon was swayed by Gillard’s “young and naive” defence. Yet Gillard was neither young nor naive, she was a partner in a Labor Party law firm and was fully cognisant of how Labor union criminality works. 

Slater & Gordon in fact held part of the mortgage on the now infamous property (above)                                         at 85 Kerr Street Fitzroy, in Melbourne.

                                                       Bill Leak's interpretation

The Kerr Street property and others were renovated, including Gillard’s own house in Collingwood, using fraudulent funds paid to Wilson that were extracted from development companies in return for industrial peace.

Gillard knew exactly how it all worked as Shorten is an expert at converting AWU union dues into available cash. 

Gillard was at least partly responsible for convincing Boulder AWU members, in her capacity as an AWU lawyer, to transfer their funeral fund to PO box number 157 in Perth, owned by Bruce Wilson. This money was spent on purchasing two holiday homes that had mysteriously been sold after renovations were completed. The profits promptly disappeared.

                      Ralph Blewitt (left) claims he was dudded by Gillard, (right).

Wilson has vowed to protect Gillard but she is most culpable when it comes to the Corporate Affairs hearing where she had to justify her setting up of the slush fund after Corporate Affairs had initially denied her request. Gillard's subsequent appeal could only be heard in a court of law that Wilson says he clearly recalls. That puts both he and Gillard in an appeals court that transcripts can be subpoenaed from.    

Julia had better have plenty of popcorn ready, it will be a long trial that should end with Blewitt on a bond and her and her ex in cuffs.


Silly me ! I thought that the Law was there to ensure justice for all people! Not just those who think they are above the Law.

The Royal Commission's questioning of Gillard, and later clearing her of wrongdoing, was an absolute disgrace. But because the system is corrupt, and while I'd like to see Gillard in prison, I am 110% certain nothing will ever happen to Gillard. She is an untouchable... a former Prime Minister, and Turnbull will not allow the country to be embarrassed in anyway.

“A history of false flag attacks used to manipulate the minds of the people! “In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule.” - Friedrich Nietzsche
“The subject which will be of most importance politically is mass psychology….. the populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated……as yet there is only one country which has succeeded in creating this politicians paradise.” Bertrand Russell, THE IMPORTANCE OF SCIENCE ON SOCIETY, 1960.

Cont: MaFa = Mothers father. FaFa = fathers father and finally, FaMa = Fathers mother. Absolutely no room for confusion!

So, rather than destroy the religious and heterosexual understanding of "Marriage" we can have it any way we want. So wash to say that I am in a Harriage!

Apologies that this is a bit off topic BUT I have to get it off my chest.

This SSM thing is ridiculous. The cost of a plebiscite is significant AND a parliamentary vote will see Turnbull out of a job at the next election. Good riddance I say BUT look at the alternative.

Perhaps we should delete all references to "Marriage" - the dictionary explanations only confuse the issue.

"Marriage" as most of us understand it must be replaced. My suggestion is: Harriage = Heterosexual union. Garriage = Gay union. Larriage (apologies to Larry) = Lesbian union. Tarriage = Tranny union, etc, etc.

If you think this is stupid then please consider the wise Viking Danes (who many of us are descended from) who are most explicit when it comes to Grandparent names: MaMa = mothers mother. Cont:

Sorry Billy you tried hard but as usual failed.

India’s Adani Group plans to begin work on its $16bn (A$21bn) Carmichael coal mine and rail project in Australia three months after it gets final approval from the federal government, which is expected as early as May, the conglomerate’s chairman has said.

Gautam Adani predicts the mine — located in the Galilee Basin province in central Queensland — will be operating by 2020, with a final investment decision by May or June, even though it's still beset by legal challenges, SkyNews reports.

I posted earlier today about Pommie PC s , 95% unarmed. 4.00pm TV news , MP says " Time to review this" . Wonder how much a butchered coppers family get ?. . " For a working class type , we,ll give them a medal , bronze and not too big , they might get beyond their station if we make too much fuss " .

Pauline says "PRAY FOR A MUSLIM BAN" .

And now the foul mouthed communist is the Chair of Beyond blue - unbelievable.

President Donald Trump has weaponized the revolving door by appointing defense contractors and their lobbyists to key government positions as he seeks to rapidly expand the military budget and homeland security programs.

