The Pickering Post
Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Union thugs make excellent union thugs but they never make Prime Ministers and that’s why the Labor Party needs to find a way to replace Bill Shorten. His polling numbers have only ever reflected the public’s dissatisfaction, or otherwise, with Tony Abbott.

If Abbott can capture a part of the middle ground then Shorten’s gone to Gowings, taking Labor with him.

So far he has dined out on Abbott’s lack of penetration with women and a host of stupid mistakes, but voters are also aware of serious rape allegations against Shorten and how he ruthlessly knifed two of Labor’s leaders to get where he is now.

He also unsuccessfully tried to bury the $20 million ALP President Michael Williamson defrauded from the HSU by sequestrating the union. Williamson still sits in jail due to a plea bargain of guilty to only $1 million of defrauded funds thereby ensuring the extent of the fraud could never be exposed in court proceedings.

He knew of the Kathy Jackson fraud well before her mate Michael Smith did, and he was up to his ears in Gillard and Wilson’s AWU fraud.

He warned Bob Kernohan against spilling the beans on Gillard and Wilson, and when Kernohan resisted, Shorten arranged with Big Bill Ludwig to bribe him with the safe seat of Melton. When Bob also refused that offer, Shorten had him mercilessly bashed before helping himself (unopposed) to the plum seat of Melton.

If it hadn’t have been for honest unionists like Bob Kernohan and Ian Cambridge, the Gillard fraud would never have surfaced.

Regardless, Shorten was able to pave his way to leadership by killing off both Rudd and Gillard and then using Rudd’s own new ALP rules to have himself entrenched in the Labor leadership despite the majority of the rank and file rejecting him in favour of Albanese.

It now requires 60% of Caucus to challenge him and if he ever gets to be Prime Minister it will require 75% to unseat him. 

... a seemingly impossible task where unions still call the shots.

Now that it appears Abbott might recover from his “near death experience” Labor is restless with many backbenchers and one or two frontbenchers openly saying they cannot go to an election with Shorten as leader.

It seems there is a “near death experience” awaiting Shorten this time.


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The politicians and the media are being very quiet about the real Shorten.

I can't stand politicians teeth , smiles are the most dishonest portrayal of their person .

Isn't the operative word "Lies"!


'What Lies Ahead" is the title of Brian Wilshire's upcoming book. I'm looking forward to reading it... even though he hates the most successful musical group of all time. doubt.

why the hell would anyone "hook up" with him.......he is a greasy grub.

Despite all the good advice I gave about the Pink Suit, she's still wearing it?

If it's not been said yet, Billy badly needs some advice on a correctly fitting brassiere

Out of the frying pan and into the fire. The Left media and Unions are/is NOT finished with TA and the RIGHT wing Governments yet. THEY intend to rule Oz. Shorten is their man because he is p..week and will surrender ALL of Aust to the Union and criminal controls. we though Rudd was a bad ass ? Sorten will make him look like the Arch Angel.

It'll be hard to erase this image of Boxhead Billy with the Palacechook from your mind.

Ya think that they would wear jackets that fit.Bit tight around the guts.

The wit and wisdom of Bill Shorten: Everyone is someone. The future starts today. I don't know what she said but let me say this I support what she said. My view is what the Prime Minister's view is (even though I don't know what it is). A warm pie is hotter than a cold pie. Those who have many birthdays live longer.

Couldn't run a chook raffle, let alone a business - should be called the NBLP - no brains labor party

H....If that really is his twin, didn't we get done with a raw deal! Politics got the runt!! (Maybe one got swapped at birth.)

yes, he is a twin

Her mother must have apoplexy every time she sees this photo. Cheap suit, cheap people.

Hang on chaps, hold the phone Larry, this is our alternative prime minister we are talking about here. Shorten is the best and brightest that the Labor party can offer up to lead our country if and when Labor gains office. If Shorten gets the boot, who will they offer up next? Yet another 'colourful' character - a pillar of society and paragon of virtue. I challenge Labor to find someone who is actually quite normal and who can represent mainstream Australia.

Sorry if I am ploughing old ground here team......