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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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...but shhhh, we aren't allowed to say so

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I have lit a fire with two pieces of wood, so I can claim to be an Aborigine, right? Yep, but I needn’t have bothered with the two pieces of wood. Australia’s definition of an Aborigine is whether or not you decide to ethnically identify yourself as an Aborigine... and it’s racially unlawful for anyone to question your decision. 

After Tests revealed Ms Caster Semenya, the South African world champion sprinter has no womb or ovaries but an operative male package... she can rightfully claim to be a man? Well, she chooses not to be a man when it comes to Olympic competition and she has a gold medal around her neck to show for it. So is that fair?

Games' comentators were noticeably silent when it came to questioning her eligibility for a women's event.

If I choose to be a sheila that’s my business and it’s also unlawful for you to question my decision, thanks to a politically correct lot of a pushy, rabid, Left feminists. But Left feminism is about to destroy Olympic categories that define male and female competitors.

You see, a female can never compete with a man in any physical sense, a female body is designed for reproduction, not hunting, running leaping and killing. That fact makes a feminist shed tears of anguish, but although the feminist can demand gender neutrality, same sex marriage and uni toilets, it unfortunately doesn’t make a woman equally able to compete with a man when it comes to sport. 

The world’s top tennis player Margaret Court, (top) was soundly beaten by an aging clown called Bobby Riggs (middle) in the famous Mothers’ Day Massacre of 1973. Later Billie-Jean King (above) figured out how to beat Riggs but she was a lesbian and 50% bloke anyway.

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) is talking of disqualifying Semenya from all future events and have advised him/her to have immediate surgery to settle the problem once and for all because her condition “carries grave health risks”. They have also not ruled out stripping Semenya of her 800 m world championships gold medal. 

The African National Assembly sports committee in response has lodged a complaint with the United Nations High Commission on Human Rights, accusing the IAAF of racism and sexism.

Ms Caster Semenya is not on her own in posing as a female for fame and fortune, there are many others running and jumping around. She is not female, she is a male... there ya go I’ve just been unlawful again. 

But unless a few others decide to be unlawful, the concept of women’s sport is under threat. I mean Novak Djokovic could call himself Nowaka Djokovic and clean up on the women’s circuit. 

How about boxing, wrestling and swimming... perhaps weight lifting, jumping or fencing? Women’s records don’t compare to men’s and that’s difficult for feminists to swallow. (It always has been for feminists.)

Semenya won the Rio 400 m women’s gold medal today in a canter, and she almost revels in her hermaphroditic status. She is probably a pleasant person who obviously trains very hard, but so too do people who also take drugs in order to win medals.

She has massive shoulders, heavily muscled thighs and a male voice. She has facial hair, tiny tits and pimples for nipples that Bill Shorten would be ashamed of. She is clearly male to any fair-minded sexually racist misogynist like me. But fair dinkum this rubbish has gone far enough.

Sport must reject this sexual neutrality nonsense and adopt sexual profiling before the courts are jammed with litigation.


Nice IE,an oldie but still very good.The sheep was Baahbra.

Same same for the Williams sisters, that's why Serena has made millions beating women on the tennis circuit. They are both neutered blokes. I have never seen a Sheila look like Serena all muscled up like a male weight lifter, have you?

She's a bloke whose testes haven't descended yet.

OT, but only sorta.... I just learned about a couple of blokes in QLD who had put a mobile laundry on the road to help out the Homeless. Now they have extended the idea to mobile shower unit. Their success has spread now to the US. My point is; just how much more do this couple of blokes add to Society, compared with the useless, pampered, unproductive wankers who compete in the O'limp pricks

Is Caster short for casterated???

Caster has hyperandrogenism - an intersex condition characterized by naturally-occurring high levels of testosterone (High-T). Instead of a uterus, she has internal testes that never descended. In most all other ways, she’s a woman, except for this. She didn’t choose it. And Caster doesn’t take steroids (exogenous testosterone). She produces it naturally in her body (endogenous testosterone). Physically, women with high-T can develop with the look of a man - for example, large muscles and a deep voice, both of which Caster has. The issue with Caster is that testosterone can also be a significant positive factor in athletic performance.

After Semenya won the 800m World Championship in 2009, the IAAF (the international track and field federation) and the IOC (International Olympic Committee), created some rules that stipulated female athletes with high-T would have to undergo hormone therapy to reduce their testosterone levels in order to compete as women. Caster was banned from meets for more than a year, abided by the rules, and suffered as a result. But the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), the high court of athletics, struck down the Hyperandrogenism Regulation as discriminatory because of a lawsuit by another female high-T track athlete - Dutee Chand of India. The CAS told the IAAF and the IOC that they had to produce significant, peer-reviewed scientific evidence that naturally-occurring (endogenous) testosterone was really responsible for unfair performance among females. And that hasn’t been done yet.