Two Department of Homeland Security appointments Trump announced Tuesday morning are perfect examples.

Famous for its churches, pretty parks by the Torrens, and the Adelaide festival, SA’s citizens once blithely relied on the coal-fired Leigh Creek station for their base load power.

Changing their energy situation was the last thing on people’s minds in Adelaide while they sipped fine Coonawarra reds and perused the line-up for the next WOMAD festival.

How things have changed.

Some bright spark in the government decided to go full bore on renewables, without too much thought about how this would operate when they sun was not shining or the wind not blowing and whether there would be enough back-up power coming from neighbouring coal-burning states.

Last year a vicious storm caused SA to have a full-scale blackout, something unprecedented in recent memory and not something normally associated with a modern developed country like Australia. India maybe, but not Australia.

There has been a lot of finger pointing from both sides of politics with the federal government blaming the fiasco on the state’s ambitious 50% renewables target by 2025 and the state government blaming the inability of the national market to operate effectively to back up the state.

The SA Premier Jay Weatherill’s response to this fiasco is to build a $500 million gas generator at taxpayers’ expense.

Coal did not fit into the government’s view of acceptable power energy sources.

Minerals Council of Australia executive director – coal Greg Evans said it was wrong to characterise coal as in the past and indeed if this was a genuine view SA should stop sourcing coal-based power from Victoria and abandon plans to import electricity from New South Wales.

“We of course need all forms of energy in the mix and that includes renewables and gas – but it also means high efficiency, low emission coal-fired generation,” he said

“Technology leaders including Germany and Japan have embraced next generation coal and it has much lower greenhouse emissions.

“In fact, coal generation using HELE [high efficiency low emissions] technology is expanding right across the world with 1015 supercritical or ultra-supercritical in operation and another 1231 planned or under construction.”

Evans said electricity from coal was affordable and available 24 hours a day every day of the year and now it offered a clean solution.

He said relative to other base load generation options such as gas it was affordable, had less price volatility and was readily sourced.

“To add to their suitability, HELE plants are designed to ramp up in order to meet electricity demand as required, thereby strengthening an energy network weakened by non-synchronous weather dependent renewables,” Evans said.

“The MCA has also previously warned if this wider electricity problem is not sorted out living standards will fall and prices will keep rising.”

So it is good enough for advanced economies such as Germany to go down the HELE route, not to mention newly developing economies in our region, but it is not good enough for SA.

Here boy, here boy .... a new post for you Dog

There is no such thing as moderate islam, they are the slackers, the hard yakka is being done by the other 2%.

Islam has no place in a civilised society, QED!

I'd be spewing if I was held up for 90 mins after an international flight to Sydney just because a scumbag drug mule had a loss of containment on board, just drop the turd on the tarmac via the rear door and let us get on our way.

WTF. Why do they have Pallachook on the news trying to make mileage out of the London attack by having the cameras there while she is consulting with her security advisers on how to protect the Qld Parliament & the state. This is just grandstanding. If she wants to go public just keep it basic......confirm that our security people are on the job.

There's a big cop out going on in the West, too scared to acknowledge that the only way these terror attacks will ever stop is when Islam doesn't exist. They know that's unlikely to happen so the advice to all us infidels is "Just learn to live with it."

That's all very well if it doesn't affect you, but how many more innocents have to die before there is a concerted effort to at least rid the scourge of radical Islam from our countries and send the followers back to their origin. They can then concentrate on killing themselves.

Time to hold them to account

The outrageous truth slips out: Labour cynically plotted to transform the entire make-up of Britain without telling us

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Joint Statement by AFP, ASIO and the Prime Minister of Australia

The most recent attack in London is in no way related to Islam which as everyone knows is a religion of peace, but was a lone wolf attack possibly inspired by Daesh which is nothing to do with Islam or the Koran which is a book of peace. We will never be cowed by lone wolves. Anyone asserting it was anything to do with Islam will be hounded to death by the AHRC.

I want extra security in my street -

OT: Why lately am I getting notifications from Australia Post that I have an item coming tomorrow, currently sitting at Bull Creek WA ???? Why the fuck do Aus Post have small parcels coming in from overseas going to fucking Bull Creek ? Then sitting around for days and weeks ? Any one know ?