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Wednesday, 18th July 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Halal money from Australian mosques and Islamic State Councils is being laundered through a charity called Al Imdaad, and it is finding its way to the Syrian conflict.

It’s a safe bet to assume Australian Muslims are not assisting the Kurdish Peshmergas or the Yazidis, but instead elements of the murderous Islamic State. has been told this charity is nothing more than a front to disguise where large sums of money, collected from the halal certification scam and receipts from major drug sydicates, finish up. 

This so-called “charity” presents itself as a caring donor distributing funds to causes like South African Ebola victims, but nothing could be further from the truth. 

In a recent interview, a Muslim cleric flatly refused to say where these large sums of money raised from halal certification fees go to, and it seems for good reason. 

“It is an affront to ask such a question” he said, “you don’t ask where money raised in Catholic Churches goes to.”

Dr Rateb Jneid, President of the WA Islamic Council, in his 2013 annual report, admits moneys had indeed been sent to Syria from WA, using the sham “charity” Al Imdaad (see following).

Further investigations have revealed that the WA Islamic Council is only one of many Islamic organisations across Australia, including mosques, that are funnelling money via this sham "charity" front, to terrorist groups in Raqqa in Syria and Mosul in Iraq. 

Now, Dr Rateb Jneid (many of these Muslims leaders falsely call themselves doctors) is the same bloke claimed was the kingpin when Police cracked a major methylamphetamine trafficking syndicate after a four-month probe netted more than $8 million worth of the drug, $380,000 in cash and a number of unlicensed firearms.

The Jneid brothers, Rateb, Ziad and Rabih have long been persons of interest for WA Police in continuing enquiries that have resulted in a number of raids. (Brother Ziad pictured)

Detectives from the WA Organised Crime Squad led the latest protracted sting with a series of raids on properties in Kewdale, Munster and Bibra Lake. 

Liam Ducey of WA said five men and a woman had been charged, including the President of the WA Islamic Council, Dr Rateb Jneid.

On-line Perth News Now, reported Rateb was fined after he pled guilty to firearm charges. The brothers are still awaiting trial on the drug trafficking charges.

Incredibly the ABC, despite a comprehensive Police report, managed to cover the entire news item without once mentioning an Islamic connection or that one of those charged was the President of the WA Islamic Council. That’s our ABC I guess. 

Now here’s the interesting bit. Prior to the arrests in May this year, the 2013 annual report of the Islamic Council of WA, signed by Dr Rateb Jneib, stated that: 

“Our Halal subcommittee now is functional and income starts coming Alhamdulillah (meaning "all Praise and thanks be to God"). 
“Our next aim is to expand Halal certification for local and international business insha’Allah (God willing).

“In our Masjid (mosque), many activities were conducted by our resident Imam Hisham Obeid.

“Over the year the Masjid has continued to assist other associations by allowing the facility (halal certification setup) to be used, Alhamdullah.”

Jneib’s annual report continued, “During the year ICWA (the Islamic Council of WA) has made ongoing donations to Syria because of the difficult civil conditions. 

"The donations were made through Al Imdaad charity, to ensure that no recriminations could be directed at ICWA.”

Sgd Dr Rateb Jneid

President- Islamic Council of WA

Police say they suspect profits from the drug syndicate were finding their way to Jihadist organisations overseas. I say the suspicion is via the same “charity” front used for halal fees.

I will keep digging.


a well written article!

thank you larry

i read that there are 50 million Muslim immigrants in European countries and 40 million of them are on Welfare . That is 480 billion dollars a year just to pay for their welfare . How sick is that .

Btw....there are no Ebola victims in South Africa

And another thing Harryx "moslem moon god" get your fact straight dude the god the christians are praying to apart from jesus and the holy ghost is the same god they pray to. But no one know what god is he is not a man or a woman or in your case a moon! And if you guys actually want to know where the money from halal certification go to ring them yourself then rely on an unreliable source. Its like playing chinese whispers.

Here we go again more media rubbish and hatred tainting towards the islam religion. Dont you guys have better news to report on. Have a look at that guy, yeah he is a muslim but have you guys ever thought of blaming a race of people then the religion. There is all different kind of race of muslims in the world and not all the same. Majority don't support this so called terrorist acts or even know they existed. This kind of "people" not religion, yeah should be burn at the stake cause they have used religion as a front for their evil doing and innocent killings. I know heaps of muslim people and they are not like this and actually is peaceful by nature. Not freaking drug dealing, gun-toting, money laundering so called muslim.

