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Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Watching the Royal Commission into Unions over the last few days and watching Bill Shorten’s obvious discomfiture when attempting to respond to the damning evidence, evokes flashbacks to Gillard and Wilson. The scam was exactly the same. The only difference was that Gillard arranged for the defrauded funds to be laundered through property renovations.

Gillard allowed the AWU’s Wilson to purchase and renovate multiple properties (including Gillard’s) by personally lying to the WA Corporate Affairs Commissioner, thereby enabling the use of many fraudulent conduits including the infamous Australian Workers Union Workplace Reform Association Inc.

There are at least 20 people who were either cognisant of, or integral to, the Gillard scam who have not been summonsed to give evidence. Included in the 20 are Murphy, Daly, Styant-Browne, Cambridge, McLelland and Ludwig.

Joe Trio, CEO of WA Thiess (and Bruce Wilson’s brother-in-law) who was complicit in the Wilson/Gillard scams, should also face charges.

The Corporate Affairs Commissioner at the time has not been called, nor have the owners of the renovations front company, Town Mode, nor any members of the Boulder WA branch of the AWU who were cajoled by Gillard into depositing almost $1million from “The Goldfields Fatal Accident and Death Fund” into a dodgy private account in Northbridge, Perth. The address for all correspondence was nominated as Northbridge Post Office, Box 253.

The money soon disappeared into holiday homes, also due for renovation.

Counsel Assisting, Jeremy Stoljar, went astonishingly easy on Gillard, accepting her evidence virtually without question. Commissioner Dyson Heydon also let her off the hook possibly believing she would be further embroiled once Wilson and Blewitt are charged.

Dyson Heydon decision not recall the AWU’s Bill Shorten, who signed off on the very same deals as the AWU’s Bruce Wilson did, may need to be reversed in the light of the latest evidence. Shorten will not have the wriggle room he was allowed when he last appeared in the dock.

If Shorten is not recalled then accusations of the Commissioner’s bias may ring true...

but it will be bias in favour of Labor's Gillard and Shorten.

[Want to know more of what Shorten was up to? Just click on “The Gillard Files” on the home page of ... the story once described as a Pickering conspiracy theory, even by conservatives like Andrew Bolt, before they decided it had legs and tried to claim it as their own.]


Yeah and the Royal commission had to apologise to him as they found he did nothing wrong. He of course said to them stick it

At least we, The Right Wing or Centrists, can see the "Evil" in the Conservative Parties.
Our, Left Wing sites, like AIM Network, will never say that Bill has done this or that. the Unions need a bit of a cleanout., Or Juliars Union house looked lovely after all the renovations.
I know, I play on their site occasionally, and you are not allowed to even "think" that someone farted, let alone say it.
Go to Larrys article on B. Bishop, her helicopter plan. Most, or at least a lot, of what I would call conservative posters, fair ripped it up her, for her greed etc.
At least most posters here, do not have blinkers on. Now, Norginstine, you say..""he should be judged on his dodgy actions..""
So should Bill, Hey!
and Turnbull.
and Richardson,
and Keating.
Fair enough, Hey!

and I nearly forgot.

Goodnight Bill.

Take some vaseline, smooths out the wrinkles and lets 'em in with you even feeling it. Much, hey!

Malcolm Turnbull: The dog that caught the car! It just had to be said.

rump..except it is completely untrue...hence spurious. What is not spurious is that you said it and you mean it..THAT is the problem here. That's not a personal attack, that is a statement of fact..and that is all I will say on this matter..I will stick to the stick to whatever you like

Oh yes but mention it and you are the evil one

Well there goes their tourism. I would NEVER visit an area where wailing was the go for the day. If I want that, I'd visit a 3rd world country where that is the only form of entertainment. Intelligent people invent things to expand their minds.

You can understand "any" government wanting to ban advocates from visiting deportation centres. Their prime aim is to have these people being seen as the world's biggest victims, at the same time as being the most deserving of residency. Perhaps we need these advocates to become their guarantor , they screw up, you do their time n prison! So in affect I'd suggest either Rintoul or Sea Patrol. They ought to be charged if true.

There’s nothing wrong with Islam ;-) Until you meet someone like this young woman.

We're in the midst of one Jack.

It appears that at last the wheels are falling off the Palaszczuk band wagon. Morgan Polls show LNP leading 51 to 49 2PP.

How that hypocritcal Emily's Lister could have allowed the porno star from FNQ to stay in Parliament instead of ripping him to pieces with misogynic barbs is a reflection as to just how far politicians will forget their principals just so they can hang onto power.

thanks Gail for your support..I'n glad you get it! ( and as we have previously discussed, yes the negativity can be a bit of a downer, but oh well..) as for rump...making the astounding claim that 'denigrating the messenger, as pelican does all the time to anybody he doesn't agree with is not the answer to a constructive discussion.' an absolute breathtaking lie..since I make a deliberate point of NOT denigrating ANYONE (my mission is to make points on issues), despite copping numerous gobfuls from certain your contribution to 'constructive discussion', rump, is , lets say, spurious.

Sleep is more important for your well being, o r. :)

finish prayers early JACKO , a Q do they issue you with knee pads ??

ya not gona get any benifit from either party
and why vote nats under turncoat

oh wot a Mess''

Wonder where Rudds wife had her millions upon millions stashed. I bet Juliar has her super stashed away in the camans somewhere to.

Hey Larry - don't be too hard on Bill, otherwise they'll swap him for some other dickhead who might be more popular. Shorten is going to bomb out and I want to see Labor go down the toilet big time. Actually complete elimination would be OK with me.

I would prefer someone who is a proven success in business and in life be the prime minister of our country rather than someone plucked from the dole queues, with the arse out of his strides, from the western suburbs of Sydney. My apologies to the decent hard working folk of western Sydney.

Actually I would not mind a total St Valentine's day cleanout of the lot but I guess they call that sedition. What makes some of you think that we like the LNP? It's a bit like tossing a coin: the lesser of two evils

2 trolls, no waiting.....Not you, r36.......I usually respect your posts.....I am not good with politics......the sophistry smacks of disengagement with the electorate, in my opinion. I am conservative right....everyday I seem to get a little bit righter/more right (poetic license:verb). I like most of pelicans' osts...he is ahead of his time and I think gets to the point quicker than most because he reads and researches...he doesn't post links, which, just quietly is a pain in the bum ......but I worry about his is not good for ones' blood pressure and day-to-day outlook