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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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Shocking Halal slaughter methods uncovered

...this time in the UK

Kirralie Smith

Kirralie Smith is the creator of the halal choices website, shopping guide book and phone app and an expert on halal certification of foods and supermarkets in Australia


Horrific footage has emerged of "vicious attacks" at a halal slaughterhouse where animals had their throats hacked at with saws. Other footage shows sheep being kicked in the face by staff and a worker standing on the neck of a conscious animal.

Were these slaughtermen Presbyterian? No. Catholic? No. Buddhist monks? No. They were Muslim-only slaughtermen employed at the Bowood Lamb abattoir in Thirsk in North Yorkshire.

The news reports go on to state emphatically that this is strictly forbidden and against Sharia Law.

They say it has nothing to do with Islam. Oh dear, how thick do they think we are? They try to pin the responsibility on the government appointed vets. Or the company itself.

In this instance, and the many other reports uncovering cruel halal slaughter methods there is one common denominator – Islam. Islamic halal slaughter methods according to Shariah Law.

It doesn’t matter which halal authority or agency you look up, they all say the same thing.

The Islamic Council of Western Australia says, “The slaughterman must be a mature, pious Muslim of sound mind who understands fully the fundamentals and conditions relating to Halal slaughter and be approved by the religious authorities.”

The Islamic Coordinating Council of Victoria says, “ Halal slaughter should be performed only by a Muslim (not Kitabi or others) who is sound of mind, mature and who fully understands the fundamental rules and conditions related to slaughter of animals is Islam.”

The Food Standards Agency in the UK says, “The slaughter man must be a Muslim, who has beenproperly trained and licensed.”

If cruel practices are being uncovered start with the obvious. We are talking about Islamic ritualistic halal slaughter methods. It is done by supposedly mature, pious, educated Muslim only men. It is not rocket science friends. Investigate this and start with the barbaric religious practices that refuse to be drawn into the modern age.

It is time to discuss cruelty – to animals, women, adulterers, homosexuals, non-Muslims, and apostates. It is time to discuss and address the religious ideology that is the common denominator in all of these things.

And it is not Presbyterianism.

This is not pretty:


Checking on a FB page led me to this genius's Google page...well this guy has it all worked out - you are all racists and bigots if you dont agree with The Cult's Scam LOL!!!

This is urgent . . .

Mohamed El-Mouelhy as sole director of the private company ‘Halal Certification Authority Pty Ltd’, has commenced legal proceedings against Q Society, Q member Kirralie Smith, The National President of Q Society and two other board members for a defamation action in the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

Please refer to the Q Society Facebook page for details and, if you possibly can, make a contribution to help us fight this absolutely critical battle against the muslim invasion of our great country.

Ha ha what a sad loser.

Another one of that cretin Mohamed Elmouelhy's rants, and I quote: "I am only one Muslim that brings $10billion a year to this country and am criticised by a housewife that brings dole bludgers! What travesty!" housewife does he mean Kirralie?

Kirralie In Australia THE GOVERNMENT has legislated that ONLY Muslim men can be employed in the Halal Slaughter industry read section 5.2

Yup posting for islam alright.What a traitor.

What the fuck is this joint comin to. KFC no longer supplying the small hand wpies as they contain alcohol and he muslims cant use them. Fuck KFC aswell. We've brought down Cadburys. Now its KFC's turn to go.

What's PETA doing about this scandal?

A LABELLING problem with kosher cooked chickens at Coles Elsternwick supermarket over the recent holiday break has sparked community fears about the kosher status of the poultry.

But while a bagging shortage saw some customers taking home roast chickens incorrectly described as “RSPCA approved”, Kosher Australia (KA) stressed that at no stage were non-kosher chickens sold as kosher.

KA general manager Yankel Wajsbort said the mix-up occurred when Coles met with higher demand for its new ready-cooked kosher chickens and ran out of the plain clear bags designated for that product line.

Counter staff began using bags not meant for the kosher chickens, with some bags claiming the chickens had RSPCA approval, which Wajsbort believes would not have applied to the kosher poultry.......

Another foreign acquisition OK’d by the ACCC – Primo bought by Brazilian JBS. Interesting about their “Australian Halal” operations amid claims that since 2008 it has produced $300 million in halal products – but does not say if this production was consumed locally or exported. It claims their facilities will give them a competitive edge in muslim markets in a future tense.

I wonder what sort of revenue certification fees on $300,000,000 of production generated for muslim groups – that WE assisted in enabling through our day-to-day food purchases?

I feel many people wouldn’t have a problem with halal if money was not being paid to certifiers, the goods / produce are clearly labeled.

However, the method of killing is abhorrent and primitive – there really is no euphorism that can successfully counter it, when it is the intent that the animal and others waiting in line – are to be aware that they are to be killed – the fear must be present.