Larry, you need to get onto John Laws about this. I'm sick of hearing him defend Halal Certified products and not believing the money is sent to aid terrorists!!!

Trouble with Halal it gives sacrifice to the Moslem Moon-god Allah as
soon as it is produced! It is a sin for Christians to consume or even
touch food sacrificed to Idols which is what Halal certification does
(1 Corinthians 8)
According to Archeologists, Christians and Jews, Allah is sheer
pagan moon-god idolatry and must be rejected by all those who follow
the Torah and Gospel.
A best Halal Certification is a parasitic scam making food untouchable
by Christians as it is produced.

A Muslim can make any food halal (permissible) by praying over it
(simply by pronouncing 'bismillah' over their meal), just as observant
Christians say grace.

At Halal's worst it funds terrorism never been a secret

The British branch of Al-Imdaad has given over £50,000 to the Zamzam Foundation, a charity set up by the Somali Muslim Brotherhood in 1992.

As a suggestion, why do we all not contact our local federal MP's and DEMAND that they initiate a national referendum on the vexatious issues of Halal and Sharia law. Some US states have already done this. Germany has done something to stop Halal certification. From what I am observing on the net, with the increasing numbers of anti Muslim sites from around the world, we are sitting on a hot tin of beer. One mad mulla sets off one bomb, that kills and maims innocent Australians, I have already informed various federal ministers that I will rearm with whatever it takes. Also, a vote for Labor, is a vote for Islam.

My wife now goes to Coles and Woolies twice a week and fills up a large shopping trolley with (mostly Halal) products, gets to the checkout and asks the girl to tell her which goods are 'Halal'. When she can't tell her which ones are she simply walks away saying very loudly. "I am not buying Halal certified products". and leaves the store.

Wow such investigative reporting. AFP, ASIO and state, Frederal police have no match on your skills. Pleeeese report this information to them urgently and save us. Get a life. Have some confidence in these agencies that had threre been such an issue, they would have nipped it in the bud.

If it can be proven that this Imdaad Charity has provided funds in the the support of terrorist groups, then the should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and if found guilty, the directors should be jailed for the minimum term of 5 years on each count. Throw the book at them!

Well done Larry!

Well done Larry. RestoreAustralia has been saying the halal scam funds terrorism. We knew it was happening here, but we couldn't prove it. If you can get the proof we will have the weapons to stop the halal scam and to get islam declared a terrorist organization. It's time to boot this alien and murderous cult out of Australia.

this Halal issue just highlights all that is wrong with our system of Gov't. At 2% of our population yet another minority dictates the terms. I thought democracy was all about the majority.

DJT - WP I have been watching your posts closely for several weeks and I am amazed that you are now completely pro-muslim/halal. You are defending this criminal scam at every opportunity knowing full well this is a muslim imposed tax on our very food supplies! Have you converted to Islam? Are you now spin doctoring for ISIL and their associates in Australia? I don't expect a truthful answer from you because that is the Islamic way of doing things and your studies of the Quran will tell you that it is Ok to tell lies to us infidels! Good luck with this new venture of yours. I am sure you are only doing it for the money!

Ban Halal Petition latest results. 17548 signatures, 7452 needed…….

“It is an affront to ask such a question” he said, “you don’t ask where money raised in Catholic Churches goes to.” Moslems are such masters of obfuscation. Catholics know exactly where their money goes - the first collection is for the maintenance of the clergy and the second is for the needs of the parish. Parishioners count the collection money, and the parish treasurer banks it. The books can be examined at any time. The reason for collections for special purposes is given ahead of time, and the amount raised is published in the parish newsletter. Catholic charities by law have to be audited.

and where in the Koran does it say it's okay to deal in drugs and firearms ?

DJT sorry BUT you do know that imposing a religious tax onto essential goods and even non essentials is is an act of discrimination against us and the HALAL tax is paid to the Islamic Councils who in many other countries it has been alleged that they are channelling money through charities to TERRORISM....Larry has exposed the above where these MUSLIMS have been charged with major drug offences and they are connected to the ISLAMIC COUNCIL in W.A>.........sorry DJT u must be a closet Muslim to ignore these FACTS....soon u will miss the dodgy prayer session so of u go...