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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Sea Levels are Never Still

Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Sea levels have been rising and falling without any help from humans for as long as Earth’s oceans have existed.

The fastest and most alarming sea changes to affect mankind occurred at the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age. Seas rose about 130m about 12,000 years ago, at times rising at five metres per century. Sea levels then fell as ice sheet and glaciers grew in the recent Little Ice Age – some Roman ports used during the Roman Warm Era are now far from the sea even though sea levels have recovered somewhat during the Modern Warm Era.

Many natural factors cause sea levels to rise - melting of land-based glaciers and ice sheets; warming and expansion in volume of the oceans; extraction of groundwater which ends up in the oceans; and sediments, sewerage, plant debris and volcanic ash washed into the oceans by rivers, storms and glaciers. In addition, tectonic forces cause some blocks of land to rise while others fall, hence the paradox of sea levels appearing to rise on one coastline while falling on another.

Currently the world’s oceans are rising at about 1mm per year, which has not changed much with the great industrialisation since 1945. Amongst all the factors moving the restless sea, man’s production of carbon dioxide is obviously an insignificant player.

Sea levels are always changing, at times very destructively. Waves move sea levels by a few metres and at places like Derby, WA, king tides can move sea levels by eleven metres. Then there are rogue waves up to 30 metres high which have sunk oil tankers, and tsunamis which can smash coastlines with a ten metre wall of water moving at over 800 km per hour.

Despite coping with all of the above, climate alarmists say we should be scared to death by the threat of seas rising gently at 1mm PER YEAR. Even a slow-moving sloth could escape water rising at that rate.

King Canute showed his nobles that no man can hold back the rising sea.

It’s time the climate alarmists learned Canute’s lesson and focussed on real world problems.

Even if we ceased using all carbon fuels for electricity and transport, no one could measure the effect of that huge sacrifice on global sea levels.


No, it is the Labor Party trying to tow the boat out of the mud with a 4WD (or should I say spend our way to surplus)

Does anybody at all on this planet recognise at all the terrain in which we live? Sydney is guttered with rivers, ravines and creeks for example. These deep cuts and plains were forged over the millennia by water was it not. So what do you expect? Of course those waterways are going to come alive at times. Even the Uni students of Sydney have found animals etc. well above the water line that should live under water. So it says that water was higher at some stage. All the focus is on prescious Real Estate.

Viv just looking at the current temps it is currently 8.3 deg in Canberra and 31.2 deg in Darwin 22.9 deg difference now that's climate-change

The breach btw was confirmed by NASA and not the tinfoil hat brigade in case you're wondering. ..

Global warming: Does anybody remember the collapse/breach of earth's magnetic shield in 2008? The breach was four times the size bof earth. Would this have an effect on the earth's climate? Would 2000 nuclear tests over the last decades have any impact?

High and dry' Labor left left us High 'n' Dry?

That's really interesting DJT. My family love the area of Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach. So much history that we do not know about. I visited Big Woody Island Recently and found the grave of a 19yr old young lady dating back to the 1800's. Unfortunately one of the Lighthouses is in sad disrepair on the Island. Seems others have gone before us and are lost to history. Thanks for that interesting item.

Labor run us aground!!!!!!!!!!

Climate alarmists are thick. 95% of the greenhouse heat effect (GHE) is due to water vapour. The remaining 5% of GHE is due to greenhouse trace gases, of which CO2 represents 72% of the 5%. In other words 3.6% (5% x 72%) of the GHE is due to CO2. The IPCC asserts that only 3% of CO2 entering the atmosphere each year is from human activity, the rest being from natural sources. Well then... this means human activity CO2 is only responsible for about 0.11 of 1% (3.6% x 3%) of the GHE. How the bloody hell can 1/10th of 1% of the GHE caused by humans be a problem? It isn't. The IPCC of course doesn't want anyone to work out the above calculation. That's why its Summary for Policymakers deliberately excludes the two vital percentages... 95% water vapour and 3% CO2 human contribution.

Thank you Viv for another of your always edifying articles.

The greenies have it arse about, as usual. Carbon dioxide variations do not cause global warming or cooling. The oceans are the repository of most of the CO2 on the planet ( the atmosphere only has .038% approx) , so when the planet warms up for example, the oceans release CO2 and vice versa. This old world does it all the time apparently with about an eight hundred year time delay between the event and the result.

For the greenies SOLAR POWERED NUCLEAR BOMBS! Seems logical?

Worth a Captain Cook:

How many cities have now been discovered on the floor of the Mediterranean. They certainly didn't build them under water.

there are fossils of land based creatures at the bottom of the ocean and there are fossils of sea based creatures on mountains.......need anymore be said?

Interesting article and interesting comments - we learn every day reading LP's site.

While we argue with the Greenies about the science, they continue to pick our pockets with the carbon tax. They KNOW what they say is BS, but it does distract us from the thief that is going on under our nose.

Some of the Chinese ships were 600 feet long. Huge barges that had to go with the direction of the wind and the currents.

Viv. Read "1421 The year China discovered the World". An amazing account of Chinas 700 ship fleet that discovered the world (including Australia). By one Gavin Manzies, ex Brit submarine Captain and amazing researcher. His research proves tides/water levels were approx. 6 ffeet/2m higher 600 years ago and they have clearly since decreased. It is an amazing book and I had no idea there was Chinese DNA in some aborigines in WA and that American Indians had villages that spoke Chinese and have the DNA as well.

Actually the show that was run on the ABC I believe titled the journey of man.Tracing the development and distribution of modern man, stated that when primitive man started his migration out of Africa he was able to cross from North Africa into Arabia by walking the sea levels at that time in history being very low....They walked across from Ethiopia to Yemen at the gulf of Eden.
Considering that as undisputed fact.....and considering the current sea much further do these dopey morons thing the sea levels will rise....they actually have.