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Tuesday, 13th November 2018

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... your type of journalism is finished

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


It was a good night for the deplorables and the Fairfax mob were there with hot mikes to pick up anything a bit off... and unfortunately I’m pretty good at stuff that’s a bit off. It’s true, I did say that to a private function and SKY's Ross Cameron said a few things that would naturally upset Fairfax too because it was mostly about Fairfax and its appalling attempts at journalism.

But thank God they won’t be around much longer as the SMH and The Age shrink to weekend only rags with an online daily they expect you to pay for. Well, good luck with that and a well-deserved malaise for Fairfax.

Circulation is a testament to responsible journalism and Fairfax’s circulation along with its share price has gone through the floor. No longer can this failed company pretend that profitability (due entirely to classified ads) reflected their papers’ likability. Without classifieds The Age and the SMH have settled in a sinkhole as unprofitable weekly giveaway rags.

                                        An example of the Unfairfax type of journalism

Left wing "The Conversation" reported recently: "Readers comments on the SMH coverage of a story make clear the disgust of once-loyal customers of a once-quality product, and the fatalistic realisation that it’s all over for Fairfax as a credible supplier of news in this country."

The newspapers without classifieds and without a hard Left agenda are still surviving for now, despite the digital ads that have swamped the once-great broadsheets. There is a new political movement afoot and Fairfax and the ABC are not part of it.

Having worked for most of the Fairfax papers, I can tell you their modus operandi was one of censorship via omission. Of the hundreds of news items that would reach the editor’s desk daily only those that agreed with Fairfax bias were chosen, the rest were spiked. Of course readers never knew what was rejected. 

Well, readers have finally woken up, they have left in droves knowing they were not given a fair dissemination of news.   

 I was required to submit multiple roughs of cartoons so the SMH editor could select one. Again it was a process of bias by omission. I knew how to balance my work but Fairfax had no intention to balance theirs and I was happy to get out of that loony Left Fairfax dungeon to where Murdoch told me to do what I wanted and there would be no roughs necessary from which they could choose what they wanted said.

Today Bill Leak has the same luxury of independence afforded few of the old journalists, but he has paid a blood sacrifice to Gillian Triggs' HRC. 

Ross Cameron said nothing that deserves an apology despite his SKY colleagues crying foul and displaying their “holier than thou” pristine thought processes while drowning in their own little PC worlds. Speers, Van Onselin and Perrett were sickening in their feigned outrage over a professional colleague's remarks.

What did I say that I will not apologise for? It went something like this, “Muslims can’t be all bad, I mean they do chuck pillow biters off buildings don’t they?” I have many homosexual friends who saw it as a joke... it was the sort of bullshit banter exchanged between holes on a golf course.

                                                    Singo gives 'em heaps

The SMH infiltrated a private dinner where they were determined to find something to offend someone, well, I’ve had plenty of off stuff said about me where an apology was not forthcoming. So go root ya soulless boot Fairfax.

After dinner speeches in the past were a lot rougher than that, so get over it buttercups, go report what the Muslims say about us in their mosques... or is it not PC to do that? 

I couldn’t give a stuff...this is the real world where we all understand that offense is constantly manufactured by the Left only to further their agenda.

Was Fairfax there to report anything of substance? Give me a break! We all know why those apology-seeking fleas were there.      



Notice in the top photo they are all carrying bags.....Must be for all the Agenda's they cant seem to leave at home and need to carry into the workplace....

The trouble today is there are too many PC vultures waiting to pounce, on anything that is said, even in humour. I laughed when I heard what had been said. They should have done the same, but no, the PC siren went off full bore, they must have almost wet there pants, Muslims and Gays, wow both barrels, we can feed on this for weeks, and that is why we have a problem. Until we can return to a state where people can laugh at that line and realise it was a joke, and at the same time acknowledge what is being said seriously we are doomed.

That Fairfax twat derailed the whole purpose of the exercise. The Q-Society was a fundraiser to battle it out with Mohammed el Mouheli, the biggest halal shyster in the land. It is also about raising awareness, because you and me and everyone in Oz is being ripped off by being forced to pay a religious tax on everything we consume. Who enabled this swine to extort a jiziya from everyone of us in order to fund the islamic expansion project?

For a start get rid of the obnoxious bitch on the Fairfax switchboard .

I've got quite a few friends who are poofs. I'd much rather throw Fairfax journalists off buildings. That would be much more beneficial to society.

Fauxfacts - the only lavatory paper where all the crap comes pre-loaded!

Appears to have brought a few "new names" under this post Larry. Some possibly old posters who had decided to create a new handle to voice their opinions without fear. Not seen this with other stories.

That Leftist Factory known as the SMH is a broadsheet that has become a national joke, a cuckold of PC scribes who will hack any story line to enhance and distraught to their leftist views. The SMH was once a newspaper with credibility.

Hey Pickers, John Adams had a good write up on the Q Society dinner too.

Apparently the Greens have tabled a Private Members bill to have Valentines Day renamed.In keeping with their Holistic idiology of inclusive sexuality they propose to have it renamed Vaseline Day.The Member for Melbourne,Adam Brant,stood erect in the Chamber throughout the first reading as apparently he had been celebrating Vaseline Day early.

It wasn't only Fairfucks that sneaked in. Their ABC was weaving its version of the truth as well.

Bolt needs to wrap up his motto "No fear, No Favours" and present it to Larry Pickering where it belongs.

If we didn't have daylight saving we wouldn't be so hot in certain parts of the day .

Wasn't it Corbett who screwed Commonwealth bank customers ?

Pickering is the only genuine article left.

Its sad to see Larry criticized so widely for a harmless joke at the Q society. i think those rushing to apologise too need to harden up and stop allowing the left to dictate the terms of the battle. Larry deserves much more support. I say why here -

What you said was not FAKE news - what you said ACTUALLY happens

Was "Total Fire Ban " declared in NSW this weekend ?

Well Larry Fairfax aint all bad..your get together made the Front Page of the SMH. (albeit not necessarily in a positive light)..while you may well , for personal reasons have a soft spot for Murdoch, his crowd basically ignored you didnt they?..whereas you should have been front pages on the Murdoch press..but in a bias by omission I dont believe you were...while the fools running Fairfax have been rightly targeted by Singo..the tragedy is that it just means Murdoch controls the Zio Zoo..and he supported theres no coming back for him..and his Zio agenda is barefaced...he gives space to the Jewish Board of Deputies FFS.if fairfax goes , nothing will be an alternative view