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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


There’s a look of death in Bill Shorten’s eyes. His unconvincing anti-Abbott bravado, his confected grin and his repetitive, hollow claims that he tirelessly struggles to improve the conditions of the working man have become distant and meaningless echoes of Gillard. 

Bill Shorten is finished, he knows it, and even his formerly sympathetic pro-Labor Fairfax Press knows it. The ABC is still in denial phase but even it too must soon accept the inevitable.

Bill Shorten is the last of the Mohicans, he carries the stench of Labor’s decomposing union carcasses and, as surely as the Longshoremen’s links to the Chicago Mafia mob were broken, so too must Labor’s connection to the union mob here. 

Labor leaders tried to break the connection, but the Rudd experiment failed miserably and they returned to recruiting possible Prime Ministers from the ranks of crooks in the union movement... the ones who relentlessly pillage their workers’ wages to build power bases from which to launch themselves into the Parliament.

Oh, Labor knows it needs to break the criminal union link, it says so, but it knows no other way. It’s a well-worn path from Marxist uni politics to criminal unionism with stints in either of the two major Labor law firms before seeking pre-selection in safe Labor seats.

The TURC is exposing the flimsy rule of loyal union brotherhood as comrades cannibalise their fellow comrades before disappearing in a vortex of fecal matter.

Union members have been ruthlessly shafted over decades, millions were stolen from workers with cover-ups arranged by Shorten from the Gillard/Wilson scam to ALP President Michael Williamson’s theft of $20 million from the HSU. 

A plea bargain of guilty to a mere theft of $1 million meant we will never know where Williamson has secreted the remaining $19 million or exactly how it was obtained (there is some evidence much of the money was transferred to his wife).

Shorten’s filthy deals with employers strengthened his position and bolstered his factional numbers to be used at National Conferences and in future Caucus battles. Those same numbers were used to callously knife two Labor Prime Ministers, paving the way for his own elevation. 

But those deals were always attained at a huge cost to the workers he claimed to support. One employer claimed his company was in a $2 million better position against his competitors due to a deal signed off by Bill Shorten. Hmmm.

So, can Shorten make it to the next election? No, and here’s why: His Caucus numbers may have secured his leadership but the rank-and-file voted against him and for Albanese,

... the rank-and-file know Shorten too well. 

Kevin Rudd, as a last hurrah, shored up an ALP Opposition leader’s position by changing ALP rules to require a 60% Caucus majority vote to oust him, or her. 

In a fit of pique, Rudd also raised to 75% the majority required to oust a sitting Labor Prime Minister (reference Rudd) and that’s what will bring Shorten down. 

He will now slowly drag Labor’s polling figures toward panic levels and if it takes a difficult 60% Caucus majority to get rid of him now, a 75% majority will be nigh impossible in the unlikely event he became Prime Minister.

The ALP is wallowing in an agonising state of flux; do they dump Shorten now or keep him there and hope like hell he doesn’t win the next election? Albanese is sitting pretty and it appears he only needs to stay out of Thai massage parlours.  

Rudd has unwittingly created an incentive for Caucus to rid themselves of Shorten now, rather than risk taking him to the people.

The phones are already running warm. 


The problem isn't Shortfart, the ALP or union criminals, it's the ABC and the far left low lifes who have infiltrated the Australian media, and in fact the world main stream media....... A good example is crooked Hillary. She could commit murder and still be elected because the main stream media protect her. In Australia we had the worse government since Whitlam, the mayhem of Rudd, Gillard, Rudd and why because the ABC did not present the facts or the truth about theses corrupt little children turning the Australian Parlament into playschool.....The US is a little ahead of us, their media are helping Obama walk all over the US constitution and freedoms of the people. Law and order have gone out the window. The moral of the story is, kill the ABC before it's to late!!!!

Simple solution for both major parties, vote Pauline Hansen next election.

So Billy is wong. Do we get another wong or a right?

Julia Gillard ignored an excellent warning that Bill Shorten could not be trusted:

Late on the night of Ms Gillard’s June 2010 leadership challenge, Mark Arbib — a minister and key factional kingmaker — met Ms Gillard’s adviser, Gerry Kitchener, to begin planning for a new ministry to be sworn in. “He pulled out a ministerial list and started going through his thoughts about Julia’s next ministry,” Mr Kitchener recalled [on the ABC’s Killing Season]..

