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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Bill Shorten has many deficiencies but his political prowess proves more than woefully wanting when it comes to his objection to a Royal Commission into union corruption. 

It’s an appallingly short-sighted tactic that will only damage the Labor brand further, later.

Firstly, it looks bad to object to the disclosure of many clear cases of union corruption. 

Secondly, the RC will go ahead anyway so he should instead be preparing how best to handle its future findings rather than stridently insisting it not go ahead.

When the stench of union graft and corruption is progressively unearthed, as it will be, and numerous charges are laid during this year, Bill Shorten had better find somewhere to hide during Question Time.

“No wonder Bill didn’t want a Royal Commission!”, will be screeched from the Government Benches. “By the way, Madam Speaker, where is Bill... surely he’s not still in the toilet?”

Bill declares an RC a waste of money! Crumbs, Bill, you’re apt to call for a Royal Commission into everything from meat pies to the price of bras! So what’s wrong with finding out how your unions have ripped off millions of their members hard-earned?

Bill is much more comfortable playing the role of union thug and he is continually found deficient when it comes to Parliamentary performance. Labor Members can be seen wringing their hands in despair.

The stance he has taken on the carbon tax is equally stupid, as the tax will be abolished after July 1 anyway and Labor at the next election will then be faced with the accusation of intending to reimpose it, simply because they acted to keep it, despite Labor saying it was dead and buried before the last election!

But that’s our Bill, and he's certainly not the sharpest tool in the shed.

In contrast, Scott Morrison and Tony Abbott said they would stop the boats and they have done exactly that, much to Labor's and the Greens’ chagrin.

But the Libs' judgment at times can also be deficient. Scott Morrison made a tactical error in issuing a Press Release at 8.40 pm on Saturday. That's exactly the time to dodge the evening newscasts and the Sunday papers. 

The question then predictably arose as to when exactly Morrison was informed that the riot on Manus Island occurred inside the compound.

The fact that it happened inside the facility was potentially explosive despite footage clearly showing inmates rioting using chairs as shields and chucking rocks at “someone”.

Had Morrison instead called yet another Press conference at 8.40 pm on Saturday to clarify where the riot had occurred it would have been his sixth conference update on the fluid accounts and he would have been addressing three or four accepting snotty-nosed reporters on overtime.

The most important update on Manus Island was the only update he did not call a Press conference for. 

A Press release appeared a cop-out and begged the question of when he knew. 

Hmmm, could have been handled better and avoided silly Milne demands for his resignation.


Same BRUSH - Same TAR,

The following E-Mail looks like going viral, so I apologize if you've seen it already;
Media Statement from Bob Kernohan, former Victorian AWU President

Media Statement from Bob Kernohan, former AWU President, Victoria Branch.

I congratulate PM ABBOTT on the announcement of a Royal Commission into corruption in trade unions. I am perplexed however at Bill Shorten's opposition to a Royal Commission and his claim that a police taskforce should investigate corruption in unions. Bill Shorten knows a lot of the detail about Julia Gillard and Bruce Wilson's corrupt activities involving the AWU because he was there at the time it happened. So was I. Bill Shorten's had 18 years to go to the police if he was serious about helping police investigate corruption and he hasn't lifted a finger. So Bill, I can only think that you oppose a Royal Commission because you're afraid of what it will report.
I recruited Bill Shorten into the AWU in 1992. Bill was my campaign manager in AWU union elections for the leadership of the Victorian Branch. My opponent was Bruce Wilson whose de facto Julia Gillard was a partner at the AWU's law firm Slater and Gordon. My bitter campaign against Wilson was focused on serious financial irregularities in the union books. In 1996 the then AWU General Secretary, Ian Cambridge called for a royal commission into the AWU. I supported Ian Cambridge at that time.
Bill Shorten knew at least as much as I knew about the frauds - we discussed it at the time, but since then I've seen no positive actions at all from Bill to bring offenders to justice, in fact Bill's done the opposite.
Bill Shorten urged me to participate in the cover up - "think of your career, Bob" he said. I know that Bill Shorten has not assisted either the Victoria Police or the WA Police to bring offenders to justice. He did nothing as State Secretary in Victoria, nor as AWU National secretary in 2001 thru 2007. He never called in the police to investigate. Bill Shorten chose to cover the fraud up; and to add insult to injury, he was a key player in installing Julia Gillard into the Lodge!
A Royal Commission where persons of interest are compelled to give sworn evidence is the only way that corruption in unions will ever be fully exposed and people made to be accountable for their criminal actions.
I can be reached on 0438901594 and I am happy to talk on the record.

