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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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... while the climate continues to cool

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Clive showed clearly this morning that he doesn’t have a handle on Parliamentary procedure, he has no concept of Standing Orders, has never read the Constitution and has very little hope of tethering his Pups to their kennels. 

How he made a quid in business is also a mystery. In fact the only thing Clive appears good at is either losing or stealing money.

This is what happened that led to this morning’s farce: 

Last night Clive sat up in bed with four Big Macs and two litres of Coke perusing the many amendments he had made to the Carbon Tax Repeal Bill, all of which the Government had already agreed to.

Just as he was quaffing down the third Big Mac, he thought of another ripper idea... instead of making the penalty for not passing on the Carbon Tax savings $1.3 million, he could make it a percentage fine, an amount of 250%, or two and a half times what companies’ were alleged to be defrauding consumers of. 

Clive finished the fourth Big Mac, burped, farted and went to sleep.

When Clive’s new amendment hit the Senate this morning the Clerks choked on their Weet Bix at this new “percentage” bit. It constituted an appropriations amendment. And anything that even smells of an appropriation cannot be generated from the Senate. So they refused to circularise it. It was dead.

The Coalition immediately went into damage control and told Clive they would agree to this new “percentage” stuff, but it was all too late. 

Clive's new amendment had to be generated from the Lower House and the Reps won’t sit until next week. Oh dear, what a balls up. 

Clive immediately went into Clive mode claiming the Government had, “pulled a swifty”. Of course the Government hadn’t pulled any bloody thing, it was Clive doing all the pulling and it wasn’t just swifties. 

He clearly hadn’t realised what he’d done. Nor did the Press (well, you can understand the Press gallery not understanding anything). 

Incredibly it took Ricky Muir and Glenn Lazarus to explain to Clive what had happened.

Clive then faced the cameras and tried to bluster his way through the mess he had just created by blaming the Government.

Clive’s proposed amendment (which only applies to “energy” based companies) is a total nonsense and the Government readily agreed to it, knowing it to be a nonsense, unquantifiable and unenforceable.

The Government’s claim of $550 per annum savings to each household after the tax is repealed is also a nonsense. It’s just an arbitrary figure they had to have, and it’s equally unquantifiable. 

Prices rise and fall in a competitive environment due to supply and demand. The carbon tax was an impost on everything and prices will drop, but by how much is anyone’s guess and it would be impossible to determine how much of any price fall could be attributed to there being no carbon tax.

The ACCC would never consider imposing fines on companies where a carbon tax component cannot be quantified. It would be a litigation nightmare and a lawyers’ picnic! 

The world will have moved on from Gillard’s carbon tax and all sorts of things will have contributed to price rises and falls in the interim.

Mining companies are at the mercy of exchange rates, variations in indented orders, world prices, variable costs of extraction per tonne, union demands and tax deductions for transportation and exploration costs and an array of other stuff. 

Airlines have recently been in a fight to the death over pricing. When they call a halt to the price war, what percentage of an ensuing price rise is it that cannot be blamed on a defunct carbon tax? 

When another price war forces prices down what component of that will be due to healthy competition and what component to a non-existent carbon tax? 

Clive’s amendment has no time limit! So, in ten years’ time, will a food company intending to raise its price on marmalade need to keep one eye on a non-existent carbon price and another eye on the market price of oranges?

The whole concept is bloody ridiculous! But not too ridiculous for Clive to entertain.

So, the main question that arose out of today’s debacle is how the hell did this galah they call Clive ever make a quid anyway?

Perhaps it was someone else’s quid, now that would explain it. 

(cartoon is reposted from this year’s calendar)


How many people who have served in any public services haven't tried to claim any sort of compo for anything they have been injured for in their duties ? You would be very surprised how many of the Officer class claimed injury pension even though they served behind a desk their entire service lives .

How many people who have served in any public services haven't tried to claim any sort of compo for anything they have been injured for in their duties ? You would be very surprised how many of the Officer class claimed injury pension even though they served behind a desk their entire service lives .

Clive is in a muddle. Wealth has inflated his sense of power and his frame. He can no longer see, let alone differentiate between his testicles and his haemorrhoids. Just a tangled mess...

