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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The “Great Mosque of Brussels” near to the blasts that rocked Brussels and the EU Parliament was owned outright by the Saudis but gifted to Belgium, and designed to be an Islamic stronghold in Europe, in return for cheap oil... with a few very nasty strings attached.

It came with a 99 year lease and the Saudis were to have complete carte blanche of the operation of the mosque and all Imams were to be supplied by the Saudis who preached a hard line form of Sunni Shariah law known as Salafism, a form of Jihadist teaching involving the worst of all Sunni extreme principles.

Last summer brought a dark chapter of the mosque's history to light -- one that strongly contradicted the official version of mosque leaders who claimed, as they always do, that they were engaged in fostering peace and understanding among all peoples.

In April of 2012, the Saudi ambassador was informed that the Belgian Government had a serious problem with the teachings of mosque director, Khalid Alabri.

"His sermons were Salafist, anti-Israel and anti-West. The guiding principle was the teaching of Salafism above all else," said a witness who spoke with Belgian television station RTBF. “Alabri's sermons were so extreme that they even crossed the Belgians' generously drawn conditions”.

Alabri was quietly removed from his post. All too late for the citizens of cosmopolitan Brussels.

The Belgian Government has been at pains not to upset the House of Saud because of the financial benefit of cheap oil, so still the Saudi Imams are free to preach extremes of Jihad and Shariah law against the West.

While the Belgian Government has been reluctant to take on the Saudi landlords, the radical Muslims in Brussels have all the while been encouraged via The Great Mosque’s preachers to conduct the most radical of Islamic extremism against the West, similar to that witnessed recently in Brussels and Paris.

Belgian journalist and terrorism expert Claude Moniquet wrote that Belgium's particularly liberal interpretation of freedom of speech has led the State to be overly tolerant of radical teachings for decades.

The French language daily newspaper "Libération" quoted Islam expert Michel Privot of the European Network Against Racism: "Salafist sentiments are now solidly anchored in the minds of Muslims in the Belgian capital." The phenomenon, he says, can be traced back to Saudi Arabia's missionary zeal in Brussels. "Belgian authorities have been playing with fire for 30 years."

The House of Saud has accelerated its spread of extreme Wahaabism wherever it has been allowed to build mosques on foreign soil. It has had a financial hand in most mosques proposed, or mosques already operating, in Australia and Northern Pakistan where suicide bombers kill hundreds regularly.  

The Taliban were educated and given scholarships in mosque/schools by the same Imams of the Great Mosque of Brussels and they spread over to Afghanistan with devastating results.

Saudi finance for foreign mosques is raised primarily through the halal certification scam which it boasts is a trillion dollar business and growing.

The Taliban's Pashtun “culture”, straddling Pakistan and Afghanistan was said to restore peace and security and enforce their own austere version of Sharia Islamic law, once in power.

Both countries support ISIS and Islamic punishments such as public executions of murderers and adulterers, amputations of those found guilty of theft and it forbids girls aged ten and over from going to school, replicating the Saudi’s own infamous Chop Chop Square on each Friday after prayers.

The Saudis, who manage and manipulate OPEC, have lately been softening up the West with low oil prices caused by overproduction designed to make US exploration uneconomic. It has been hugely successful. During this time the House of Saud has been contributing tens of millions to the Clinton Foundation in the same way that Julia Gillard did.

Inexplicably President Obama still claims the Saudis to be allies of the West and that Israel should not be trusted.

Each time we suffer the scourge of extreme Islamic Jihadism it’s difficult not to believe we thoroughly deserve it.  


Breaking/Exclusive: Erdogan to Belgium, Screw you, we will do it again!
[ Editor’s Note: We have the confirmed story with multiple sources, Brussels airport bomber Bakraoui was recruited while an ISIS jihadi in Syria, because of his Belgian passport.
While in Raqqah, at a suicide bomber training facility, he was taken by Turkish intelligence across the border where he was “arrested” and “deported” to the Netherlands.
There, according to airline security sources, Bakraoui, as with other terrorists as well, was walked around security by employees of Israeli ICTS, the same company that aided “crotch bomber” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab board Northwest Flight 253 in Amsterdam on Christmas Day 2009 without a passport or ticket, placing him in First Class.
As you will learn below, Bakraoui was arrested as a known terrorist by Turkey and not imprisoned or turned over to Belgian authorities but “allowed” to return, not to Belgium but to the Netherlands, on a commercial flight, despite the fact that the same records that led to both the arrest of Bakraoui and his “deportation” because of his known terror background, as Erdogan claimed in his press conference yesterday.

