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Friday, 15th December 2017

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Pauline’s choice of Peter Slipper’s little wet oyster mate as adviser has ensured One Nation’s dismal loss and that the LNP is not able to join in government with them. In the process One Nation has handed banana benders another term of two hard-to-like Labor females going absolutely nowhere except backwards.

The redhead's and the dickhead's idea of not preferencing sitting members was outright stupidity and when they realised just how stupid it was, it was too late, the how-to-vote cards had already been printed… so they spent the latter part of the campaign in reverse, imploring voters to vote for and preference whomever they wished. And for the greater part, they did, ignoring jerks like Ashby. 

But the entire One Nation disaster has given us exactly what we, the electorate, didn’t want.

James Ashby is not qualified at anything other than playing smelly footsies with the atrocious Peter Slipper. Flying in anything with him is a case of possible Labor assisted death.

To stop Shorten getting the keys to The Lodge is a matter of the Libs returning to their conservative base, that is the only place where the Party’s grass roots support rests, waiting, waiting.

The media’s toying with the Stick Insect is wishful thinking and she would take the Party to darker places than Turnbull ever could. She is a carefully blended concoction of Whitlam and Gillard with a dash of the despicable Shorten. 

Morrison seems no more than a religious weather vane.

The Lib faithful need to stop thinking vengeance and forget about Abbott, … it would be great to see him back, but it would be impractical and retrogressive. As I and most Liberals have always said, "Abbott is not foreman material". 

There are another reported four (I have heard six) Labor dual citizens yet to come which, along with the others, will render the Parliament invalid and unable to pass legislation legally, if it does, it risks challenges to the High Court, including the dishonest same sex marriage Bill.

Turnbull’s tax plan is a thinly veiled diversion from Shorten’s attempts at opportunism over likely numbers on the floor. And Shorten’s debt and deficit wailings ring hollow. He even gets that wrong because it would be irresponsible for any nation not to borrow heavily during periods of near negative interest rates.

Labor always raids the coffers and then borrows heavily regardless of interest rates.

Look at it this way, there is a room with 100 people in it and each person owes another person $100. Big deal! Go buy another beer because borrowings will eventually get sorted.

We are currently nowhere near ten per cent of the US debt, which is at $22 trillion, and no-one is too concerned about the US economy.

Here’s the reason why: When interest rates rise (as they must) then inflation will be needed to keep pace with the rise. Currently we have no inflation, so no growth and no rise in interest rates. 

Now the best way to increase needed inflation is to print more currency. And if you take into account the massive middle income economy and millions of small businesses in the US, it won’t be a problem there, and eventually it won’t be a problem here because Shorten and Turnbull had a private agreement not to mention debt and deficit (because both were responsible for it) and that it would all be okay by 2021.

They agreed it would be okay on the basis that growth would reach 5% per year between then and 2021. Of course 5% is sheer fantasy as the US, which is flying economically at the moment with a 25% increase on the Stock Exchange in the past year alone is aspiring to only 4% next year. And 4% is second only to China!

It’s slightly more serious for Australia as our interest rates are still relatively positive and therefore we have not attracted the borrowings we could have, but still we are currently owed around $65 billion in bonds that mature at different times.

Our main problem is when, due to higher rates, house values decrease due to diminishing demand. Then the stinking banks will demand an unaffordable higher equity from the borrower with the threat of foreclosing. And so the roller coaster will continue without a law that outlaws deficit spending.

We don’t need another bank inquiry, we already know exactly what banks get up to… and we the taxpayers are forced to underwrite the bastards when they get into trouble.

The debt and deficit argument is mainly a broken political toy that Labor leaves the Coalition to fix. It promises hundreds of billions to health and education (health and education are the most highly unionised sectors which get to run the budgets) in the out years and way beyond forward estimates and then bitch that the Coalition is not keeping THEIR unachievable promises.

                                                           George Soros

If the Libs can install a decent leader then they will have to smarten up. They need the equivalent of a George Soros-financed GetUp subsidiary to robot call hundreds of thousands of voters in marginal seats asking if the Labor Party Paedophile Club can borrow their kids for the weekend. (That’s the equivalent of what GetUp does to the Libs now.) The Libs need to get down and dirty like their opponents or suffer a low life like Shorten for a few terms.

Apologies I digressed there.

Turnbull’s Party room is now fracturing and a challenge appears certain the moment that Keneally wins Bennelong. An effective, albeit untried, conservative leader, would be Peter Dutton, but there are better candidates who need drafting. 

The Stick Insect, who could do with a decent feed, was a treacherous prime mover of that coup, and the media is seriously suggesting that she should be Turnbull's replacement. But that's our media for you!

The fact is that Turnbull has brought our Government and our Parliament to its knees in a coup that has been an utter Aussie disaster for the history books, yet he still doesn’t think he needs to go.