Davenport 0 seconds from now
Hadley's Craven envy of Smith enraged him. Obviously Hadley didn't want Smith to gain even more kudos and traction, at Hadley's expense at his beloved 2gb. Verbose Hadley, shuddered at the thought Smith would garner more fans from Hadley audience. That's why Hadley couldn't wait to neutralise Smith by summarily sacking him a couple of weeks ago. That tactical move initiated by Hadley has effectively more or less Wrecked Smith golden opportunity to strut his stuff of the wider community once more. In short Hadley has made clear non of the minion broadcaster at 2gb are to afford Smith any oxygen or acknowledgment whatsoever. Hadley wants Smith to remain once and for all, a persona non grata. FinitO.

Many service personal I know are on the piss so what is your problem with Lambie hitting the sauce ? Military police do not employ idiots fool !

Big fat Clive in on sky be grilled by the media. what a lying turd.

Hewson is your typical loser how gets on the ABC SKY and any other media outlet to churn out his rubbish as a so call economest

Clive's Pups, Jackie reckons, "if your wanna get in da kennel wiff da pups, be prepared to be spat out!" Toilet training your puppy should be quite a simple process, as long as you take the time and trouble to get into a good routine.

Initially, you will have to build your routine around your puppy's needs, and these are reliably predictable when they are very young. Puppies need to urinate immediately after waking up, so you need to be there to take your puppy straight into the garden without any delay.

Eating its meal stimulates its digestive system, and puppies normally urinate within fifteen minutes of eating, and defecate within half an hour of eating (although this might vary slightly with each individual).

Puppies have very poor bladder control, and piss over the electorate.

Well the swiss people voted against allowing minarets to be built in their country and stopped the terrorist dead in their tracks. All the violence spilled into France and England. I say the Swiss and moreover the Jap's are the smart ones. We lose and will have to fight for our freedom perhaps later, perhaps the EU has passed the tipping point and have lost but just don't know it yet. We have outfits like 2gb and Hadley denying the horrid facts and throwing messengers like Michael Smith under a bus to hide the truth. Shame Hadley and 2GB. Lest we forget those that sacrificed the ultimate, I'm afraid we are good custodians of the land our diggers died to protect from tyranny. Shame on us.

The PM is playing a waiting game. Wait for the union RC to report with Labor in disarray he can call the DD & concentrate his fire on the Greens/PUP & micro parties

Now it's" Mr Palmer and his 5 stooges."

When we were kids it was "Mrs Palmer and her 5 daughters"

yes larry this person should be removed

20 hours ago

You BR you prick are a fucking menace (I usually don't swear) and to think I did over 25 years in the services for this country and have to put up with a foreigner like you you prick. Tooooooooooooomo you are of the same ilk. Fuck off.

Senior Ed
1 day ago

Bruce Senile Rugby. Good old Bruce so demented he can't remember his name is Whiteside. So unliked on his own websites in the past that he had infest PP with his anti Hanson, anti Abbott rants. Same Bruce Senile Rugby who fled NZ, tells Australians what they should do with their own country but when criticised reverts in defence of his NZ origins. Poor old Bruce but at least every day that someone shows him where the computer is, logs it on for him, and leaves a post it note with 'Bruce' on it he comes to PP and meets new friends. Don't worry I know from the dementia patient I cared for that eventually you will revert, just before you hit childhood, to when Pauline didn't want you to speak for her.

20 hours ago

Tooooooooooooooooooooooooomo and I'll keep on backing Senior Ed and the intelectual DJT. I think I know who have the better qualities as a man and it sure isn't your hero.


PP if you are going to have posters on this site such as Rugby or Tomo that make light of Alzheimers then I for one am giving it a miss. I think it is outrageous that this be allowed to go on any longer his whole being and vitriol is about the disease. So Larry if you are allowing it to go on then I would just have to leave the site and I hope a lot of other posters will do the same. Thankyou.

Are we forgetting Prune Face and her off sider, Sarah fatty boom sticks.

Bruce Rugby
6 hours ago

Next week I shall start, day by day reprinting the 30 odd Chapters of Destiny Aborted. This will be done to quench the insatiable appetite of Senile Edition and Baz. They thirst for intellectual stimulation, via their sycophantic following, so I'll give it to them. The story is sponsored by Alzheimer's of whom BRW (myself) is a long standing participant. No longer available for book interviews as he no longer recognises anyone.

yep anything i can do to help yell out

those not interested can just pass by no problem (-: