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Friday, 22nd June 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


It appears Julia Gillard will not be Prime Minister in two weeks’ time according to more than one Labor backbencher and Kevin Rudd is desperately positioning himself to be one of the contenders to replace her.

Gillard supporters have flown the coop in droves, appalled at her latest divisive antics.

A move against Gillard will not be made next week but the week after, the last sitting week before the election, the date of which may now change.

Any change will decimate Labor’s front bench and the swearing in of a new Ministry must be left until the last minute, guarding it against a vicious coalition assault in a sitting Parliament.

It now seems almost certain that some Caucus members are expected to volunteer, in a spill, to limit an electoral massacre and Shorten himself is warily sniffing the poison chalice.

Over the past two weeks Shorten has been resisting immense union and backbench pressure to organise numbers against Gillard. But now the pressure has become unbearable and this wasn’t the way Bill wanted it.

A sacrificial lamb must be found because Shorten doesn’t want to risk permanent injury himself by leading Labor into the valley of electoral death.

He wants a clean start but he knows that sticking with Gillard will extend his time in Opposition by terms. 

In Opposition shorten will need meaningful numbers he can build on... numbers Gillard is quite prepared to deprive him and her Party of.

No-one is prepared to guess who the new wood duck might be but one thing is certain, Gillard will not go quietly and Shorten must judge the public bloodletting against the possible retention of some seats if she goes. It’s a tough one.

Electing Rudd will split the Party in two and mean an immediate issuing of writs, with no time left to defend himself or his shattered Party. 

His front bench will walk and he will be left with impotent newbies unable to defend their portfolios on the hustings.

There are others, Carr (they could get him a seat in the Reps later). Smith and a few lesser lights might be prepared to put Party ahead of self but Shorten’s excruciating decision is all about the interests of Shorten, as is Gillard’s all about Gillard.

No-one knows what option he will be forced to adopt, but everyone knows Gillard is becoming more of an electoral nightmare for Labor as each day passes.

Tighten your seat belts... the next two weeks are set to register prominently in the pages of political history books.


wonder if shorten has enough digits to count his support, if he runs short he could pull a few out. suspect he has more urgent problems: heard that spouse and child have bolted for sanctuary with mother at her Canberra residence; seems someone's pa cant count.

Note to Kevin Rudd.Stop parading around like a rooster with your chest out.You were a miserable failure last time,you'll be a miserable failure again.Leave Labor to sink in it's own mess-you move on & find another job.If in fact you need another job?Seems your wife has all the dough thanks to Howard era policies,so you don't really need to work.In other words,fuck off & get another life!

Where do the poor, starving, frightened ILLEGAL boat people get the money tro pay the Indo smugglers? Is it from legal means??

Where do the poor, starving frightened ILLEGAL

Who gives a stuff who leads Labor to defeat in Sept.It all really doesn't rate a mention.Rudd,Gillard,Shorten,Emerson,Albenese,even Plabesek.None are worth pissing on so why all the bally-hoo on who concedes to Abbott. At least Hanson could run a fish n chip shop & make a buck or two.These cretins couldn't get a hand job in a brothel with a fist full of fivers.Forget about them.Forget about Gonski.Forget about deficits.Forget about trying to run an economy.Their all dead meat,the whole fucking lot.


Well lets have a good ol quail shoot then... run Julia run

prblem is she will probs not get far and trip and fall flat on her face like in India, what a disgrace old redbox is

I think the Canadian,s pissed them off also.

Bravo ! got balls them kiwis.

Good on em!

There geographic location is the only thing saving them from a similar fate.

Still, I wonder how the would react if the country shopping camel humpers could get to their shores?

I don't think the kiwi's would cop one boat.

Shows just how stupid and useless the AFP really are !

If it gets any worse, NZ is looking better by the day.

They are probably the safest (white, Anglo Christian) nation left on earth due to their remoteness.

They should be tried under international law for piracy.

Has that got legs or is there some legal loophole?

I thought any 'illegal' act on the high seas (including people smuggling) could be considered an act of piracy ?

Worth a thought.

if they don't tell us where they're from then it's off to kabul or colombo,they can choose

Read this, I wonder if McTurd is currently working 2 jobs.

Not sure if this has been mentioned, but here is one solution in stopping the boats.
Go to the UN and say that Australia will take 1000 refugees that have been languishing in the UN camps possibly for years. But there is a condition. They are to take 1000 illegal immigrants that have arrived on our shores without any identification. If the UN is fair dinkum they will gladly approve this. Then once the illegal immigrants are in the UN camps, Australia takes another 1000 from the UN camps. Repeat it again. Word will soon get out and this will stop the boats but it will also provide the following.

Those refugees in the UN camps are genuine. They do not have the means to pay people smugglers. They also have identification and have been processed. They deserve a chance more than someone pushing them to the bottom of the queue.
Those arriving illegally into our country have the means as they fly from country to country plus they have money to pay people smugglers. They also throw their passports (which they need to fly with) overboard once on the illegal boats.
I would imagine the "officials" in the UN camps would be glad to see these wealthy "illegals". Once in these camps I would imagine not many "officials" would turn down monetary rewards from the "illegals".
Another way of finding out where they are from. Give them a mobile phone, especially if they are single young men, while in detention. Also anyone arriving illegally will never, ever be allowed back into Australia. All illegals should be finger, palm printed, blood tested and must undergo retina recognition.

If we do not stop this invasion Australia will end up like the UK. I am so sick and tired of those of the left turning this country into a dumping ground. I am sick of leftist PC and being sold down the creek because we bow down to the minorities. We are Australians. People died giving us this great country! Is there not ONE POLITICIAN with the guts to stand up for us?? This is so wrong. We have one set of laws for all. If you don't like it - leave.

JuLiar is keen to stay PM until 30 June ticks over so she gets another year of superannuation entitlement. Typical self interest. The sooner she leaves politics and becomes the Mother Terassa of global school kids, lesbians and sociopaths the better...

@T T
a comment on the a l p b c strangely enough about how many billionaires have increased in Indonesia, why would,nt they look at how much we have given to the indo rag heads starting with that narcisstic prick krudd $50 mil and the commo bitch ??/don,t know the amount and that ugly bastard used carr who would play diamond jim off a break in giving OUR MONEY AWAY.

Hi Veritas

Just heard it on the radio this arvo.