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Friday, 19th October 2018

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SELF HARM?'s just another cultural thing

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


We are repulsed by it, but Muslims have no problem celebrating self harm. A primitive ritual, “Ashura”, is celebrated mostly by Shia Muslims to commemorate the martyrdom of Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, in 680 AD. 

Martyrdom is extremely significant to Muslims and the killing of Hussein was the catalyst that split the Shia and Sunni sects.

Shia was originally a political faction (the "Party of Ali") that supported Ali, son-in-law of the Prophet Mohammed.

A violent separation of Sunnis and Shias occurred when Imam Ali did not succeed as the leader of Islam after the death of the Prophet. 

But Ali's son, Hussein, refused to accept this and it led to Hussein and his followers being massacred by Sunnis. The deaths of both Ali and Hussein gave rise to the cult of “martyrdom”. 

In Iraq, today’s minority Shia Government of al-Maliki replaced the Sunni tyrant, Saddam Hussein, courtesy of the US, and is the driving force behind the current slaughter in what may now become the world’s first terrorist State.

Shias comprise only about 15 per cent of all Muslims yet Barack Obama thought a violent 1500 year history of Muslims killing Muslims could be healed with one “democratic” election.

So self-harm events on Christmas Island should be no surprise. It’s a cultural thing linked to this martyrdom stuff that assures heavenly rewards in the afterlife. 

In a barbaric ritual where infants are inflicted with head wounds by their parents in celebration of the massacre of Shias that the Sunni-sympathetic ISIS killers are still carrying out right now. Work that one out if you can. 

Scott Morrison’s efforts to repair the damage of illegal Islamic immigration is being undermined by the very same people who promoted it. 

Muslims who applied for off-shore positions as interpreters are now being paid by the Government to undermine the Government.

They are coaching detainees in self harm and how best it can achieve a chance of being transferred to Australia’s mainland.

But it’s no good harming yourself if it doesn’t reach the media. Enter the ABC and it’s publishing arm ‘The Guardian On-line’ and Fairfax who are in constant contact with interpreters and English speaking detainees. 

The trouble is that the self-harm stories are embellished, if not entirely concocted, leaving the Left media with egg on their faces.

It seems incredible that a newly elected government of any colour can be treacherously and proactively subverted in carrying out its election undertakings by a recalcitrant section of the media.

It seems downright appalling that a section of that media is a publicly funded Government broadcaster. 

...and it’s inconceivable that this sort of traitorous behaviour would be tolerated in any other modern democracy.



The blame is with the government. They have refused to move against the ABC. Turnbull should be forced (by threat of removal from the front bench) to sack the entire ABC board and the CEO. And he has the grounds to do it. The ABC's undefendable left wing bias is a clear breach of its charter, and there is continual damage to the government's re-election chances every day that action is delayed.

I appear to have No choice now in radio station !!! I argue both are soft spineless and moreover hide the truth. It seems to me thei is a growing Islam problem. The media and in particular 2GB doing 180 degree turnabout are into the old game of SHOOT THE PERSON WITH THE-BITTER-TRUTH TO TELL THE PUBLIC. Looked to many of us Hadley and 2gb mays as well thrown Michael Smith under a bus. Shame on them. If that's how they treat a person answering a question with the honest truth, then they are trash as far as I'm concerned and a big disappointment. I hope Allen Jones sorts this out on his return otherwise 2gb will have a big problem with their base. Let see what transpires in a few weeks when jones returns, as if he ignores the elephant in the room it will crush them.

Trumby, looks like you are having a dizzy spell. I saw the full program. I also saw & heard Sarah ask him to explain questions on cheques for payment to the advertising Company for election advertising. To me it seemed a very important & reasonable question to ask Palmer as the money is supposed to belong to Citic Pacific for the cost of port facilities in WA & not for his personal use. I saw Palmer spit the dummy at the question & storm out. If he has nothing to hide why would he do that & not answer the question? Like others I also thought that Sarah was on the side of the left but after that I am beginning to wonder. She may very well be a very good journalist trying to get a very important question answered instead of the waffle & bullshit Bill Shorten & Labor members are a master at avoiding. Maybe there is a shift at the ABC. Even Sarah’s husband, Tony Jones, who Palmer loves, seems to be easing up on the Coalition. Even Fran Kelly, obviously left wing, on Insiders asked Shorten “how would he fix Australia’s massive unsustainable debt”. A perfectly legitimate question which Shorten failed to answer. He didn’t like that question. God help us if he ever became PM.

North Korea has an excellent state media arm that the ABC could use as a model for their news reporting.
Oh wait - they already do.

CY2 I take it you did not see the interview with Sarah on the ABC but instead have been reading the papers who are as informed of you seeing I watched the interview and I wouldn't be surprised if Sarah wasn't cited for her interview style that led Palmer to excuse himself politely as he terminated the interview and removed his ear plug and left the room to have words with ABC staff who it seems aren't too keen on explaining what was said and you might wonder why ?

Time has come to seriously think of a final solution to the Muslim problem.

What's that a Qld National Party plant to disrupt the Liberals ?

The tide is turning for Clive the circus clown, the media are beginning to ask him serious questions and exposing him for what he is.

fellow Posters – fellow Australian's

Don't just have a whinge here to see your name on Larrys website. If you are genuinely concerned and have the skills, which by your posts you demonstrate you obviously have –
I would entreat you to email :-

* your local member
* the relevant Minister
* the Prime Minister

It costs no more than your post here on this site, and all the email addresses are freely available via Google.

Use your right to advise your representatives in your Parliament what your attitude is and repeat your views expressed here.

Stop whinging, get positive.

CY2: If someone spoke to you as Sarah did to Palmer what would you do ?

Cutting the body with knives is prohibited by Shia Maraji and certainly Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran has been very vocal on the subject. That said, some idiots still do it but most just use blood from other sources. Bit like Christians nailing themselves to the cross and flogging themselves.

Palmers hatred of & determination to damage Campbell Newman as much as possible is his main agenda. Like all bullies because Campbell Newman stood up to him & give him what he wanted he's going to trash his Country with the help of 3 puppets. Nice bloke eh? Will he back down & cower when Tony Abbott comes out swinging or will he spit the dummy like he did with Sarah on the 7.30 Report.

Anyone else noticed the similarities between mulims and Daleks. For Muhammad read Davros the followers then invade & exterminate all those who disagree. The only difference is that Davros was not a paedophile.

ABC, Fauxfacts and Guardian are all Soviet style Marxist Woking collectives undermining Australia. Traitors. The best thing we can do is don't consume them and they will go bust...sooner the better.

Jo Blow's dog Spot is going to join the PUPs. Jo's gonna be his political advisor.

Alleged comedian Charlie Pickering on Q&A tomorrow . . . whoopee! They couldn't get a real comedian - he's off skiing on NZ.

Typical us eh! Frightened of anyone who might call us all racists and be seen on the world stage as that. Stuff them all it's time to worry about AUSTRALIA and not what the rest of the world might think!

A small boy was stabbed to death right here in Australia this week by his father! Everytime I see this pic on PP I think about the child (SA I think.)

If I ever witnessed this barbaric act on a child in Australia I would shove that dagger up the father's arse and be prepared to take the consequences.

These people are sub-human and should never be settled in Oz.

Looks like the only people with any real guts were Cronulla surfies circa 2005