So Caster will run in this year's Olympics. Her countrymen have begun the hashtag ?#?HandsOffSemenya? but the narrative of her story will probably remain too simplistic if you happen to hear of her again, which you probably will, because she’s favored for gold. Her picture will be shown, her sex questioned, and the typical viewer will say, “Hmmm… she has an advantage. She sure looks like a man.” And you’ll see people get ugly about it. You’ll see brutal social media posts. Many will disparage her as they have in the past. And, as you’ve read here, that’s absolutely unfair. The situation isn't straightforward.

A young elementary student believes math is only addition and subtraction. But mathematics Ph.D's fully understand the wide-ranging complexity of the discipline. So, too, is sex complicated and I never knew it until a couple years ago.

This isn't Caster's fault. She was truly and absolutely born this way. It's 100% genetic. This woman just loves to run and compete. That's it. Caster’s fastest time is still two full seconds off the world record set in 1983. In fact, her best 800 time is only the 12th best ever run by a woman in the 800. We just happen to be in a period of time where the world’s best female 800m runners aren’t putting up historically fast times so she’s excelling in her placing.

Deeper and far more important than sex, Caster is a human being with the same feelings you and I have. Imagine your heart beating inside of Caster’s chest. You’ve done nothing wrong but people scream all kinds of nasty things at you. Jesus and our other spiritual heroes see BEYOND people’s external appearances into their hearts and souls.

As far as sports is concerned, I have no idea the right ruling. The IAAF has proposed limiting the amount of testosterone a competing woman is allowed to have in their body. Most women have an average testosterone volume of 0.69 nmol/L. They’ve proposed a max for women of 10 nmol/L. But here’s what I do know - Caster Semenya is made of dust just like you and me. Very few other athletes at these Games - indeed, very few human beings in history - have ever endured the public scrutiny and undeserved humiliation she has. She must be one of the strongest people on the planet to endure what she has. When you see Caster Semenya this coming week, don’t take the bait of controversy. Keep Caster's humanity first. The quality of her running will be on display in just a few days. And so, too, I fear, the quality of many viewers' humanity. All humans deserve kindness, including Caster Semenya.

.... If I choose to be a sheila, then, thanks to a politically correct lot of a pushy, rabid, Left feminists, it’s unlawful for you to question my choice. And that feminazism is about to destroy the Olympics ....Sorta Right -- but not really. Those who get away with being blokes in sheila suits get away with that because we westerners nowadays effectively emasculate all of the male children and subordinate them to poofters, queers, sheilas and dingbats in "schools" and "colleges" and "universities" where they are indoctrinated in the celebration of mental illness, derangement and delusion. And the Olympic Games were long long long ago rooted by the corrupt bloody Europeons that run them. -- Dick'd!

awwww ...

This political correctness will mark the end of women's sport.

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it's a duck. And the same applies to Caster Semenya. Fortunately, Sebastian Coe is taking up this issue to reverse the nonsense decision that allowed Semenya to run against women in the first place.

Simple solution. Ban all gender specific sports. Then everyone should be happy!!

Slim Mahiraja on Current Affair . Prefer Slim Dadusty myself .

James Delingpole's latest Spectator column:

It's a sad fact of contemporary life that some laws all but compel us to pretend that things are as they obviously are not. Here in Parkes (NSW) we have the ongoing struggle between persons posing as aborigines, those who go along with the pose and those, now the majority, who see the charade for what it is. The absurdity reached such proportions that a "safe" medical facility was opened here for "aboriginal" people by, amongst others, federal minister Sussan Ley. Given that we are mostly level headed types, the place is seen for what it is by most shire residents. But that illustrates the point that so often these days that which is false is made out to be true.

gee, i though it already was!!!

Thought I had better check the Emily's List website to make sure this fine runner is not a member - still don't know - the last news entry for the site is back in 2014 - it all died with polka dot Joan Kirner - dead and well and truly buried

Sounds a bit fishy to me and smells the same - why would she/he have a name with the first six letters "semen" - we need to get a ruling from Emily's List - and that ruling will of course pend on whether he/she is left leaning and a lesbian

Your usual magic I.E. Cheers mate ..

Sydney Morning Herald Faces Uncertain Print Future in Australia - says The New York Times. Business&pgtype=article

While I don't like to see a good part of once excellent Australian media disappear, but I just cannot shed tears for the hopeless bed wetters who would lose their cushy jobs if SMH/The Age wouldn't get printed anymore.

Unfortunately, it wouldn't put a dent on Hywood and the other schmucks' wallets.

Australia was fourth on the medial tally at the Sydney Olympics. in terms of Gold AND total numbers..trailing US, Russia and China .16 years later with unlimited immigration, govt sponsored sharia law, and masses of islamic jihadi refugees, exploding abo welfare and fraud and billions of dollars later..I dont think we even made the top 10 in Rio...