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Tuesday, 23rd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The belief that only bogan fools vote Labor or Green gains credence when you notice those who leave university with a law or medical degree. GPs and solicitors are among the dumbest people I have known and they all have dutifully joined Labor or the Greens. Is it any wonder Whitlam and his successors all wanted free university education.

Let’s take the High Court. It has unwittingly thrown Australia into a Constitutional wilderness, as I said it would do right here way back on October 13.

That mob of misfits either hasn’t a clue or purposefully wants to destroy the joint.

The sole Green in the Lower House, Adam Bandt, suggested today that Labor and the Greens will turn up to work next week anyway to set about passing legislation in the Government’s absence.

Adam Bandt’s first port of call after uni was as a lawyer for Slater & Gordon so I guess he, along with Julia Gillard and others, can be excused for being that stupid. Both were S & G lawyers so is it any wonder this Labor law firm is fighting insolvency?

The High Court was asked to rule on the legitimacy of Government's $100 million funding of the SSM “survey”, it ruled the Government could so do. 

But the Government had declared SSM legislation was to be contingent on the “survey” outcome… and that should have changed the ballgame for the High Court because legislation can only be contingent on a referendum not even on a plebiscite, let alone a flawed, voluntary, postal “survey”.

A non-compulsory postal vote that can be mailed at any time over a period of three months is unconstitutional if the Government has stated its intention to legislate on the result. A postal survey carries no right to legislate, especially when, after less than one week the voting result had already been decided.

The money and time spent on advertising over the following two months was an utter waste, and the result certainly no guide as to the public’s wont.

    Katter has also suggested legislation can be carried without the Government.... idiot!

For any “survey”, plebiscite or referendum to have legitimacy, voting must be carried out on a certain pre-allocated day, allowing for the effluxion of the weeks that have been set aside for campaigning by all sides. 

By the time the dishonest “Marriage Equality” campaign was completed after one week, the majority of eager responders had already voted. The argument against same sex marriage had just begun to gain strength, but it was all too late... and they knew it.

There was plenty the High Court could have ruled on whether within or without an imaginary terms of reference. But had the High Court even bothered warning of the likely illegitimacy of a three-month long “survey”, the Government would have been obliged to take a different course, despite that it could have legislated for SSM anyway.

Maybe the High Court was busy doing crosswords when the question of dual citizenship needed their attention. People were kicked out of Parliament for having British parentage but these dopey buggers on the Bench didn’t notice that every Parliamentarian had (and always has) sworn an oath of allegiance to the UK monarchy and its followers, which makes a mockery of dual allegiances.

Were these High Court galahs and expensive counsels for the applicants sound asleep? The High Court was ruling on something that had already been determined, and they didn’t even notice. At the very least its ruling clearly contradicted the Constitution that it is responsible for defending.

                     Yes it could have if the "survey" was carried out Constitutionally

I suspect that the SSM question framed and conducted properly (and legally) would almost certainly have produced an entirely different result.

The Parliamentary idiots who believe they can legislate in the Government’s absence after the Speaker has changed the sitting dates, are playing with their dongers. Of course there's a good chance they'll change their minds when they realise they could be faced with their share of the $1 million a day it costs to run the joint. 

This chaos has only just begun. But who gives a stuff?

Fair dinkum, is there anything that’s not unprecedented about this Government?


Simpletons in Santa suits, simply brilliant Larry.

Country bloke, you think Vic is bad , S.A is not much better, both Andrews and Weartherdill are total fuckwits.

I'm losing nothing and you are a fool.

You have definitely proven yourself to be a prime fuckwit. I will say it again: I AM NOT VIV SIGLEY or anyone else you would know. Take your childish shit elsewhere as I don't believe Larry's blog is your personal grievance airing place. You are THE shit stain on this blog and are most likely VS yourself ie talking to all of your personalities and arguing amongst yourself. You are one fucked up piece of flotsam. Whatever this Sigley woman has done, this is not the place to tell about it. You are opening yourself up to some possible serious legal action. At the least you should be locked into a safe facility so you do no more harm, you fucken maggot!

Keep you filthy laundry to yourself, whoever/whatever you are.


You really are fucked in the head Tyrone and I can only hope that your body gets as fucked up as your 'brain'. Fuck off or come here to Victoria where we'll sort this out in a violent way. You would not be annoying others ever again if it came to that.

