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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Fraser Anning

Fraser Anning is currently a Federal Senator for Queensland


Since becoming a Qld Senator last year, I have assigned a staffer to listen to the stories of people who have been victims of questionable lending practices of Banks. 

I wanted to assist these people by helping them find ways to receive justice. At the same time, I have been trying to get the Banking Royal Commission extended, to deal with all the problems in the banking system.

I have been motivated by the experiences of several close friends who have been victimised by banks and who have unjustly lost their assets and their livelihood.

The Government has resisted calls to extend the Royal commission, but less than 30 cases (from the 10,000 submissions to the RC) have been looked at.

This means that so far, only the tip of the iceberg has been exposed.

During my investigation into this subject, I have been staggered by the depth of deceit and manipulation that I have heard described by Bank victims involving the clever and deceptive actions of banks, lawyers, receivers, liquidators and other bank agents.

The public has been kept completely in the dark by a media which is indifferent at best.
My staff have looked at more than 80 cases in detail. 

Many of these unfortunate people had successful businesses, farms, pubs, and houses worth millions of dollars. 

Within a short time, their assets were sold, and they were bankrupted. The bankruptcies appear to have been a tactic to make sure they did not have any means to fight back. 

Some victims have suicided, but many, many more have been so depressed and distraught they cannot even bear to hope for justice. 

My staff know of several who could not even write a submission to the Royal commission due to the pain of remembering the details.

There are three points I want to make, for Australians to consider:

1) It is vital we elect people to parliament who will not be corrupted by party politics or personal payoffs. Unfortunately, few will buck the system and stand on the side of justice. Instead, they allow themselves to be controlled by their party. I don`t believe the dominating party system was the intention of our nation’s founding fathers, and …….it is destroying our democracy and preventing justice from being done.

2) If you are a bank victim, I suggest you join in with the hundreds of others who are getting mobilised to find ways to get justice. Please contact my office to learn how to get in touch with the appropriate people. ([email protected])

3) Many Bank victims (and one of my staff) have been attending Bank AGMs to inform shareholders and the banks boards about the human consequences of bank actions. These actions have financially and emotionally destroyed some customers. I encourage people to use BANK AGMs as ways to shine a light on the corrupt behaviour of banks (and their agents), so they will be pressured from inside as well as from outside their organisations.

I wish all Australians well and I encourage them to say hello whenever I visit their area.

Senator Fraser Anning


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Pleased to see some folk within the business world are speaking out on the centralisation of finance and the economy. The following is from website: “Due to the complex nature of the legal structures of shareholders and ways that the various shareholders work together, it is virtually impossible to determine who really controls the banks. Many of the other minor shareholders in the banks also have HSBC, JP Morgan and Citibank, along with many other European and US banks as their major shareholders.
This argument is often countered by stating that HSBC, J.P. Morgan and Citibank are only investing on behalf of small investors. What is of issue here is control and the prerogative of the funds to appoint a director to the board of their choice, not the investors. These figures are also consistent with a recent worldwide study showing that most of the world’s company equity is controlled by no more than 25 companies, of which many of these companies have equity in Australian banks.

One of the most interesting aspects that complement the cross-ownership in the big four Australian banks is the number of cross directorships in other foreign banks and financial institutions that exist in a wide manner. Studies have shown how even small cross-shareholding structures, at a national level, can affect market competition in sectors such as airline, automobile and steel, as well as the financial one.
When one turns to corporate Australia, one will find that it is very similar to the banks. Both commercial and mining companies ownership are dominated by HSBC Nominees, JP Morgan Nominees, and Citibank Nominees as the top three shareholders of most companies.

If one examines company directorships there is a tight cross-linking across commerce, banking and mining in Australia today. Commerce, banking and mining are now part of an oligopoly. The great myth is that Australia is a competitive economy. Most of Australia’s largest companies have either monopolies or exercise some form of oligopoly.