I’m not mentioning Kosher slaughter because I have not checked and don’t know the technique. I’m led to believe that it is similar , perhaps without the induced trauma of impending summarial execution which IS part of halal slaughter. Stop it all here - in our country; it is barbaric beyond question.

Its funny how many things Islamic involve fear, pain and trauma – even at a “moderate’ level of observation of this primitive cult…and WE don’t have a problem on OUR hands?

Jakarta. Four months have passed since a law requiring all food and pharmaceutical products distributed in Indonesia to have halal certification was passed, but resistance to the new legislation remains strong.

The passage of the law went largely unnoticed in the dying days of the Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono presidency, as the nation was fixated on the cabinet line-up of the incoming president, Joko Widodo.

That allowed the House of Representatives to easily push through the legislation that had been held up for eight years because of a raft of contentious provisions — most of which made it into the final version of the law.

While full compliance will only become mandatory by October 2019, the affected parties have expressed their doubt as to how effectively that can be done.

“We support the spirit of the law, in that it intends to protect consumers, but it’s going to be difficult to implement,” says Parulian Simanjuntak, the executive director of the International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Group, whose members include drug-making giants Bayer, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck and Pfizer.

Of particular concern to pharmaceutical firms, food producers and others is the sweeping definition of items subject to the new halal requirements.

The law states that “It is mandatory for products that enter, are distributed and are traded in Indonesia to be halal certified.”

It goes on to define those products as “goods and/or services comprising of food, beverages, medicines, cosmetics, chemical products, biological products, genetically engineered products, as well as items that are worn, used or made use by the public.”

Parulian says that although the law allows a five-year transitional period before enforcing compliance, the process of certifying whether a product is halal will be “very complex,” given the wide-reaching supply and production chains behind the product.

“It will be difficult to implement the law in the pharmaceutical industry because substances used come from various countries,” he says. “That will make it difficult for the government to audit the producers on the halal status of their products. They’d have to visit those countries one by one.”

Parulian says the government must amend the law to exclude pharmaceutical products from the new legislation.

“Should the government insist on enforcing it, pharmaceutical companies won’t produce medicines here anymore because they will face sanctions as stipulated in the law,” he warns. “Subsequently, the availability of medicines for the public will be affected.”

‘Positive step’

While the pharmaceutical industry has lobbied against the legislation since it was first conceived in 2006, the clerical council that has for decades been in charge of the non-mandatory halal certification for medicines, food and other items has cheered the passage of the law.

“This is a positive step taken by the government in its effort to protect the majority of the people with regard to the products they consume or use,” says Amirsyah Tambunan, the deputy secretary of the Indonesian Council of Ulema, or MUI, the highest Islamic authority in Indonesia.

“We support this legislation. People want to be assured that the products they purchase are truly halal. We don’t want questionable products to flow among the people without a legal safety net. This new system will give birth to [more] halal products, as mandated by the law.”

The MUI, which has long sought to make halal certification mandatory, stands to benefit from the new law, which it helped draft.

For one thing, the law puts the council temporarily in charge of overseeing the certification process, for which producers, importers and distributors of affected products will be charged a fee.

That role will eventually be taken over by a Halal Product Certification Agency, or BPJH, which the government must establish within three years of the passage of the law, or by October 2017.

The cost of certification is expected to vary widely, with the government setting a Rp 5 million ($400) subsidy benchmark for products made by domestic small and medium enterprises. Larger producers such as multinational drug companies will not be subsidized for their considerably higher costs.

There will also be administrative sanctions and fines, still unspecified, for companies that fail to comply once the law goes into full force in October 2019.

The government has yet to issue supporting regulations stating who will be in charge of collecting the fines — whether it will be the responsibility of the BPJH or the various ministries and government agencies also involved in the matter, such as the Trade Ministry, the Industry Ministry, the Health Ministry, the Religious Affairs Ministry, the Agriculture Ministry, and the Food and Drug Monitoring Agency, or BPOM.

Bracing for AEC

Government officials are adamant that the law will stand as it is, despite the protests from the pharmaceutical industry and others.

Legitimate businesses should have no cause for concern because the law is based on actual needs and is intended for consumer protection, says Widodo, the director general for standardization and consumer protection at the Trade Ministry.

“The law will be implemented gradually,” he says. “There will also be assistance for small and medium enterprises. We will help them so they can learn how to produce products that are compliant with Islamic law.”

The Industry Ministry similarly sees no grounds for amending the legislation, says Euis Saedah, the ministry’s director general for small and medium enterprises.

She says that among other benefits, the law will help prevent the anticipated influx of non-halal products once Indonesia’s market is fully opened up to the rest of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations at the end of this year under the Asean Economic Community, or AEC.

The AEC is also expected to see Indonesian halal products compete with those produced in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, whose halal food industries and certification processes are far more developed than in Indonesia, which has the world’s biggest Muslim population.

