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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The arcane Scotty Morrison is slowly firming to replace Tony Abbott but he doesn’t really want the poison chalice of a recalcitrant Senate right now and is keeping his powder dry. But he may be drafted (forced) into a depleted field of contenders.

Morrison has the religious qualifications to be a Lib Party pick, not Catholic, but still respectably religious within the Pentecostal flock after a fling with the Uniting Church. He’s definitely a good boy with no skeletons in the cupboard like having punched a wall 35 years ago or anything like that, so he will throw an immaculate hat in the ring when the time comes.

He is currently active within the more athletically inclined “Shirelive” congregation (pictured).

Pentecostals are an odd bunch. They even believe in the Old Testament and stuff but foremost in their Statement of Faith are instructions handed down from the book of Leviticus:

• Lev. 18:6-18, don't uncover the nakedness of various relatives.
• Lev. 18:19, don't have sexual relations with woman on her period
• Lev. 18:20, don't have intercourse with your neighbour's wife
• Lev. 18:21, don't sacrifice children to idols
• Lev. 18:22, don't lie with a male as with a female
• Lev. 18:23 don't have intercourse with animals

Well, Scotty shouldn’t have too much trouble with those rules, although it depends on whether his neighbour’s wife is hot or not.

But Pentecostals also have some very funny rules about not eating shellfish and other odd things taken from the Hebrew handbook.

So oysters and lobsters are out and he won’t be chucking too many prawns on the barbie, but should aspiring to all these Old Testament oddities inhibit his leadership ambitions? I’ve been taking the juicy odds on Morrison for a while now (if you hunt around you can still get 9/1).

The frontbench bible-bashing Trinity of Abbott, Andrews and Morrison, with Pyne as the choirboy, is an irresistible target for the atheistic ABC and Fairfax.

Although Abbott is the most pragmatic of the trio, Morrison has been known to dump Leviticus in return for a few votes: “What are we going to do about multiculturalism?” he was reported asking Cabinet. “What are we going to do about concerns about the number of Muslims who won’t integrate?”

Hmmm, considering almost every illegal arrival was a Muslim, he was wisely told to talk about “boat people” rather than “Muslims”.

And Andrews? Well you can forget all about little Kev, he’s lost in the fog of Paul’s epistle to the Ephesians, while collecting his $200 vouchers for healing broken marriages.

My brother, who was addicted to an equally odd religion, also healed broken marriages for a fee. He insisted the husband watch while he gave the wife a good ol’ rogering.

It seems I missed out on quite a bit when I decided against becoming a man of the cloth.

Morrison can dress to the Right when it’s politically convenient but somehow I just can’t get my head around him swaying with his arms in the air, watching the laying on of hands and the speaking in tongues. His Pentecostal Church has a close affiliation with Hillsong.

To be honest I couldn’t give a flying fornication what my prime minister gets up to in church (with the exception of sacrificing children of course) but I do care what he gets up to in Office.

Maybe I’m bonkers but, although he’s a hot favourite, I believe Malcolm Turnbull can never lead the Libs again and if he did get that chance it would mean the end of the Liberal Party.

Julie Bishop is not ready, so that leaves Morrison and Abbott.

Abbott is not a falling-on-sword type so he is determined to withstand the relentless, biassed bile from Fairfax and the ABC and be remembered as the valiant captain who went down with his ship.

The problem is there could be an awful lot of passengers who will go down with him.

A Captain Morrison would more likely stay on the ship and start bloody bailing.


I am very impressed with Scott Morrison. The big question is, can the Liberal Party ever get its act together to make the change without destroying the Party? If they go for Malcolm Turncoat, they are definitely losers. He is more Labor and Green than those Parties themselves.

I wonder how may contestants in the TV reality show even know where the term Big Brother came from and what they are actually involved in. His dystopian nightmare is actually a full blown police state.