Operation Gladio: NATO's 1985 Brabant Massacres in Belgian Supermarkets
NATO's Secret Armies (2009) part 1 of 4

Wonder when or if ever, the ABC/SBS and other media shites start using the word TERRORIST to describe terrorists? Even when they run a foreign report using the word terrorist, the subtitles say otherwise.

No problem for a government with balls.... the Saudis bought the land and the building, not access to it or public services provided. Just cut the water, the power, the parking and place a security checkpoint at the gates..... Then cancel all Arab oil contracts by declaration of Force Majeure arising from terrorist war. .Buy cheap energy from Russia or Norway if they are fussy....The Arabs will soon get the message!

"Police got more than they bargained for when they pulled over a car for driving at unusually slow speed, catching a 30-year-old man completely naked, with a sex toy lying next to him.

Officers pulled over the car on Friday afternoon near Canobolas, in the Central Tablelands, only to discover the driver was wearing no clothes.

He was later found to [be] driving on a disqualified licence.

The man, who was allowed to dress, then failed a mobile drug test. A secondary sample was taken at Orange Police Station and is being analysed."

Brussels. It was just another lone wolf. The attackers were young males. what do expect? They were just males. (from the ABC)

Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Helped Topple Gadhafi While France & UK Fought Over Libya’s Oil
Clinton bragged about the U.S. role in Moammar Gadhafi’s death, and her emails leaked by Wikileaks show the race to claim Libya’s resources in the aftermath.
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Great article on Eric Abetts - too long to copy here - on Bolt Blog under "Bishop & the curse of Abbott" topic....there is a link to click on to get Eric Abetts full profile By The Age Good Weekend

Ben Hur - someone was asking - it is on tonight, on GEM, at 6.30 and is scheduled to take a full four and a half hours.

Would appreciate a comment from Christopher Monkton on the current Australian political farce

o/t: not sure how popular giuliani still is but this should help Trump win new york

George Orwell/Quotes
In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.
Big Brother is watching you.
The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them.
All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting.
Political language. . . is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.
If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.

The European Union is committing 'ritual suicide' with its migration policy, warns Slovak PM, as EU commissioner claims 60% are economic migrants and are not fleeing from war

Robert Fico has urged the 28-member bloc to stop the inflow of migrants
Called EU's planned system for distributing migrants a 'complete fiasco'
Netherlands' EU commissioner claims more than half of those flocking to Europe were not fleeing from war

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Wonder if that fellow living near the Hungarian border is still offering his "moslem hunting" tours (on horseback or vehicle) ?

New Arabic language sitcom coming to SBS. 'Two and a half heads'.

O/T. As a very disenchanted conservative voter together with another six family members, I have welcomed the emergence of the Australian Liberty Alliance and have every intention of supporting the party, however I do not hold out much hope for it at the next election mainly due to its inability to get wide spread exposure to promote its agenda.
I had hoped that someone like Cory Bernadi would join its ranks and thus initiate msm exposure. I can understand his reluctance to do so, so it came as a surprise that through his wife he has registered "Australian Conservatives" as a possible future political party.Where he goes from here is anyone's guess but I feel certain that he may find himself at the bottom of the Liberal Senate ticket if there is to be a double dissolution.
Would it not be more prudent for the ALA to approach Senator Bernadi and suggest an amalgamation of the two parties with him as the leader? No doubt the aspirations and goals of both parties would be the same.


"Liberal Party backers were approached to buy Senator Arthur Sinodinos a home".

Easter question ... On speaking to and visiting His creation

1. Why did God speak to a couple of Prophets only ... and not all of His mankind creation ?

2. Why did God only send his Son to Earth as His personal envoy ... and not come Himself ?

Perhaps He was too busy to make the trip .... to the only life created in His image in the Universe ?

OK ... I'll stand back ... GO !