The MUI’s Amirsyah says businesses should not perceive the law as an additional burden, arguing instead that it will provide a good opportunity to distinguish Indonesian-made halal products from those of other countries.

“This is also to promote Indonesian products through halal certification,” he says, but declines to explain how.

“The most important thing is to ensure that the people of this country are well protected.

After his so-called hard 400 days in jail even the abc said under the conditions he looked so fit and healthy it was amazing.

The goat rooters are capable of anything in the field of cruelty. Can guarantee the GayBC won't say anything.

Am I correct in saying tomorrow is a big day for Kirralie?

Muslims are getting worried, their halal money making extortion is about to collapse. Proof Cadburys are going broke. The Arab oil era is over. Op-ed: As the Gulf states are left with no money to spend and are experiencing internal shocks, the era of destructive Arab power is coming to an end; the Israeli mind and innovation era, on the other hand, is just beginning. The most dramatic news in 2014 almost went unnoticed: The United States lifted the restrictions on American oil exports, and as of the first day of the new year it has begun exporting oil to the world. No one believed this would happen so fast, but the US is already the world's biggest oil manufacturer, bigger than Saudi Arabia, thanks to the oil shale technology which changed the world of energy. Within a year, the US is expected to export about one million barrels of oil a day and produce 12 million barrels a day. Iran, for the same of comparison, manufactures about a million and a half barrels a day. This means that oil prices will continue to drop, as the US is already competing against other manufacturers. As a result, Russia will be crushed, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf states will fall flat on their face, the cartel will collapse, and all the dictatorships which were mainly based on oil – like Iran – will face a gloomy future. At the same time, democracies like Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria and even little Israel will enter the market. The Arab oil era is over, and so is the destructive power of the Persian Gulf's oil dictatorships. These dictatorships have disgracefully controlled the failing Europe: Buying politicians, bribing companies, taking over the economy and gaining political power which was also used against Israel. It will take a few months, but both the Europeans and the Americans will realize that the era of the destructive Arab power is over, because the Gulf states will have no money to spend. On the contrary, they will be rocked from the inside by social, ethnic and terroristic shocks, as they will have no money left to continue satisfying terror. The signs of the drop in Arab power can already be seen. Twenty-two Arab states made a huge effort last week to pass an anti-Israel resolution at the United Nations Security Council, but failed. The US was undeterred by them, and so were strong Western countries. It's true that France and Luxemburg are still controlled by the Arab capital, or think they are, but they will also realize that the era of Arab money is over. But as oil prices continue to drop, what will happen to Russia? The country is collapsing and could turn to a European war to save itself. And what will happen to Egypt, which is funded by Saudi Arabia? The latter is already cutting its aid to Cairo, because the money is no longer obvious. And what about the rich Gulf states, like Qatar? They are deluding themselves that someone will be interested in them if they don’t have oil. Some are even toying with the idea of tourism. Well, if there is no oil, no one will want to come there at all, and the sand will once again cover the towers rising in the air which they have built. And Mahmoud Abbas' Palestinian Authority? Well, no one in the Gulf actually donated money to this entity even before the crisis, although there were always festive declarations. As the year 2015 begins, we are facing a new world: A world of a revolution of information, mind, personal strength, innovation and inventions. And in this world, Israel is a real princess. The Arab oil era is over, and the global and Israeli mind era begins. It's a fact that countries which wouldn't dare approach us in the past – because of the Arab extortion – are now doing so hastily, as if to make up for the lost time of so many years. Israel is becoming a close friend of countries which were distant in the past but are close today, like India, Japan, China and South Korea. They too understand that those who are not innovative and lack a creative mind will just not be. And in this field, Israel has a lot to offer them, just like they have a lot to offer in return.

Store locator for Inglewood Farms NON Halal organic chicken products. Australia wide Queensland Paddington & McDowell.

That cretin Elmouelhy knows no bounds! This is what he said back in December: "The religious bigots, hypocrites, economic terrorists and other unintelligent creatures should have it ingrained on their foreheads, Australia is my country and I have lived here more that some of these creatures have been alive. I serve this country and bring it much needed business. Anyone who doesn't like it should pack up and leave because Halal is here to stay, grow and prosper. Boycotting Halal products has not succeeded one iota! Also I promise you it will never succeed. I will eventually rub the noses of the anti-Muslims in it. Love and peace to all."

I'd bludgeon to death any bastard I ever caught being cruel to any animal.

Immense=Immans autocorrect grrr

"The slaughterman must be a mature, pious Muslim of sound mind". Pious to us is obviously not what it is to the Muslims. If from what I've been reading any Muslim can't be of "sound" mind as they cannot distinguish what is right or wrong. They are taught their Islamic ways by Immans etc as mostly the teachings are written in archaic Arabic. But I believe this is changing but it remains the immense who do the "indoctrination".