Richard Werner: Today’s Source of Money Creation

The treasonous reason as to why we need more immigrants -

Modern economics isn’t rocket science. It’s a debt-based ponzi-scheme dependent on constantly-expanding growth needed to pay down the constantly compounding interest accruing from the bankers’ issuance of money as debt.
In the bankers’ endgame, the demand for credit, i.e. loans, collapses. This is where we are today. Loan growth has now entered negative territory; and, as a consequence, the world is on the precipice of another financial crisis……………………”

Modern economics isn’t rocket science. It’s a debt-based ponzi-scheme dependent on constantly-expanding growth needed to pay down the constantly compounding interest accruing from the bankers’ issuance of money as debt.
In the bankers’ endgame, the demand for credit, i.e. loans, collapses. This is where we are today. Loan growth has now entered negative territory; and, as a consequence, the world is on the precipice of another financial crisis……………………”
Banks don't have any money as such, all they do is give numbers called dollars in exchange for Bills of Exchange or promissory notes and then charge interest on their purchase after the deception that they have loaned you money.
Prof. Werner brilliantly explains how the banking system and financial sector really work.
A Bank ‘deposit’ is actually a loan to the Bank. Look up the Australian governments definition of money and any sensible person will have to conclude that when you borrow 'money' from a Bank two loans are exchanged.
The Banks so called lending of money is a fraud. Each borrower finances their own loan. If for some reason the so called borrower cannot fulfill the terms of their promissory note then in reality the Bank has lost nothing.
With the current Banking deception Banks don't want you to be able to repay your loan. They want your real estate not the paper they issue called money because that doesn't make them any richer.

The RBA and the ATO are owned by the owners of the corporation called "The Commonwealth of Australia", registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission
The Nation's Credit: Senator Richard Darcey, 1941 ( ALP, Tasmania)
".....................On one occasion I told honorable senators that the people who sent us here are under the impression that the 111 members of Parliament in Canberra comprise a national government engaged in the task of ruling Australia. I have told the people repeatedly that their assumption is entirely wrong and that Australia is governed by the associated banks.
Under the present system no government, can carry on its functions except by continuing the policy of borrowing. The only way to pay the ever-increasing interest bill is by borrowing still more. All money comes into existence through the banks in the form of a debt. That is why we are ealled upon to pay such tremendously high taxes to-day.
I have spent a considerable part of my life expounding my financial theories to the people, hoping that they will some day realize what a racket is being put over them under the present financial system, and that an obligation rests on the shoulders of every member of this Parliament to scrap it....................."
. Democracy/The Nation's Credit Senator Richard Darcey.htm
The cause of mankind's enslavement is that nations have allowed Cabalist bankers to create the medium of exchange (currency, credit) in the form of a debt to themselves when free governments could easily create this necessary commodity, debt-free. Success in society now depends on criminality and treason: complicity with this massive fraud and the pernicious agenda it represents.
In 1976, insider Harold Rosenthal revealed that this subversive agenda already extended to every aspect of Western life.........................."
“……..That is what I mean when I refer to corrupt governments. Any one who sacrifices the interests of the people for the benefit of profit-makers is a traitor. He is the fifth columnist of to-day-the enemy inside our gates."
- - Senator Richard Darcey Hansard 12 November 1941

Can't help thinking that when it comes to dealing with banks, many of these so-called hard-done-by customers have been their own worst enemy. It's pretty simple really - don't worry about how or what the bank will lend you - do your home-work and never ask for more than you can honestly repay!

Senator, banks have certainly been guilty of some poor practices at the margins but the Royal Witch Hunt has cost many hundreds of thousands of shareholders billions of dollars. Most of the issues exposed in the Commission were historical and had been rectified while others were particular to a small group who had their chance to whine on the public stage. Had the regulators done a dur diligence inquiry on financial services organisations which is their charter these matters would have been rectified before much harm was done. The whingers you and your staff have listened to represent a very small cohort of people and ignores the many who rely on profitable banks for their investments. In short your article is more bash bashing bollocks.

A good article Senator, exposing the hidden suffering. The unfortunate result of a successful move against the Banks will result in many retirees losing much of their retirement funds invested in shares. Before those people who support and practice the politics of envoy start whooping with joy, let us remember the impact on the treasury by forcing many self funding retirees onto Welfare. It just proves that we all loose by the dishonesty of others. The higher in the hierarchy the dishonesty, the greater the number of people hurt.

Clock is working on NSW time.


Coon stabs man to death on train in front of his young son and, of course, now claims "paranoia":

This unusual therapist brings joy to this patients

NEW ARTICLE UP, Pickering Post was hacked.

Yep Fraser, and the taxpayers are your victims, why should we pay for your ideological rants, your travel to attend anti multicultural rallies. You are a greedy man, put your hand in your pocket. You claim to be against socialism, but you are doing exactly what you complain about, ripping Aussies off, with your travel claims. You didn't attend those rallies for the people of QLD, you attended for your own personal views, so pay your own way, and stop ripping us off.

While PP was down I found this gem :

I was banned because I posted Godbolts phone number. It was blown up into crime and Larry removed the victim and retained the troublemaker. I have yet to see that posting.

gorilla Mon 1 Feb 2016 12:10:09 pm
You couldn't post that under your usual username then troll. As readers would know, and I am writing this so that Paul Zanetti knows the trolls at PP took my username (dodo) and avatar and used it for menace, I changed my name and avatar to timbuktu because of what they did to my dodo username, then the trolls took that user name and avatar and are doing the same thing with it, only the trolls have changed the first letter to a capitol T. These are the trolls that are trying to close down the PP Paul and I would suggest as Whiteside has already put it on his own website that karma is coming back to PP for banning him and these trolls and that PP will be shut down in the New Year, that they are all in conjunction together.

Bruce: gorilla, the comment on PP today looks remarkably like the email above, It may or may not be you because the site nurtures a host of liars. The suggestion made above is that I have been 'suckered in by others', like Chris Barnett, Vivienne Sigley and the most aggressive Donna Godbolt. Of course none of you will mention names or write under anything less that a nom-de-plume to protect you. Instead you do it by innuendo .
I for one am angry that Zanetti is removing good posters in an attempt to 'clean up the site'. I congratulate the improvement that has come about, but I will not stomach a little whipper snapper telling me he is God.

BDS Wed 3 Feb 2016 09:16:22 am
Whiteside is a sick twisted old man there is no doubting this. He is someone who finds offence where none was meant. He is a troublemaker and a fool. At his age you would think he would understand that the more he carries on the more people will deride him. I pray that if I ever get to his age I will be content with my lot and at peace with the world instead of bitter and twisted.

Bruce: BDS, to quote you "He is someone who finds offence where none was meant." So I take it that according to your 'logic' that being a sycophant of the illustrious Godbolt, that you had to prove yourself in her eyes. BDS, when you lead instead of being a follower, you invite criticism from those who are 'without colour'. It is noted that in the time honoured fashion you tried to paraphrase the 'horse of ten thousand aliases', bu using her reference to my self as being no fool.

A message to Pauline from Bruce,
You really do act like a goose,
You were quick to start canning,
Good old Fraser Anning,
In your head all the marbles are loose.

It is now eight weeks since I revealed quite innocently, ...not realising the political correctness of revealing the mobile phone number of a very unpleasant and uninvited ex correctional prison officer domiciled in Port Augusta whose one objective was to groom an old man of 81! (what a compliment )...and still the angst and serial Cancer of Hate percolates through Pickering Post.
They are all there, the gang. Truthteller, who has so many aliases, dodo the 'echo that rattles each time the whistle is blown' ..and of course the ratbag that swims in the wash of Hanson's aura, the greatest altruist that ever lived by his own 'voluble trumpeting 'Concerned Senior. All have a common weakness ...they hide. These brave individuals...and there are others ...who slink along seeking a pat on the shoulder.
Today December 30th 2015 another attempt to prove that in getting rid of Bruce Whiteside and 'his imagined gang' that he so manipulatively controlled as CS
My problem is that I don't stand on ceremony. I speak my mind in a way that troglodytes fail to comprehend, therefore are psychologically offended. Ironic that Donna Godbolt and David Ettridge should be my greatest antagonists.

Don’t Kowtow To Commie Calls To Disavow

Thank God for Senator Fraser Anning’s political pitbull persona. The man doesn’t kowtow to communists calls to disavow roman salutes when the Sudanese (who make up 0.1% of Victoria) are responsible for more than 8% of the violent crime in this state.

The war on whites is a war on everyone

Apparently the Third Reich invaded St Kilda on Saturday, declared war on Soviet Russia then started making Volkswagens and turning little Jewish children into soap.

At least, that’s what you’d think if you still believe the lying media.

As millions of Australians still do.