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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Elsa Schieder

Elsa Schieder PhD is a former professor of Humanities at John Abbott College in Canada. She blogs and conducts interviews, focussing on Western rights and freedoms.


I’m reading an article on Does God Exist? Does It Matter?

Suddenly I come to: Take the Same Sex Marriage laws. These were foisted upon us before most people had a chance to think through the consequences. Now that these laws have passed, we are finding that it is no longer possible to make any legal distinction between the sexes. This promises to destroy women’s sport. It takes away the rights of women to have their own public toilets. It will undoubtedly lead to a myriad of unexpected and destructive consequences.


Same sex marriage laws only pertain to marriage. You might as well argue that allowing women equal entry into various professions means “that it is no longer possible to make any legal distinction between the sexes.” Also nonsense. And what about extending the vote to women. Shouldn't that likewise mean “that it is no longer possible to make any legal distinction between the sexes.” Total nonsense, very clearly.

Not making a legal distinction between the sexes on the basis of genetics, relates to transgender issues and gender identity issues, not to same sex marriage.

AS FOR ISSUES RAISED BY PEOPLE IDENTIFYING AS MEMBERS OF THE SEX THEY DON’T GENETICALLY BELONG TO, HERE’S MY RESPONSE. If we as a species can develop sex-change operations, and send both men and women (and transgenders, I am sure) to the moon, then surely we as a species can develop laws that protect genetic females from non-genetic females in sports, and that keep public toilets as safe as possible. 

AS FOR SAME SEX MARRIAGE, THIS IS, FOR ME, A SIMPLE HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE. It’s always been that way. I’ve always been for human rights. I grew up in a family with lots of social concerns.

Same sex marriage is, for me, akin to interfaith marriage, interracial marriage and the remarriage of divorced people. All the latter have been illegal, or anyway prohibited by some religions. Many religions traditionally did not allow, for example, interfaith marriages. Interracial marriages have been forbidden by law, for instance in many American states. 

I don’t see how same sex marriage is different from frequently prohibited marriages between opposite sex people. 

Same sex marriage: it’s for 2 people above the age of consent who wish to marry. No coercion. 

Does this violate the religious freedom of religions which are against same sex marriage? No. Each religion can have its own rules on same sex marriage - just as religions may refuse to marry divorced people, etc. 

On the other hand, prohibiting same sex marriage denies freedom of religion to religions that are in favor of performing same sex marriage. 

While religions may choose not to perform same sex marriages, I hold that governments have no right to prohibit such marriages, as this violates an underlying ethical principle: liberty until harm (John Stuart Mills, 19th century philosopher). In other words, we have the right to liberty until such time as we harm others. 

More re same sex marraige. One can also turn to the command in the New Testament: do onto others what you would have them do onto you. In this case, it would be: Do onto gays and lesbians as you would have them do onto you (you in this case being someone heterosexual), if the situation were reversed and only gays and lesbians had the right to marry. 

The obvious answer: you’d want them to give you the right to marry. 

I’ve often asked myself: WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE COMMON AUSTRALIAN NEGATIVITY RE SAME SEX MARRIAGE? Where I live - Quebec, Canada - the acceptance rate for same sex marriage is over 90%. So I’ve been stunned when, over and over in writings from Australia, people hold opinions like the one above, that permitting same sex marriage means “it is no longer possible to make any legal distinction between the sexes.” 

As I’ve said, it makes as little sense to me as being against interracial or interfaith marriage, or the remarriage of divorced people. It’s consensual. It takes nothing away from those in one-race, one-faith, male-female first marriages. 

A Christian friend and his large Christian family recently celebrated their first-ever same-sex marriage - his daughter’s marriage. It was attended by everyone in the family. Many of the family members came from quite a distance - half a continent away - and from quite traditional communities. Some family members, especially older ones, did have a bit of learning to do. But in the end, everyone welcomed the happiness of the 2 brides. Good to see. 

One last comment: I heard that this piece might put off many readers, make them less ready to listen to something else I might say. 

My answer: what if readers are put off by my interview with Tommy Robinson, published last week? Should I then not post it?

One of the many things I admire about Tommy is his strong honesty, his willingness to speak out, in his case about the Islamic rape gangs and about the content of Islamic ideology, despite the huge cost to him. Once again, because he dares to speak out, he has been unjustly thrown into jail, and now moved to a jail with a large population of Islamic violent offenders. May he be safe.