If anyone believes a RC will achieve anything more than making a bunch of lawyers very rich, then they haven't lived in Australia long enough. The severity of Craig Thomsons upcoming sentencing will be a fair guide as to whether a RC is worth pursuing..

in that pic above---all I can see is 2 ugly bitches.

I'd suggest he knew (or at least knew there was uncertainty) on the Tuesday, when he called his 2nd press conference to say as much. Morrison could not have been more clear that the details were uncertain from that point on.

Egyptian TV Host Riham Said Removes Veil during Interview, Clashes with Guest Cleric Yousuf Badri - YouTube

Totally correct BB ! If you lie and lie and bullshit over and over again , so of it will stick aka liebor !

Jeez, a candle-lit vigil for one dead illegal. Fair enough, there seem to be no convicted Aussie drug traffickers on death row in Malaysia or Singapore at present? I guess compassion junkies have to make do with whatever tale of pathos is available. Next it'll be a memorial service at the Lakemba mosque, attended by the usual leftist suspects . . .

I couldn't have said it better myself Bill. It is very important that the Libs do something to stop the constant negativity towards the government by the ABC. How on earth a corrupted opposition with claims or rape, stealing money from workers and so on be more popular? Unless most of us are on the way of insanity.

Reports have it that these illegals in the riot were taunting locals about their wives and what they were going to do to them, you only have to see the what was on the T shirt of one of these goons that landed on Christmas Island last year. I prooves that they have no brains - who the hell would wear a T shirt with the words "Fear for your wife" blazzoned on it if you were entering a country. What a fuck wit. These, people, are the type of shit that labor the greens and the doctors wives set want to let into Australia, well I don't and Scott Morrison you keep doing the splendid job that the Australian people elected you to do.

As for the timing of Morrison's press releases - he was always on "a hiding to nothing". Every misstep, no matter how minor - let alone a riot with a fatality - will have been pounced upon by an intellectually challenged Opposition.

Shorten has been a surprisingly poor performer in parliament. It is a forum not suited to everyone, and otherwise sharp operators often fail "on the floor" - Malcolm Turnbull being a case in point. Shorten is doubly burdened by the turbulence that is his personal life.


......the poll conducted for The Australian newspaper..... Why am I not surprised to see that the Australian Newspaper believes that the Australian people are brain dead bogans why would not know their arse from their armpit! Very insulting!

Was the poll taken by Get-up ?

I no more believe the polls now than I ever have. If Martin "I'm so left I have platelets with ALP logos" O'Shaunnesy is so accurate, let's have an election this weekend with the ALP still prosecuting the Carbon tax as a viable legislative option.

Methinks it would be a reverse poll.

Worth a separate entry; "I expect the dead one was killed by a jealous lover who had been spurned".

Labor has surged in the polls due to relentless bagging by the ABC, Sky's anti-Abbott team, The Project, Fairfax and screamers like Hanson-Young and Milne, who are both treated like stars by the media. The average person sees, hears and listens to this stuff because it's everywhere, and therefore must be true. Worst of all is the ABC, widely appraised as an icon of truth. We've all be yelling here for it to be brought under control but no go! Is the LNP in the grip of a death wish?

another GLEEFUL report from vitrioli on the ALPBC Qantas down the gurgular , isn,t piggy howes new love of his life one of the honcho,s at qantas??