Is the Latest “ISIS Attack” Another False Flag?
Paul Craig Roberts
I have not looked into the latest attack blamed on ISIS, this time in Belgium, and I am not going to investigate it. The explanation was set in stone by the initial reporting, and any skepticism that is expressed is disregarded as conspiracy theory. I have seen reports that the bombs were in the ceilings and that the initial film released by authorities was in fact film from several years ago of the Chechnya attack on a Russian airport. If these reports are correct, they raise questions about the official set-in-stone story.
But the questions won’t be asked.
If the various bombings are false flag attacks, the governments will get away with them, because the attacks blamed on Muslim terrorists fit every agenda that is out there. Government agendas for more war, military spending, and police state measures are served. But so also are the agendas of those who want to limit immigration, those who want to blame the bombings on blowback from Western imperialism, those such as the Russian government who desire a united front against terrorism, and those who use the bombings to stress the innate goodness of the West, which attracts hatred because of its goodness. Washington likes the bombings because they keep Europeans scared and the governments under Washington’s thumb.
Anyone who raises real questions is set upon by every group for whom the bombings blamed on ISIS are a blessing to their agenda..........
Read on -

Here Ya go JimJim. Rightwing Liberal senator Cory Bernardi has laid the groundwork to launch a new political force, the Australian Conservatives, to “give a voice back to Australia’s forgotten people”.

In a move that risks further splintering the Turnbull government, a company controlled by the South Australian senator’s wife has applied to trademark the name and logos of the new group, with the stated aim of providing the “services of a political party”.

Senator Bernardi, who in ­September warned of a possible schism of the Liberal Party if Malcolm Turnbull did not uphold the party’s “distinctly conservative” character, yesterday described the Australian Conservatives as a program of his existing Conservative Leadership Foundation.

He would not provide further details about what the program ­involved or give an assurance he would not leave the Liberals to lead a breakaway party.

More: Softly, softly key for PM on unity

In a rousing email to supporters on Monday, Senator Bernardi ­referred repeatedly to the “silent majority of Australian Conservatives” who were challenging “the leftist agenda of big government and decaying society”.

“Unless the mainstream parties connect with the ‘forgotten people’ they will choose a different path. It’s a global phenomenon and would be foolish to think it won’t emerge in Australia,” he wrote, citing the rise of Donald Trump.

“My mission (is) to build a movement that will change politics. To fight against the tyranny of political correctness and give a voice back to Australia’s forgotten people.

“That’s what Sir Robert Menzies sought to do over 70 years ago in forming the Liberal Party. It’s time Australian Conservatives ­reclaimed Menzies’s vision.”

After Mr Turnbull seized the prime ministership in September, Senator Bernardi raised the prospect of a split in the Liberal Party unless it maintained a “distinctly conservative vision”.

“I don’t want it to come to that,” he said at the time. “I want us to be a mainstream conservative party, rather than just a vehicle for ­‘anything goes, as long as I can climb the greasy pole’.”

The senator yesterday would not say whether the risk of a party split had subsided.

Trademark applications for the Australian Conservatives name and logos were filed on February 15 by CPAC Holdings — a company controlled by the South Australian senator’s wife, Sinead — according to the intellectual property regulator IP Australia. Senator Bernardi, a conservative stalwart, regards Islam as a ­“totalitarian political and religious ideology” and strongly opposes gay-friendly initiatives such as same-sex marriage and the Safe Schools Coalition anti-bullying program. His foundation aims to train young conservatives to effectively advocate political change through business, media, academic, political and community organisations.

Senator Bernardi is not due to face re-election until 2019 in a standard half-Senate election, but would be up for election this year if the Prime Minister proceeds with his threat of a July 2 double dissolution.

Trademarks for bodies providing “services of a political party” have been used to safeguard the intellectual property of the Australian Labor Party and Palmer United Party.

The Liberal Party’s conservative fringe is being wooed by the Australian Liberty Alliance, which draws inspiration from populist Dutch MP Geert Wilders and champions a 10-year moratorium on Muslim immigration.

Tony Abbott in February warned the Liberal base would “flirt” with “more extreme alternatives” such as the ALA unless the Turnbull government maintained tough immigration and counter-terrorism policies. Mr Abbott has long cautioned against allowing fringe politicians to erode the Liberal base.