Let's hope this doesn't happen again!

I think of Tommy. 

It doesn’t make sense to me to be silent. 


Ill informed garbage from a pseudoscientist, typical of the false science which has corroded our universities, based on ideology rather than on true scholarship from hard traditional sciences ( physics/ chemistry/ maths/ ). medicine). SSM is driven by envy of true biological marriage, which by definition involves a wonder where two unrelated humans, come together ultimately involving the union of sexually opposite, haploid gametes. A profound event, created by a master designer, where soul and DNA unite to form a new living being. Even the animals could teach you that, populations can not exist if this narcistic perversion is taken to its full conclusion ( the abolition of normal family, and control of all human processes by the state).

Elsa Schieder - As you are in Canada does your support of human rights extend to Ernst Zundel ? His right to free speech was taken away when he was put on trial twice in your "democratic" country. He was a holocaust revisionist and he put forward his arguments in a peaceful way without threatening anyone.

Keep it simple stupid is a system that works, muddle with that system and the wheels fall off the wagon. Responsibilities are as important as rights, screw with the system, cause it to crash and radical becomes the new norm. Sooner or later when grotesquely offended by a daisy chain of screaming faggots going hard at it at a local school footy oval toilet block and the average punter thinks, yep, the Islamics punt these poofters from roof tops for good reason and quickly the dynamics change. Be prepared for that change woman, you have forced the hand , understand you will probably have to deal with the consequences and be sure, the colours won't be rainbow. Unlimited rights usually infringe unlimited people and when the state chooses not to protect the infringed vigilant people arrive.

What a load of shit miss.

My putting relics in the inverted renders your definition meaningless. Its the self-culling homosexuals that become walking relics to themselves.

There's nothing gay about miserable homosexuals making lives of children even more miserable by denying children their biological parents, one or both. Conditioning children an coercing them to a life of misery which they eventually will find out as is the case with many is a punishable offence if lawmakers had the sense to judge this evil.

John your post proves you are a relic. Your very lack of understanding that gay people do have children says as much.

dusty . . . all hat and no cattle . . .

Its the 'relics' that have carried us through over millennia and its the 'relics' that are going to see us through.

Homosexuals on the contrary are a perishing lot, technically, biologically and physically. There's nothing progressive about a suicidal culture that borrows children as fig leaves in their pretentious existence. It's the heterosexuals, the 'relics', that procreate and keep humanity alive.

Open borders for trade and open borders for people essentially has the same result. You will lose your living standards in the long run. Combine the two and we will end up in a civil war...


FACT: Homosexuality is sociobiologically abnormal.

Tigger Tigger Tigger:"Annie Mac do you or any of the other relics on this thread actually know any gay couples with children?"We know YOU and we know INKBLOT/STINKY BARK/ OLIVER don't know the children.Isn't that a couple of weird book ends.Not speaking for any of the "RELICS" on this site if any.I thought the only way a relic could talk was in a scientific lab when they do the Carbon Testings.Surely you have been taught to say "In your Mature Years". Mature years will come to you eventually when you accept it. Have a nice evening in your Home and Away Seaside Village. Don't wear that poor person out peddling for you to generate power for your computer.There is such a thing as being used and abused.Don't think that paying "In Kind" makes up for it all.

Tiggy ... unlike you most posters live in the real world. They have family, friends and acquaintances that mirror society in all it's diversity. You need to resort to ad hominem because you have no defence at all.

Annie Mac do you or any of the other relics on this thread actually know any gay couples with children? Or any gay couples, by the bullshit you post I assume not. The people I know are just like any other family with the same issues but one. They have to protect their kids from ignorant old bigots like you.

two fagots
a filthy habit
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Keep the jokes coming, IE. I send them to relatives in UK who say the jokes are what keep them sane. They pass the jokes on to their friends over there.

loose_ends, she's hogged herself into the blind category without any help.

Tosir, they call one partner a male or female when tney're not it shows they realise, deep down, that 'male' and 'female' make a marriage.What blind, unthinking fools they are.,

Can't wait for the day this all backfires on the queer knts, Muslims, Greenies & anyone that will say and do anything to get on the gravy train for all the wrong reasons.