Many years ago M. The language is Ingsoc - English Socialism. Orwell couldn't have made plainer that contemporary socialism was the target of his dystopian nightmare. There are striking parallels with the Liebor/GreenNazis and their enemedia cheerleaders today.

Billy B, you are right and the victor always writes the history and the loser is always the villian.

Its interesting, with the decline in paper books and newspapers how much easier to Rewrite/Rewrite/Rewrite History than could have been imagined in 48

Police State Rising: The Function of Surveillance in Orwell’s 1984

Dis, 1984 was allot more than that. I assume you have read it?

Hadenuff, collecting is one thing, where do we send the saves ? Wouldn't it have to be Larry making the complaint?

Tranny touting for business.

The Liebor/GreenNazi totalitarians are sooooo passe`

Orwell's 1984 was a pointed critique of Britain's 1948 Labour government.

wag the dog

Hadenuff, I'm trying to wake people like you up to the fact there are much bigger problems than socialists. if you feel you are doing some good trying to collect evidence for police action go for it. You will wake up one day when you get a knock on the door and I can guarantee you it wont be a socialist doing the knocking. Have you read 1984?

final warning from George Orwell

How embarrassing is the ABC media? John Key being asked a superdumb question

It's interesting watching the lefties fall over themselves trying to say the much improved polling of 49% (Coalition) v 51% (Labor) reveals that Tony Abbott is in fact dead in the water. But if you look at the poll (, it shows despite the concerted media frenzy to oust a sitting Prime Minister, Coalition voters are still supporting Tony Abbott as leader 38% v Malcolm Turnbull 30%. After all the collusion, delusion and outright lies against Tony Abbott and for Turnbull, TA has managed to stay ahead of MT quite remarkably. A poll of 49:51 with the rabid lefties working themselves into a frenzy and giving it their all, is testament to the fact that Tony Abbott is starting to act like the Prime Minister we voted for. Well done Tony Abbott :)

Scott Morrison uncharacteristically mishandled his interview with Ray Hadley this morning on 2GB. Quite a few callers rang in afterwards very unimpressed with his comments about his "mate" Malcolm Turnbull.

If the LNP are half smart, they will keep the boat steady and let the left drown themselves with their flood of stupid ALPBC rhetoric.

Yay Tony. You keep on keeping on. The MSM have overplayed their hand, and the voters have wised up. I take great satisfaction in knowing that many left wing media folk will be having a few sleepless nights for awhile worrying why their plans to bring Tony down didn't work.

Finally some response- clarification on Govt. leadership! My Email to local MP:-
Hi, I would like to register my discontent at the ructions currently occurring within the Liberal Party. I would also like to place on the record, the loss of my vote should Malcolm Turnbull become Prime Minister!
J. T.
Thanks for your email.
I am not going to try to tell you we are one big happy family. Clearly, there are people positioning themselves if something should

happen. But, I have not been approached by a single Minister or ministers' supporter canvassing for my vote on an "if something should

happen" basis.
I support my leader. I tell every journalist who calls me that I support my leader. I have a great relationship with Peta Credlin and

always have. I know that there are people who do not share the same position, but that is not just politics, that is life.
I was lucky enough to have dinner, along with a small group of back benchers, with John Howard. We ended up in a conversation

regarding political capital and leadership. I asked him how he managed the change from being absolutely white anted by his own side

in the mid 80's to becoming the second longest serving PM in our history. He said it was because he failed that he earned. We all have

parts of our lives which, if we could re-do them, we would do better. Politics, as I am finding out, is a brutal game played out in full

view of the gallery and the public.
I am doing my best to ensure we are pushing ahead with the things we need to prosecute. I am playing no part in anything and I am not

seeing these things play out at all. That is all I can do. I would also note that Malcolm Turnbull has been doing exactly the same thing.
Kind regards

You must be important and you posts highly sought after if someone threatened hacking your identity Hadnuffin? I honestly don't see why they would bother.