“He said that you couldn’t trust Bill Shorten, that he would do Julia in, that the one thing she couldn’t do was ever give him ­industrial relations cause he’d use it to solidify the union base to knock her off.”


Contrary to the advice, Ms Gillard appointed Mr Shorten to the workplace relations portfolio in December 2011. Mr Shorten supported Mr Rudd’s successful leadership challenge to Ms Gillard in June 2013.

This ABC series is devastating for Gillard’s credibility. One of many examples:

Former minister Martin Ferguson says Ms Gillard spoke to him during a plane trip from Melbourne to Canberra “about a change of leader” three days ­before Mr Rudd was unseated. Ms Gillard describes this claim as ­"ludicrous".

Trust Ferguson’s word or Gillard’s? To ask the question is to answer it.

More dodgy Union deals from Bull Shitten, the shite is armpit deep now:

Shit, shower, shave, shampoo, shine, shorten. Which is the wanky part of the daily routine?

Bill Shorten is not just in the shit, he is drowning in the sewerage ponds. Whatever the case may be, he will certainly come out of all of this smelling like and covered in shit.

It's getting hot. Tropical even. Gay marriage is dying in the arse. People aren't interested in how the boats stopped. Media is straying to focus on Union corruption, and thus the corruption Shorten was complicit in. Enter Gillard, encouraging Clinton to scream her tits off about misogyny. Sportspeople, gays, misogyny, aborigines, just don't let us mention the war.

I noticed yesterday that little Willys' confidence has finally slipped off the despatch box into the filth and stench of the Labor swamp. Question time is all about how many different ways little Willy can construct the same question. He often as not passes it back to that serial interjector Tony Burke-brain to assist in avoiding the wrath of Madam Speaker. Peter Costello was also right on The Bolt Report to state that neither side of politics should make comments on border security matters, and Labor has never answered any questions from the LP during the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd years. So what if the Indo's were thrown a few pennies? My God we shovel money non stop into Indonesia every year. So now Indonesia is sitting on it's high horse demanding answers? Really?

The AMWU, however, was not a favourite of the bosses and the bloke who ran the place was a fascist who overused workchoices to the detriment of people paid about $19.00 per hour base rate. Early 2000's

When I worked at a foundry and was on the EBA negotiating crew, the AWU was the darling of the bosses and shittybills little brother was the AWU rep.

This conscience vote is a nonsense. Do they vote according to the conscience of their electorate or their own conscience?

Agree, marigold. This is too important an issue to be placed in the hands of politicians, who would most likely get it wrong. Surveys and polls do not reflect well enough, the views of middle Australia.

Marigold: I'm with you and kennysbk. The Greeks have got themselves to blame. Their politicians have got them into this strife. It didn't;'t happen overnight. The Greeks kept on voting for these socialists each time.
'kennysbk' is spot on when he writes,'the Communists were voted in by lazy bastards'. Greece is my heritage but Australia is my country. My father came to Australias before the War and served in the Australian Army.
I owe no allegiance to Greece other than lament to see it go down and anxious about Australia going the same way.
Look at the poll that came out today, Shorten and Labor are the preferred over Abbott and Liberal.

Mike & Shotgun - Agree! However, I heard on the radio this morning that there is a group of Labor and Lib / Nat MPs who are united in their stance AGAINST the law being changed to accommodate the gay marriage lobby's marriage equality crap - and these MPs are going to make their move during this parliamentary sitting. Good news, I think.

I think you are being a bit precious now Dissy.

Standard of living in Oz is sky high. If people want to spend instead of save that's their choice. Free country. :-)

Reality......Middle Class Poor are part of our country. Who do you think "Howard's Battlers" were and why he instituted "middle class welfare"...because of "wage slaves".....I know heaps of them. Good job, good income, some good material possessions, home buyers, but Friday night millionaires....broke Saturday morning, because their disposable income is nilch....

Leftoids don't like banks and think that people in gainful employment are wage slaves. You keep telling people you're right wing but often use left wing union style language. Cognitive dissonance?

I would have thought that most Germans were like most Aussies....Wage Slaves.