But isn’t that the same with all vain tyrants... even Zimbabwean ones?

This weekend One Nation and its grubby Ashby have shattered the hopes of all decent Aussies,

…temporarily I hope.   


Well said Neenee and RoseB.

Don't forget to pray to Allah five times a day M And M.

I see the typical Jewish debased humor and lack of morality shining through here. Keep confirming your heritage guys.

Rear Admiral has a big ring attached to it.

I know what the military does - they get gender reassignment surgery . . . Right, Mark?

New post up.

Miss Piggy and her union pigsty will give another half a star performance. LNP election performance .25% of a star. The knuckleheads at Spring Hill. NO star at all.Spence has always been a VERY lightweight.

Heads up PP posters, old custard guts Whiteside is back as ScottB and on the same court action trail as his mate smartgirl/Hooray Harry. Very brave of the man who claims to never hide behind a nom de plume to return to PP considering he swears to 'This has caused me stress, and at times affected my physical health' - not looking to seek Criminal Compensation is it much? Small consolation for Australia, at 83, the lying thieving old kiwi mongrel can't have too much time left to be a shit stain and a drain on Australia and it's people.

ScottB Tue 28 Nov 2017 11:59:57 am
You quote from my web page and then tell porkies. You are one sick bitch. Word is that you might soon add a few defamation actions to your existing portfolio of court cases you face. Merry Christmas.

The skid mark brigade at the GayBC have just been saying what a great PM Julie Bishop will make. They keep pushing their next agenda with our money.

UK -Far-Left Group Successfully "Bullies" Newspapers Over Migrant, Transgender Stories - A small group of left wing campaigners are attempting to limit what newspapers report about immigration, Islam and transgenderism, successfully "bullying" business into withdrawing ads from publications they don't agree with. The Stop Funding Hate (SFH) campaign claims that the Sun, Express and Daily Mail are "using hate to sell papers" influencing the gullible masses and links their reports to an alleged rise in "hate crime". "History has shown us time and time again the dangers of demonising foreigners and minorities" SFH added, seemingly implying news coverage could lead to fascism and genocide. Last week the stationary brand Paperchase capitulated and said they were "truly sorry" for advertising

Good short read; except for Disraeli of course.

OT - Lebanon: Is Cheat-and-Retreat Back on the Menu?
by Amir Taheri
November 26, 2017 at 4:00 am

The Arab League holds an emergency meeting on Lebanon. France and the United States agree to work together to contain the Lebanese Hezbollah. Russia indicates support for compromise. Iran's official government invites everyone to "joint diplomatic efforts" while the unofficial government promises fire and brimstone against attempts at curbing Hezbollah.

These recent Middle East headlines remind me of "The Adventures of Emir Arsalan The Famous", a popular Persian picaresque novel written in the 19th century.

At one point the eponymic hero, searching the world for the great beauty Farrokh-Laqa who may be nothing but a fantasy, feels as if his life has become a constant repetition of exactly the same events and images.

The novel's conceit echoes the Pythagorean theory of "eternal recurrence," according to which whatever is going to happen has already happened again and again.

OT - Time to Drain the Swamp - Also in Europe
by Geert Wilders
November 26, 2017 at 5:00 am

Our democracies in the Western half of Europe have been subverted. Their goal is no longer to do what the people want. On the contrary, our political elites often do exactly the opposite. Our parliaments promote open-door policies that the majority of the people reject. Our governments sell out sovereignty to the EU against the will of the people. Our rulers welcome ever more Islam, although the majority of the people oppose it.

Our democracies have become fake democracies. They are multi-party dictatorships, ruled by groups of establishment parties.... The establishment parties control everything, not just the politicians in their pay, but also the top brass of the civil service, the mainstream media, even the courts.... They call us "populists" because we stand for what the people want. They even drag us to court.

We need to show that Europe's streets are our streets, that we want to stay who and what we are, and do not want to be colonized by Islam. Europe belongs to us!

The Senate have to stay late Thursday or return Friday to pass the ssm bills. Hey wait a minute, how many Senators have dual citizenship not yet declared and/or tested? How can their votes be legal?

Smedley Butler?

If you don't know who he is, I hope all of your children and grandchildren die in wars.

"military service" you idiot. No clue what the military is about or what they do. Traditional western educated dummy.

John Perkins on Globalization (Ex CIA economic hitman)

Aung San Suu Kyi's advice to the Pope

You don't mention the Rohingya, and we wont mention Hitler

The Royal staff are busy at the Palace polishing all of those Military Medals that will worn on Dirty Harrys big day. I wonder if there is an Iron Cross among them, from any of their German ancestors, maybe.

Larry, you say "But the entire One Nation disaster has given us exactly what we, the electorate, didn’t want." The real disaster is the performance of the LNP, put the blame where it rightfully belongs. The LNP UNDER-PERFORMED and came to the election with far too much baggage having the leader they did.