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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Senator Marco Rubio will lose his home State of Florida tonight and his run at the GOP nomination will be over. Trump didn’t even bother campaigning there this week, presciently preferring the more competitive Ohio.

Baby faced Rubio is the GOP nominee elect (for 2040). He followed GOP instructions to kill off the Don. Unfortunately he killed himself off instead, as the Party hacks knew he would.

This fight for the Dem and GOP nominations was over some time ago. Both Trump and Clinton will get the nod on delegates. But Clinton needn’t bother trying to destroy Trump because his own Party will use a billion in funds trying to do that.

The GOP owns its own rule book and they can and will change any rule needed to rid themselves of the Donald before, and even during, the Convention if necessary.

Republics aren’t all beer and skittles as our idiot in the red bandana suggests. He wants a “minimalist” republic but there is nothing “minimalist” about any republic. For a start it will need a new Constitution and a bunch of amendments to make up a Bill of Rights and what about the States’ rights under a republic?

We are a bit short on wise founding fathers to expect all that stuff to be drafted to the satisfaction of all parties within, say, five years.

Turnbull has lost interest, he has more serious stuff to deal with right now, like clinging to Office.

The US is exhibiting a ridiculous downside to a republic where lobbyists and wealthy special interest groups combine to kill off a Party’s own most successful Presidential nominee in decades. Strange eh!

Trump’s biggest threat won’t come from Clinton, he now needs to look over his shoulder... that’s where the longest knives are unsheathed.    


I think all the Donald Trump people had better check the actual system. The founders of the nation devised the Electoral College system as part of their plan to share power between the states and the national government. Under the Electoral College system, the nationwide popular vote for president has no final significance. As a result, it is possible that the electoral votes awarded on the basis of state elections could produce a different result than the nationwide popular vote. In fact, there have been 17 presidential elections in which the winner did not receive a majority of the popular vote cast.

That thing used to be a pain in the butt on the Tim Blair and Andrew Bolt blogs, so don't encourage it Tom.

We all should. A strong USA is in all of our best interests. If America falls, the world falls and chaos reigns. Care Kym. Care very much.

Goodbye Rubio Tuesday... " ... One down, two more to go!

Go Donald.

“American democracy” is an oxymoron. The Democrats have super delegates who basically can override the votes of ordinary delegates on the convention floor. The Republicans have a system where, if the front runner does not have more than 51% of the delegates in the first round of voting at the convention, then there is a second round of voting where the delegates are free to choose anyone they like, even if that person has not even contested the primaries. Huh democracy, what democracy?

He's gone.. thank fxxk

Amazed that no one realizes that the USA is a republic - it cannot be a true democracy as the parties HAVE THE FINAL SAY - regardless of the number of votes each candidate gets, a bloke called Benjamin Franklin and a few others built it in to their system. Enjoy.

One town had Trump's name left OFF the ballot paper and he still won Florida.

Checked into Question Time for five minutes this arvo and The Fence Post Turtle was boring, out of his depth and totally irrelevant with his responses. Would the people who put Turtle Turnbull on the fence post please put him back on the ground, back in his comfort zone and put the elected PM back in control.

“Our idiot in the red bandana”, including our own self-indulgent prime minister, would be too conceited to acknowledge the shortcomings of their superficial values and beliefs.

If you wand a true Mamber of Parliament, a true MP then vote TRU MP.

Romney folded over easily to allow Democrat dictator Obama to become POTUS.
Trump wont be a pushover for the Democrats this time.
Trump will smash Hillary at the polls, even with Democrat "establishment" funding the violent rentacrowd protesters. If half-truth Hillary is indicted, Trump will doubly smash the socialist (modern word for communist) Sanders.
That is why China, Russia, Islam are doing their damnedest to push the Dishonest Democrats over the line.

I predict John Kasich will emerge as the only viable candidate for the Republicans. Trump is unelectable, no matter what the screwballs want and Cruz has alienated everyone with whom he's ever worked.

GOP sort of reminds us the America's Cup when "The Establishment" tried to change their own rules to suit themselves when Bondy's crew smashed them into oblivion .

Rubio has officially withdrawn.

It is ironic how the Dons greatest weapon is his greatest enemy. The more the MSM attack his policies on National Sovereignty and Border Protection, the more the people love him. The socialist poisoned MSM just don't get it. It is a fundamental right of any nation to protect its borders from illegal immigration and to prevent entry to those who seek to destroy.

Well, today's the day (US time).

...yes...Rubio has turned out to be a total fraud...he was helped to get to be Senator for Florida by the Tea party...only just recently...a head of the Tea Party ask him..."who are you" he had departed from the conservative core value of the Party...he has hardly turned up to cast a vote for his state...but has betrayed the people that voted for him...then he joined the "gang of 8"...which meant that would give "Obongo the Nigger" amnesty...amnesty!!...if that would go through...Democrats will be in power for a generation...turns out Marco is a puppet of big money, Republican ruling elite, a kiss arse of that racist organization "La Raza"...Rubio thought he would ride the gravy train on the Hispanic he wins Puerto Rico that cant vote in the election...and Minnesota...

Irony, thy name is Hillary ~ "I don't know where he was"