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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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...renewables NOT renewable

Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


There is an incessant chorus from the green gospellers glorifying “renewable” energy and warning disbelievers that continued use of carbon fuels will damn the world to eternal fires of global warming.

Their ire is focussed on carbon dioxide, one very minor but beneficial atmospheric gas which is accused of causing more of everything bad: pollution and extreme weather, droughts and floods, snowstorms and hurricanes, malaria and mosquitos, icebergs and glacier retreat, heat waves and blizzards, declining polar bears and multiplying cane toads.

We are told that using “renewable” energy will prevent all these disasters and produce cheap “clean” electricity. Four points are relevant:

First, carbon dioxide produced by burning coal, oil, gas, diesel, petrol or wood is not a pollutant in the atmosphere, not the key driver of global warming or climate change, but a boon to all plants (and thus all life). It is clean and green. There is thus no environmental or climate justification for punitive taxes on carbon dioxide, or for really silly stuff like emissions trading or carbon capture and burial.

Second, wind and solar power have a role in remote or mobile applications and in domestic hot water generation, but are an unreliable and high cost addition to grid power. Because of their intermittent and unpredictable supply characteristics, the large areas of land required to collect significant energy, and their need for back-up generators or huge batteries, they can seldom compete in a fair market with coal, gas, nuclear or hydro power.

Nothing anyone can do will change these natural characteristics.

Third, those who wish to use “renewable” energy or to become independent of the grid are free to do so, and this should continue. But green energy should not be molly-coddled with subsidies from taxpayers or other users, nor protected by extra taxes on carbon energy, taxpayer loans, mandated market shares or propped up prices.

Finally, there is one killer point that has recently emerged. 

Google has long supported green energy and had a dream to power all of their energy-hungry computers and air-conditioned data centres with “renewables”. It was revealed recently by their own technical advisers that this dream is a delusion. The fatal flaw discovered is that wind/solar energy may not reduce life-time emissions of carbon dioxide and is unlikely to ever be cheaper than coal. The data collected shows that renewables will barely generate sufficient energy over the life of the facilities to recover the energy used to manufacture, construct and maintain those facilities.

Most so called “renewable” energy relies on the sun, and is better referred to as “in-exhaustible”. But at any point on Earth, wind/solar is more accurately called “intermittent energy”. And to build plants to extract electricity from the sun using wind or solar collectors is a zero-sum game or worse – they may not produce enough energy to recoup the energy cost of
replacing those facilities.

Wind/solar energy thus fails its central justification – it is not renewable.


I really don't hate anyone alpenis... even knuckle- dragging, name calling, fuctards. I may believe them to be air thieves or a waste of space or could be best employed as a speed bump in a carpark.. but I don't hate them

SHOCK FINDING : There is now the "Australian Religious Response To Climate Change" and they are attacking the Minerals Council of Australia over the Galilee Basin coal mines . Does this mean that their protesting is tax deductable ?

Turns out that maggot Charlie Prell is a shit farmer, after having the farm for 100 years he cant make a go of it, so he want your money. FV<k is neighbour's they can rot in their properties they can't sell, and the Greenie scum don't have the money to buy them out.

I had solar panels installed on my roof last year, since then I have not had one electricity bill. In fact, each billing cycle I was averaging $80 in credit! With alot of power going back to the grid right there. The cost of getting it installed will pay for itself many,many times over. I'm absolutely rapt about it. I understand that large scale solar panel power stations take up a tremendous amount of space and costs, but for individual households they are the only way to go. Every dwelling should have them.

Good links though...not just the usual opinion pieces, conspiracy bloggers or press releases from the coal and nuclear industries As you say..As I previously said.. Personally I have seen the retreating glaciers and been involved in first time weather events but my mind is still open.The one thing I have found is that the more uneducated and less read (Bible excepted), the less travelled and more insular, the more inclined folks are to read the Bible for science....the more positive they are that Climate change is all B.S.

Unfortunately both of these links go against Vivs opinion (that man has no effect on climate change whatsoever.) Both links state clearly that climate change is a huge issue..but that present renewable energy technologies cannot compete price wise with cheap readily available energy sources like coal. But if you confess to giving any thought to the reason that (After centuries of relative stability, CO2 rose from about 280 parts per million to nearly 400ppm, with the surge coinciding with the start of the Industrial Revolution.)You will be shunned, treated with derision and be called childish, school yard, names by the resident keyboard droolers and fucktards . Although there has been a paradigm shift from it is all B.S. to climate change is not caused by man.

PNG is benefitting from us driving away investors and exploration from Aus. They don't say no to the $$$$.

Dynamite They knew what they were doing in those days)) yeah and unfortunately a lot of you are still stuck there...but just think about it for a millisecond... they consumed mercury and arsenic to cure ailments..the mad hatter in alice in wonderland comes from mad hatters disease (from neurological damage in milliners who absorbed mercury (used in the felt process) through their hands ) As to horse-shit it was the job for many low paid labourers to shovel the horseshit off the streets in towns and cities.....could use a few on this site...

Local production and refining of oil is also declining, while “lock-the-gate” vandals are trying to prevent domestic exploration and production of gas. More and more land and offshore waters are closed to exploration and mining, and heavy industry is scorned. It was estimated recently that by next year, half of Australia’s oil refining capacity will have closed. In the event of a disruption to tanker routes, Australia has just 12 days of diesel supplies before city fuel and food supplies start to dry up.

Thanks Cosmik

It's well documented that many weather recording stations are placed in unsuitable sites badly affected by their immediate surroundings. All part of the silly scam.

It is possible for satellites to measure spot temperatures...satellites do measure temperatures continually via infra red to get accurate measurements for things like aviation weather .. The technology of remote reporting is there...every airport, govt installation, even private station (weather stations are cheap). linked by computer and satellite....gone are the days of dairy farmers and light house keepers wives doing cloud rain and temperature observations.

DJT can do that! lol

Won't find too much supporting data...just speculation on blog sites due to the conspiracy.

Large scale renewables is like trying to bite yourself on the forehead. All you need is a taller chair to stand on to reach.

Cosmik I think you've just invented the helicopter train. All your new invention needs to come to fruition is a da Vinci style drawing.

DJT 23 hours ago
"And we humans prefer to live in big cities, close to work and entertainment, coffee shops, other shopping areas, it's all there"
I thought people were forced to live in urban areas as a form of punishment. Can't think of anything less civilised than living in such cramped conditions cheek to jowl.

Bruce, a major reason the horseless carriage took off was because the streets were drowning in horse-shit, and it was impossible to keep up clearing it ..... and it was also a potential health hazard. They knew what they were doing in those days.

The other thing I forgot to mention above was that these planners have their big ideas which only extend to Melb, Sydney and Brisbane. NOTHING for Adelaide, Hobart and Perth. Absolute bastards.