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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Indonesia does not discriminate... Labor or the Coalition are still hated as Australian rats who should show respect, or at least a tolerance, for Joko Widodo’s corrupt Administration and its slaughterers’ right to kill cattle according to the cruel practice of halal.

This is not about Gillard’s cessation of live exports in response to ABC footage. It is not even about phone tapping the palace or slashing their aid.

Forget what Joyce, Bishop and Abbott are telling you because they are telling fibs. They know exactly what it’s about but they can never say. You see it’s about stopping the boats and what Scott Morrison did to ensure they stayed stopped!

The background to why the Indonesian Administration hates us with such a passion is that we have put them up in lights as a third-world corrupt nation that was taken for a ride to every other South-East Asian nation.

It has been devastating for Widodo and his support base.

To qualify as a third-world nation you need to have cultivated a strong military but you must risk the military coups common to corrupt Administrations.

You must also be missing a middle-income economy that drives growth apart from the profitable State-owned oil, mining and infrastructure facilities.

Without a middle-class economy you are left with the very rich and the very poor who are without an economic conduit to progress to higher earnings. As a result there is rampant corruption at the highest levels and it’s no different to any other third-world country, because that’s the way all third-world countries want it.

Powerful militaries and unsuppressed masses are a dangerous mix to corrupt governments, even "democratically" elected governments.

Morrison broke an unwritten third-world law... he dealt directly with the powerful military and bypassed the Administration when he paid millions to have the boats stopped.

To rub salt in the Administration’s wound, foreign aid was reduced by many millions more than the lousy few million the military received and the cost of retaining thousands more “refugees” stuck in transit in Indonesia was substantial and those costs belonged entirely to the Administration.

Any wonder Widodo is on a retaliatory mission. He needs revenge and he cannot take on the might of the corrupt military without risking a coup, so his sights have always been set on Australia.

Labor still don’t know how the boats were stopped. They swore it couldn’t be done, the Indonesian Administration also swore they would not accept tow-backs, 

...yet overnight boats were being towed back to Java without a whimper of protest.

Labor was, and still is, dumbfounded, but it was a simple case of economics for Morrison. If the boats had continued at the same rate, Australia would have been up for $7 billion per annum, now it’s a case of a paltry few million deducted from the aid budget. Australia still pays cash for what it wants regarding boats.

Makes sense eh?

Well it makes sense all right, that is unless you want to successfully negotiate to stay the execution of the Bali two. Or unless you are smart enough to plan for Indonesia retaliating in kind over live cattle imports.

And don’t think it’s finished yet... Widodo is a small man with a long memory and he has the loyal support of the masses when it comes to redressing Australia’s perceived sins.

And don’t think for a moment that an 80 per cent reduction in imported Australian live cattle will hurt Indonesia. Widodo will have had contingency plans in place for more than two years.

Only Australia is the victim in this Indonesian play. It was always coming, but to have forecast this move Bishop, Joyce, Abbott and Morrison would have needed to understand the Indonesian psyche and just how important “loss of face” really is to an Asian.

They clearly didn’t understand that... and they should have! The signs were already there with the curiously futile diplomatic efforts regarding the Bali two and Widodo’s refusal to even take Abbott’s phone calls.

If you want to play in the Asian games, best bring your own ball.


Indonesia always hated us, and we give them $650 million a year in foreign Aid so they can buy our cattle ,what a ''Bargain'' ! or is it just the Dane geld to pay them off each year for not invading us ?

BAN All Live Exports to INDONESIA.

A message to all those treasonist Australians who attempted to go to Bali this last two weeks. I am so glad your flights were cancelled., best thing ever. You should be ashamed of your selves for sponsoring these muslim grubs who killed over 80 Aussies 10 years ago. Personally I hope the whole bloody island goes under in the next tsunami.

Now perhaps we can have a game of tit for tat and stop giving these pumped up little self opinionated germs more money in foreign aid?

