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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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... but Abbott is also Shorten’s best hope

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


And that leaves we the people with very little hope because the new Tony Abbott, as suspected, remains pretty much the same old Tony Abbott as he continues to struggle with defining a set course for recovery and refining the art of leadership. An aberrant Senate is starting to look like a brake on stupidity.

Peter Costello has put it all in a remedial nutshell for the Government with this statement: “The tax system is there to raise government revenue, at the lowest cost, in the most efficient way, doing the least damage to the economy.”

Abbott has poked his head in the “cuts” door and copped a blood nose, so he is now knocking on the “tax” door, but increasing taxes kills confidence and incentive, promotes rorts, damages growth, curtails employment and produces nothing tangible except further administration and compliance costs.

Had little Johnny Howard handed the Prime Ministership to Peter Costello as was expected, and privately promised, he would likely not have lost his seat of Bennelong (only the second serving Prime Minister to do so) and Australia would not have suffered six years of Rudd, Gillard Rudd. The disastrous problems we have now would not have eventuated.

But Prime Ministers rarely give up their comfy coveted roles, witness Bob Hawke’s broken Kirribilli agreement with Keating.

With the price of iron ore having fallen by over 75% it’s clearly time to trim a bloated and ineffective government sector, there could hardly be a worse time to raise taxes.

Government outrage at Twiggy Forrest’s suggestion that ore output should be stemmed to increase the price is false outrage.

Warehouses remain choc-a-block with wool bales until prices improve, the Wheat Board regulates supply as do co-operatives of every export from every country including oil, minerals and even perishables... a co-operative’s role is price maintenance, yet Twiggy’s suggestion was met with crazy cries of “cartel” from the Swan appointed head of the ACCC... and Abbott agreed with him.

Abbott’s economic blind spot is best explained by the amount of time he held on to his inane PPL.

His political judgment is best explained by the amount he cut from the outrageous ABC. One per cent per year for five years gave him as much grief had he disbanded the entire bloated, unabashed, promotional arm of the ALP.

His recent statement that, “the States must sit down and work out respective GST takes by themselves” is a copout.

Contrary to Abbott’s assertion, the Federal Government introduced the GST and it can alter it, raise it, or broaden its base without States’ approval. It’s a Federal Tax for the States’ total benefit and for Abbott to suggest it can’t be altered without States’ approval is a nonsense.

Telling the States to sort out who gets what is tantamount to telling a pride of hungry lions to fairly apportion a kill!

To suggest that, “Australians are okay with halal certification” is plain dumb and denies Australians a tax benefit by refusing to kill off an extortion tax on almost every domestic product... with partial benefit proved to be going to proscribed terrorist organisations.

His tolerance and appeasement of Islamic excesses is dangerously craven and a slap in the face to 23 million Aussies.

Costello in a scathing attack on Abbott said, “The Government has already increased the top marginal tax rate to its highest level in 25 years. That did nothing for the economy and it made no difference to the budget deficit.’’

The truth is the oscillating Abbott doesn’t know where to turn next. He is fixated with staying in Office, and that fixation will likely COST him Office. Taxing your way out of an economic hole is terminal Labor philosophy and God knows we’ve had enough of that!

The LNP could arrange for a Senate vacancy for Costello and give him Treasury, but he is making more money now than any Minister and unfortunately Howard has already cost us Costello.

Yet he remains the only conservative able to do simple sums.


We are advised to NOT judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, but we are encouraged to judge ALL gun owners and bikers by the actions of a few lunatics.

Funny how that works?

Larry, Im astounded how there is still a swathe of Political trolls smashing up reports after each of your posts. For me it confirms the validity of your reports. Of course Trolls dont recognise that the more they flood vexacious stories or non related stories after these telling posts, they are confirming their inadequacy and the inadequacy of the defunct Labor government they refuse to let go of.

In defending the indefensible you have no other choice than to use ad hominems.

