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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Leaving rape allegations aside (and I have been assured there is much more to come on that little issue) the extension to Dyson Heydon’s Royal Commission into Unions by another 12 months seals Shorten’s fate. 

The sheer extent to which unions have operated as a corrupt arm of the ALP is gobsmacking, and Shorten has been up to his man boobs in it.

Having worked for the Australian Railways Union I have an in-depth knowledge how exactly unions work and it’s very un-Australian and very ugly.

I also worked at Port Melbourne as a shunter and what transpired there was even uglier. Waterside workers ran the port and pilfered whatever they wanted from shipments and freight, all to be sold on the black market. 

The union hired and fired and blackmailed management for whatever they wanted.

Later, years later, I commissioned a Taiwan family to build me a boat. I waited anxiously on Sydney docks at 4am for its arrival on a ship’s deck.

I waited and waited for the crane to drop it in the water. By 2pm they had unloaded everything except for my boat when a dock worker approached me and asked if the boat was mine. “Yes” I replied. “That will cost you ten grand to get it offloaded”, said the docker.

“Christ, I’ve already paid for the shipping costs”, I explained. “Well, unless you’ve got ten grand it stays right where it is and goes straight back to Taiwan.” I knew I was stuffed and ten grand was a lot of money then... 25% of the cost of building the boat. 

I took out my cheque book. “No, buddy, no cheques, cash”, he said.

I just made it to the bank in time and returned to hand the ten grand in cash to the docker who immediately signalled to the crane driver and inside a minute my boat was afloat in the harbour. 

I knew it was a bluff but I wasn’t about to risk seeing my new boat disappear into the sunset.

This practice was commonplace with unions running the rorts and for the first time we are about to discover just how much it has cost our economy. “This RC is just a witch hunt”, says Shorten. Really, Bill? 

If the Royal Commission sits until the end of 2015, Commissioner Heydon’s report will be out just in time for the 2016 election leaving Abbott with a similar or increased majority in the House and half the Senate given over to Conservatives. 

The Green’s and Labor’s stranglehold on the Senate will be broken for at least six years and the Coalition can get on with the job of fixing Labor’s mess, a mess that was only made possible via its corrupt financial link to the unions.

Never mind Bill, I’m sure Slater & Gordon will find something for you to do and I’m sure Julia will write you a ripper reference. 

Or, hang on, is she another of your many contract hits?


We didn't learn a thing from the war years did we? We'd rather forget what the unions did to our soldiers and country and it still goes on in every area where unions are involved.

Grenade, I would rather gut you with a blunt rusty bayonette. With no respect Muzliumoscor.

I Believe this went to the high court and the unions won.

I have a question........ If it is now illegal to accept political donations from property developers why can't it be the same for unions to donate. Lets face it they receive so much money from property developers and the building industry by way of extortion which is fed straight back to the Labor party you would think that it should be illegal as well

Was talking at Mure's restaurant on Circular Quay last year to an old friend with a daughter working for a building company. A Union official entered the lady's office and informed the Manager that the crane driver did not have a union ticket. The Manager asked if $40k would settle the matter. The daughter dutifly wrote out the check and paid the man. The issue was settled.

What a disgusting story. I suppose if it had been for a rich banker or businessman, you could swallow it without much liking. But to do it to another worker!!! Absolute bastardry.

Where did all Ray's comments go? Isn't it impolite to delete everything and leave responses to non-existent contributions?

Billy Shortone .. The gift that keeps on giving , coming and taking ..

Larry, Hal Colebatch’s book “Australia’s Secret War” should be made compulsory reading for every school child old enough to understand, and every adult over the age of 18, as it exposes union corruption and how the MUA sabotaged Australia’s war during the Second World War.
Its thanks to the Unions that we no longer have a manufacturing industry in Australia.
In this day and age with the industrial laws that we have on our Statute books, Unions are irrelevant.
I sincerely hope that the Royal Commission will continue to expose the corruption, deceit and maliciousness of the Unions, and drag the ALP politicians with Union affiliation to the gates of Hell

Could have concluded last December..............bit difficult to conclude three months before it started (commenced early April).

You really are an ignoranus.

Trumby: Yeah mate a good photo of a working horse. My father reared five kids and seven race horses.

You familiar with public dunnies and looking for boys ray?

Off track but Sarah Hanson-Young was on Sky Agenda this morning (when I switched on) going on about leaked reports - I don't know if it was how Sky wanted to present it but the camera was so far in her face she came across as demented with the facial expressions it was so weird. The presenter was small in the background when they swung to him - usually Sky Agenda is so left that it is a joke this was just weird.

WOW Ray-popgun must be getting worried what the RC will find out about his Labor/Union scum mates

Ray popgun our resident Labor/Green wanker

raygunn you are another leftie who knows it all who knows best,we are just stupid voters that voted in the Lib/Nat party in a landslide .spit your dummy

Money bloody well spent if it can bring these Labor/Union scum to justice

I have Brandis in the pot forever .When he first got the gig to be the A.G., well one of his first little capers was to attend the wedding of Sophie Mirabella, the former member for Indi, which is up round Wangaratta/Albury way, and he tried to claim the cost of attending the wedding which was about $3800.00 and he wanted the Taxpayers of Australia to pay the bill. When challenged, he tried to link a couple of meetings in the area so as to make it legitimate politically What rubbish, this false pretender is the most senior Law Officer in the country and he tried to steal $3800 from hard working Aussies. I would sack the bludger and TA should bury him forever

I think it was NSW, not Qld just yet

You obviously haven't been counting at the TURC Raygunn. What is your definition of "very few"?