Alister McAlpine the man who saved old Broome and was involved in the construciton industry here in WA for decades wrote in his excellent memoirs "WA where corruption has been honed to an art form"........have to agree with that..from personal knowledge and experience.

Bruce....same here in WA.....corruption at highest levels..I myself was the recipient of information back in the late 60 or early 70s from a friend at the time who was having an affair with a notorious entrepreneur....his pillow talk with her she relayed to me.I watched facinated as WA Inc. unfolded and all manner of org crime and corruption shennanigans went on. I am under stalking bullying and harrasement to this very day and one wonders who and why ? One has to be very very careul and very circumspect as so many horrors corruption etc are being swept under the carpet.

Thank you Judy for that information. I remember the disappearance of Donald McKay well as though it was yesterday and the shock horror of Australians around the country and the knock to the national confidence which was huge. I do hope the McKay family is well and treasured by their community and indeed the entire country. "Evil prospers when good men do nothing" however some good men lose their lives when they do act against pure evil. Lest we forget..

Winston Not being a local resident I don't know about Griffith having its own flag or coat of arms nor if there is an Australian flag nearby, there is a Fairey Firefly just across the road from it. If you google Donald MacKay statue you will find some good photos there.

Damn, I wont get to see Bull Shitton go to jail.

Ban live exports and put all sheep/cattle (or any other animal) through Australian abattoirs. Egypt bought chilled/frozen meat after a live ban some years ago.

Indignant Elder:: NO, there will be nothing to spend after the unions and financial advisors have taken their cut.

Johhny Depp's wife is being prosecuted for bringing in Boo and Pistol because they might have introduced rabies. How come they let Obama in at about the same time?

Good point Tman

Yes Haddenuff I have heard this, but the prophets of doom have been advocating this for hundreds of years, thousands even - its all just one day at a time hey

Time to wake up Haddy!
Use “ your eyes”
Under a Masonic moon.
Freemasons and The Moon as filmed by Kubrick
Check the flag.
Check the coin

America's Astronauts" Masonic First Day Covers

Im predicting you will stay asleep and Im no psychic.

The trip that Bronwyn Bishop took down to Geelong and back was before the last election in 2013. It was pre-approved by Labor! But now, 2 years after the event, someone on the left side of politics needs to create a diversion. Hmm, wonder why that would be? Well there's a Royal Commission into unions corruption, specifically the CFMEU - going on in Canberra for the next few weeks - already unearthed this week is evidence of blackmail, extortion, restraint of trade, collusion etc, etc See what's going on here?

Former World Bank Senior Attorney, Karen Hudes weighs in on the GrExit no-go. She says, "This whole business about Greece owing the money Is a scam!"
She says all of the people, in all of the countries need to stand up and call this scam for what it is - and the truth is, that the paper money always fails - she says that we need to cut these bankster "creeps out of our pockets!"
Video: (31 minutes)
Karen Hudes: "The Greeks Have Been Scammed!"
This move into commodities by the big Rockefeller and Bush banks comes as the Khazarian banking system faces unprecedented attack. Goldman Sachs, for example, has been exposed as a criminal organization by the Greek Debt Truth Commission.
This group has shown that Goldman Sachs and other banks fraudulently inflated Greek government debt numbers by doing such things as creating fake losses by hospitals. The fraudulent Greek debt is now being used as a tool to loot real Greek assets like islands, ports, utilities etc. According to British MI5 intelligence, former Goldman Sachs employee and now European Central Bank Governor Mario Draghi was the mastermind behind this Greek looting plan. We can thus understand why former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis would publicly refer to Goldman Sachs as a life-sucking vampire. Yanis Varoufakis on Rothschild’s Goldman Sachs.
The situation has become such that even if the entire Greek parliament and their families are threatened with death by the Khazarians, the latest opinion polls show close to 80% of the Greek people will not accept any failure by the Greek parliament to respect their No vote to the EU gangsters.

So very true IE love it

Using the Geelong bypass would add a bit of distance.