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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Self Harm Part Of Islam’s Battle Plan For 1400 Years

Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


It’s nice to have a couple of days away from the news but flicking through this morning and what do we find?

Jakarta Post:

“Muslims massacre innocents in terror attack!”

Burkina Faso Telegraph:

Muslims massacre innocents in hotel carnage!

Cologne Zeitung:

“Muslims carry out mass rape of innocent young girls!”

Sydney Daily Telegraph:

“Muslims plan mass murder of innocents at Sydney Opera House!”

Melbourne Herald Sun:

“Muslims plan mass murder of innocents at MCG!”

Melbourne Age:

“Muslims self-harming in detention. Government must do something” say Greens leaders.”

It isn’t that often these days that I find myself agreeing with the Greens, which is strange really.

I care about the environment and believe in looking after it as best we ever can. The Greens cared about the environment too, right up to the point where they got elected into Parliament. Then, it was all about gay marriage and anti-Americanism.

That was under Bob Brown who was a relative moderate.

Nowadays it is all about opening the borders and refugee advocacy. What that has to do with the environment I’m not sure.

I do agree with them however that Muslim self-harm is an issue and the Government needs to act.

Like the Greens, I also think that the Government should be getting these people out of detention centres.

What to do with them however, is where Sarah Hanson-Young and I will have to agree to differ. She wants to give them all Australian citizenship and secure them a taxpayer funded lifestyle as soon as possible.

The problem I see with that approach, is that it still doesn’t address the self-harm issue. This problem has been a part of Islam for a very long time.

It began in fact, during the first battle the Muslims ever fought.

This battle became known as The Battle of Badr and is very famous in the Islamic world. Reading about this in the Islamic holy books we find the root of the problem right there:

Shortly after the fighting started Mohammed addressed his army. “By Allah, every man who is slain this day by fighting with courage and advancing, not retreating will enter Paradise.” One of his men who had been eating dates said, “You mean there is nothing between me and Paradise except being killed by the Quraysh?” He flung the dates to the side, picked up his sword, and set out to fight. He got his wish and was later killed.

One of Mohammed’s men asked what made Allah laugh. Mohammed answered, “When a warrior plunges into the midst of the enemy without armour.” The man removed his coat of mail, picked up his sword, and made ready to attack [and he was killed].

Psychologists today would consider this sort of behaviour to be destructive and anti-social.

Mohammed, and his God Allah however, considered it to be the perfect way to live (and die).

Modern psychologists are not focussed on conquering their neighbours and raping their wives however, which would perhaps explain the difference in opinion.

Sadly, Islamic doctrine has not changed from that day to this. If I am right, it never will.

For this reason, Muslims who follow their religion will always be under pressure to engage in this kind of self-harm.

Unfortunately, it is not just themselves who they intend to harm. The real target is anyone who stands in the way of Islam and its plan to dominate the entire planet.

Muslims themselves are simply collateral damage in this eternal war of conquest.

The job of the Australian Government is to protect Australians from people with hostile intentions.

People with a culture of violent conquest should never be granted the right of entry. The Greens and other cheerleaders of Islam are being grossly negligent in their duty.

They have been elected by people who expect them to champion the environment.

Instead of looking after the concerns of their supporters, they have pursued a radical left wing agenda. Worse, they have staked their future on the good behaviour of Muslims.

As the Jihad intensifies, this is likely to blow up in their faces, literally.

I for one, will be glad to see the back of them.



CC..sadly the politicisation of the Pubic Service started many years ago with the EEO BS and the cultural destruction of Aussie frank and fearless attitudes.combuiined with mass immigraiton and free jobs for foreigners..this was replaced by various polices, like Whites are bad , gays are good, muslims are excellent etc, and then recruitment on the basis of anything but merit. The entire system has been corrupted with bipartisan sponsorship.Anyone who objects is given a free ticket to walk. It's now just part of the social engineering agenda being funded by evil forces worldwide, including people like the Soros Foundation, who has tax free NGO status in Australia...the corruption has effectively turned our govts into mafia whores can bet he would only make this sort of statement with Turd and the Libs approval..that is how insane the Libs have become....they are making Gough Whitlam look more Conservative than Menzies

Did someone mention False Flag?

Muslims plan to control is working!
Taking a leaf out of the Fabian Society's Book, Muslims are using the Welfare Systems of the UK and other countries, including Australia, to produce children by mass and be paid for it, then take over .. schools, councils, Government, by sheer weight of numbers.
Its pretty simple really.

Every Muslim man claims several “wives” under his Islamic (Religion). Over 10 years 3 wives can give him 30 children on welfare...The ONLY way Britain can survive this is to enforce the one wife Law, limit the amount of Welfare each family can obtain, and Outlaw Shariah Law.

The Parliaments across the world need to act on this now before their voting power is lost.

What an irresponsible,lazy and uncaring woman

Personally I would deal with them the Argentinian way. I am forced to say this as I gather that using them as pig feed tends to upset some bleeding heart types, not to mention said future victuals . However I would modify the Argie way a little. In a c130 I would place on of those trash compactors just behind the pilots, then pack them in and fly over a nice shark infested area of the Pacific, open the rear door, and use the compactor to push them out as 20,000 feet. That should solve two problems immediately: 1 the above one and 2 the depletion of sharks from overfishing. I wont apologize for offending as that is the whole point of this post.the moderate muslim is an extinct species. If he works out what it is about he will apostatize.
If he tells anyone he will be forced to flee of will be killed. If he says nothing he will never do
or say anything to make THEM suspicious and thus will subsidize, shelter and in the end
support the jihadists. Thus they are useless or nonexistent in practice

Yeah, her role in the death of her son is totally glossed over. Also the family of her husband claim he was a perfectly normal and happy man prior to marrying her!! I am almost ready to agree with Msrk Latham on the subject of Batty.

And is Chuckles of Wales a safe bet
The satirists think so.

HH, we are in 100% agreement that Australia wobbles along with Betty of Buck House never interfering, That's makes her irrelevant, obsolete and redundant.

Magic nuggets. Amazing.

interesting....and Kidman died of heart failure

Just a bit more on F. It is untraceable after being metabolised.

rin and stoney..well there you go...and rin that anna link is interesting..I've read a bit of this pdf, looking at the Vatican's role in worldwide enslavement of people...the Fed reserve and the IMF...touches on what you have been saying...and is mindboggling..

There are non so blind as those who will not see. Lever there are over a thousand different sources for both, I share your amusement, but for an entirely different reason
Long live the King.

Sodium Fluoroacetate [1080] would do the job.

Econews and the Guardian, I have pissed myself laughing. I would not wipe my arse with printed copy of those.

King Charles will have your head Lever, and I'll remind you it is what you wished for, Life can be hilarious.

BillyB No chance. When these shitburgers changed it from Global warming to climate change they lost credibility. Then no warming for 17 years. Tampering with data. UN excuse to raise money for wealth redistribution. Come on! If it looks like shit, smells like shit, feels like shit, it's usually shit.

I can not wait for King Charles to lecture you lot on Global Warming, warms the cockles of my heart.