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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


So what’s the difference between Shorten and Gillard? Not a lot really, they were both minions of union super crook Bill Ludwig, both fleeced their AWU members of millions, both were employed by dodgy Labor law firms, both were mad shaggers and both knew the exact amounts construction companies would be up for in late completion penalties.

Both also found far nicer words in the dictionary to use other than ‘blackmail’.

Both were also determined to be Prime Minister, both hated Rudd and both were equally hated by Rudd. Both were subpoenaed to appear before a Royal Commission and both will be involved in charges to be laid on the recommendation of the RC.

But there were a few defining differences; Gillard’s appearance improved as ALP leader, Shorten’s deteriorated, Shorten is of the Right faction and Gillard the socialist Left faction and the millions scammed out of construction companies, at the expense of their AWU members, were channelled in two different directions.

You see, Gillard was a sharing person. She and Bruce Wilson not only shared a cot but were into buying and renovating houses together as a means of laundering the loot.

Bill was into the numbers racket, numbers that would sack the despised Rudd, numbers that would promote and sack Gillard and numbers that would promote the hapless Rudd once again... numbers at the National Conferences and numbers in Caucus.

All part of a devious numbers game that would finally replace both Gillard and Rudd with himself and kill off Albanese in the process.

As Bill Ludwig once confided in both Gillard and Shorten, “If you have the numbers, you can do any damned thing you want”.

Shorten took more heed of that advice than did Gillard... you see, she was still young and naive.

Remarkable eh? Just imagine, if Gillard had shacked up with Shorten instead of that Wilson boofhead they would have been in the Lodge for multiple terms as a formidable political force approaching that of the Clintons... and with similar sized bank accounts.

Thank God Shorten ain’t Gillard’s type! In the end they both hated different things and as their separate ambitions finally collided in a political crescendo, they both came an awful cropper.

The only winner to come out of two similarly illicit and prematurely truncated careers is a resilient Australia.


O/T....Having just hit the magic retirement age a few day's ago,I decided to acquaint myself with the Centrelink office to see how I go getting a pension ,and /or a concession card.Geez,what a depressing place.Just as I approached the building ,out walked 8 muslims,2 blokes,and their multiple wives.Inside was wall to wall ferals,and another muslim chap with his 2 concubines.Geez,I can now see why our welfare expenditure is so huge.

Rosie 'the Psychopathic Bitch' Batty, and accessory to her son's murder has shown her truly evil nature and agenda at the National Press Club Address in Canberra on the ABC.

She said domestic violence is a male gender issue, a male culture issue, and that all men were inherently oppressive , psychopathic and violent towards women, and this was the problem.
**** off you evil witch, ... you are a psychopath and you were attracted to psychopathic men exclusively, and you married one, ... and used your innocent son as an object and as a pawn in your victim role play "push me pull you" relationship, with your murderous husband.
**** off Rosie, murderer, and child killer.

Gees TA, you have created a monster with this one, ... and you thought Gillard was an evil piece of work.

Was 17 y.o. in the 60's. Worked at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. Refused to join the union. Got threatened by the union THUGS that I would lose my job unless I joined the union. Held out for about 3 months - joined but after 3 months resigned. Extortionists made me pay 3 months fees to resign from the union MAFIA. To young, too ignorant. If only I had my time again and the avenues to expose this SCUM.

That's right - it's a numbers game. No lofty leadership ideals by any of these Labor wallies, just numbers. And if you can manufacture some fake numbers that look real then you win! Simple really - all you need is a corrupt mind working in a corrupt system and you too can become a Labor leader!!

Yeah...I make things up...that's why Dissy and his ilk continually attack me....because what I post is so inconsequential and dismissive, they go out of their way to debunk what I post....I rarely post "my words"...I usually post linked material that is the work of reasoned people with evidence ie...the CREW OF USS LIBERTY, CRUELLY LATTACKED BY DISSY"S MATES IN JUNE 1967.That Dissy is so quick to dismiss. I take the word of servicemen any day over the likes of Dissy.

Smoking in Germany and France is out of control. Never seen as many smokers everywhere in the last 25 years. The streets and pavements of both countries are littered with Trillions of fag ends. Sadly after kids seemed to be giving up 10-15 years ago they now puff all day long. Pointless going to a restaurant, stale and fresh tobacco stink the places out and worse still there are frigging dogs in every restaurant.

Some of us have work to do WASP. If you need to ask the question the answer will whistle over your head. Jack habitually makes things up. His word means nothing.

It's so heartening to see those posts from angry leftoids, saddened by the demise of the once imagined great light for the people, the labor pardy. Too bad that dream ended back in the 70's when they were taken over by the next generation commos.

These whiney hanger on's that come to this site carping about TA ( our saviour haha)
Ahhh. I just want to tell them how much of an inner glow it gives me to see them suffer in their jocks!

. . . and no-term Shorten, Dikileaks.

just like one term gillard and one term rudd

She would be happier in Sea Patrol. Maybe as the anchor that "transference" ?

At the risk of being accused of being repetative.....cometh the hour cometh the man.

Jack and Wasp, you are a pair of sick arseholes. Thank God you two belong to a very small minority of pathetic grubs. Australia doesn't need your type, if you can't fit in with mainstream Australia, piss off.

Just pointing out your deficits...which isn't hard, there being so many of them...

Tony will join the pantheon of the greatest of Australian Prime Ministers.

"you're"......Dickhead are raving now......not so....but that hammer and sickle up your arse is causing noticeable behavioural traits in you...perhaps you should visit a proctologist…

Don't need the klan....have enough capable White People with good frameworks and morals to over come the likes of you and your kind of trash

I agree whysoserious.