I just logged in and noticed that this idiot calling themselves "Tyrone" has accused me of being this Sigley woman. For the fucking record: I know no person called Viv Sigley and have absolutely ZERO to do with anyone here, apart from interacting on the forums. My username is my one and only - used to be "Country Conservative" as I have stated at least once before. I have NOTHING to do with the childish and mentally unstable people involved in this Sigley bullshit. I am a white male, over 50 that resides in horrid Victoria. Leave me out of your loony bullshit circle!

It took me a while to digest this, The Queensland gov , debt is,, 81 BILLION DOLLARS !!eighty one billion,How the hell does a state with so much going for it ,get a debt of 81 bill, plus? The answer to every ones problems was touted as more population, well they have more population plus a massive state debt! The interest alone must be hugh, And i thought SA was bad at $14 billion, If we add these state debts together and add the fed gov, debts and borrowings , ? we are in a financial hole folks.and not forgetting the various councils, and private borrowings ,etc Amazing , but tragic as well. as a nation we are in hock up to our necks.

Why are those on the steps in the top photo looking so jovial ?

Old News -
Is it time to pull a Kevin, Malcolm?
By Houses and Holes in Australian Politics
at 4:46 am on February 6, 2015 | 146 comments
The leadership saga rolls on, from Fairfax:
Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull directly confronted Prime Minister Tony Abbott in a crunch meeting about the government’s woes before Wednesday’s cabinet meeting.
…The Communications Minister, however, pressed the Prime Minister on how the government would extricate itself from its current leadership woes.
…Mr Turnbull is said to have been “underwhelmed” by Mr Abbott’s reply.
And the AFR:
Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s supporters believe he must sacrifice his controversial chief of staff, Peta Credlin, or risk losing his leadership to Malcolm Turnbull, possibly as early as next week.
Amid fears that more breakaway MPs are planning to go public over the weekend to try to generate momentum for a spill, those wanting more time for Mr Abbott say he must dump Ms Credlin, the long-time head of his office.
…“If Abbott offers up Peta Credlin, he will buy himself some very, very valuable time,” the MP said. “She has wielded enormous power in his name to his ­detriment. It’s a very, very important circuit breaker and it will halt the momentum. Organised or disorganised, this is gaining momentum.”
Cutting Credlin will only make the party appear like the plaything of Rupert Murdoch. It may buy time but it will also come at a longer term price. And from The Australian:
NATIONALS MPs will demand a written guarantee from Malcolm Turnbull that he will not pursue an emissions trading scheme, gay marriage or backtrack on asylum-seeker policy if he topples Tony Abbott to become prime minister.
No markets, no wogs and no poofters. Go ‘Straya!
Is it time to pull a Kevin Rudd, Malcom, and before him, a Paul Keating? I’m tempted to write that it is.
Read on -

Can we waste no more taxes on the police investigations regarding the shooting of John Ibrahim's body guard. By all means continue with the raids but let the criminal war continue to the end as happened with the Morans in Melbourne. The outcome can only be welcomed.

I must say, I admire the alliteration in the headline,

Why does Santa Claus dress like a judge?
A while back I tried to make some sense of Lewis Carroll’s interesting poem
JABBERWOCKY by Lewis Carroll
It is obvious that the jew dicial system of ju dges and jew ries is in the hands of the brother hoods as per the Protocols.

From "Jews, Jurats And The Jury Wall: A Name In Context" page 123 - "....In York, the street name Jubbergate, recorded as Jubrettegate as early as 1287, derives from Middle English Jewe:......." [gate is an ancient name for street]

JABBERWOCKY by Lewis Carroll - "...Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that scratch! Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun The fruminous Bandersnatch!"
In the preface to The Hunting of the Snark, Carroll defines 'frumious'
Take the two words 'fuming' and 'furious'. Make up your mind that you will say both words, but leave it unsettled which you will say first. Now open your mouth and speak. If your thoughts incline ever so little towards 'fuming', you will say 'fuming-furious'; if they turn, by even a hair's breadth, towards 'furious', you will say 'furious-fuming'; but if you have the rarest of gifts, a perfectly balanced mind, you will say 'fruminous'.
See Jabberwocky Wikipedia. It is even translared into Hebrew on the net.

Has any one accused John McCain of sexual anything ?

Tyrone : How was this messaging relayed through PP ,was it in coded verse ?

Is there something intelligent to come out of this because for months all we have read is pretentious crap .

New one up from Harry.

The International Criminal Court is to launch an investigation into war crimes committed by the United States and its allies in Afghanistan including a look into the CIA Black Sites.

Fysa, I noticed you suffer from apnea. Lucky man.