In your case Rinaldo they're often factoids. Not that you'd know the difference. -:)

I agree little johnie really buggered the LNP sacrificing it to his big ego.

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet directed tens of millions of dollars to Australia’s largest wind turbine operator owned by the union movement’s Industry Super Holdings Pty. Ltd. that he directed prior to entering government. ......"

"facts are Facts? Because someone has them on a website? OMG it IS naivety!!!!

"Facts are Facts" - Benjamin Freedman ..... read!

So difficult at times to know when your prejudice against Israel dominates your views at the price of honesty or of integrity. You mix good in with dubious and you do it well so either you are a master of deceit or incredibly naïve. The joke her is that remove your antiJewish and antiIsrael bias and I can agree with much of it but you don't so I cannot.

The ‘Nuland-Kagan Plan’ To Kill The Minsk-2 Peace Agreement

There is a small but highly influential and powerful faction embedded throughout Washington’s top political institutions and policy think tanks, whose primary objective is the promotion of regional and global military conflicts Subscriber&utm_campaign=d5396479fc-21st Century Wire Daily&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_1dfb7233cb-d5396479fc-72527217

A Family Business of Perpetual War
March 20, 2015

Exclusive: Victoria Nuland and Robert Kagan have a great mom-and-pop business going. From the State Department, she generates wars and - from op-ed pages - he demands Congress buy more weapons. There's a pay-off, too, as grateful military contractors kick in money to think tanks where other Kagans work, writes Robert Parry.

Neoconservative pundit Robert Kagan and his wife, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, run a remarkable family business: she has sparked a hot war in Ukraine and helped launch Cold War II with Russia - and he steps in to demand that Congress jack up military spending so America can meet these new security threats.

This extraordinary husband-and-wife duo makes quite a one-two punch for the Military-Industrial Complex, an inside-outside team that creates the need for more military spending, applies political pressure to ensure higher appropriations, and watches as thankful weapons manufacturers lavish grants on like-minded hawkish Washington think tanks.

Not only does the broader community of neoconservatives stand to benefit but so do other members of the Kagan clan, including Robert's brother Frederick at the American Enterprise Institute and his wife Kimberly, who runs her own shop called the Institute for the Study of War........

Donald Kagan
Born into a Jewish family from Kurš?nai, Lithuania, Kagan grew up in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York, where his family emigrated when he was two years old, shortly after the death of his father. He graduated from Brooklyn College in 1954, received an MA from Brown University in 1955 and a PhD from the Ohio State University in 1958.[

Kagan lives in New Haven, Connecticut. He is married to Myrna Kagan, a teacher and historian in her own right, and the author of "Vision in the Sky: New Haven's Early Years, 1638-1784." He is the father of Robert Kagan and Frederick Kagan, both well-known writers. Robert Kagan's wife is Victoria Nuland, the State Department spokesperson from 2011 to 2013 and the current Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. Frederick Kagan's wife is Kimberly Kagan, a well-known military historian and founder and president of the Institute for the Study of War.

Ed Miliband And The Jews

Posted by Gilad Atzmon on April 15, 2015

Ed is much more ‘Blue & White’ than ‘simply Red,’ let alone a British patriot.

“I want you to know”, Miliband told The Lobby, “that if I become Prime Minister in less than a year’s time, I will be proud to do so as a friend of Israel, a Jew and, most of all, someone who feels so proud to be part of the community gathered here today.” (

ripper link Rinaldo - should be compulsory reading

Watch the web get hacked in real time on this mesmerizing map

its an excellent quote - one that sums up 'the process'

I like this quote from Sandra's link above - "Ukraine’s experience shows that the loss of a sense of proportion in the privatization of profits and nationalization of losses leads to the destruction of the state and the ruin of those who parasitized its body."

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you see they eat their own kind, once they are done with eating all the other 'goyim babies'... (cattle - who are anyone who are not of their belief)