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Friday, 19th October 2018

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...they sound harmless enough, but then again so does climate change

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


“Safe Schools” has nothing to do with safety. It has everything to do with sexually educating your children in the way the Left wants them educated while parents remain unaware. 

The far Left has always had a strange concept of sex. Julia Gillard when leading the AUS (the Australian Union of Students) declared the “Year of the Lesbian”, suggesting no heterosexual relationships be allowed on campus.

She also declared, among other more distasteful edicts, that all married women were “whores”.

Safe Schools is about schooling children into the acceptance of all things homosexual as normal and these transvestite Lefty instructors were found to have directed these kids to explicit web sites displaying homosexual activities in graphic detail. If parents had discovered their kids on these web sites many would have gone to bed without any dinner.

Teachers’ unions explain that this sort of “education” is designed to prevent bullying. But bullying can be attributed to anything unusual and not necessarily sexual. Foreign accents or names, red hair, short stature, obesity, height, in fact anything different from the norm.

But these “educators” are determined to teach kids that homosexuality is NOT unusual and to do that effectively heterosexuality must be downgraded to where all sexual preferences are equal and there is NO norm.

The Left considers it quite normal for two blokes to not only be in a sexual relationship but to legally adopt a baby boy or girl as their own. Most parents would disagree that that’s normal. Role playing lessons in school should be quite enlightening, I wonder what pervert  writes the scripts.

The Left cannot be trusted with Marriage Equality either. It has nothing to do with equality (which most fair minded people would agree with) I mean if some galah wants to marry  his neighbour's fruit bat or his own pet hamster, that’s fine with me! But the Left’s idea of marriage equality demands the abolishment of the existing Marriage Act and its replacement with non gender specific references.  (Will you Bob Brown  take this person as your partner to have and to hold etc.)

So when you see an innocent sounding program promoted by the Left involving words like "safe" or "care", have a look at the fine print because it usually has a sinister underside as do Green Peace, Planned Parenthood and Climate Change

... and don’t get me started on that!  


Well done Larry, we need to get this stopped.

Educational Pedofillia,, the grooming of the next generation.

The agenda for Safe Schools Program slipped under our guard when it was revamped by the Labor government in 2010. Far from being an anti bullying program, it is social engineering propaganda concentrating on a child's rights to be whatever he/she wants to be in a sexual identity sense. Brainwashing the young who are still confused as to their sexual identity. This article was an eye opener

The Real Agenda Behind the Safe Schools Coalition
It is routine practice for the radical social engineers who want to remake society in their own image to cover up their real intentions, and rely on obfuscation, deception and a host of euphemisms. If their goals were plainly stated there would be an uproar and their schemes would be fiercely resisted and thus much harder to implement.
Consider as a classic case of this the so-called Safe Schools Coalition. It claims to have 490 member schools in Australia, 13,515 trained staff, 329,874 students in member schools, and 86 supporter organisations. Impressive. So just what is it and what does it do?

We are being told over and over again that this $8m federal government program is nothing other than an anti-bullying program. Hey, terrific – sounds great to me. No one likes bullying and any program to deal with it must be a good thing, right? Wrong. One simply has to go to their own website and they spill the beans straight away:
Safe Schools Coalition Australia is a national coalition of organisations and schools working together to create safe and inclusive school environments for same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students, staff and families. It is funded by the Australian Government and, in Victoria, by the Victorian Government. The Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) is the national convenor of Safe Schools Coalition Australia and has partnered with experienced organisations in every state and territory to directly support schools.

Indeed, in one of its images it has these words: “Proud to create change in schools”. Yep, exactly. It is only later that the word ‘bullying’ actually appears, and then it is used in a very restricted sense, referring to anyone who has a different take on homosexuality. According to this group, anyone who has a problem with the homosexual lifestyle is ipso facto a bully.

Such people are guilty of the horrific crimes of “heterosexism” and “heteronormativity” as the SSC documents keep informing us. In today’s PC world of sexual revolution, anyone who affirms that there are a mere two genders, and they happen to be different and complementary, are evil “homophobes” who must now be re-educated by the State.
Hey wait a minute, I thought the SSC was simply about bullying! That is what the politicians, mainstream media and our social elites keep telling us. I wish it were. I was bullied as a child at school, as were millions of other kids. We were bullied and picked on because we were too fat or too skinny. Too short or too tall. Too ugly or too good looking. Too rich or too poor. Too cool or too uncool. Too smart or too stupid.

There are a zillion reasons why folks get bullied. So does the SSC deal with all these matters in detail in their programs and resources? Um no. There is only one topic that gets all the attention: homosexuality. But don’t take my word for it; simply read their documents for yourself. Consider the SSC “Resources” page. It is a real eye opener:

Please go to this page and have a close look. There are no less than 34 different resources you can download. Yep, 34 of them. And how many of them have anything to do with bullying in general? Not one. Yes, you read that right – not one. Every single one of these 34 resources is all about pro-homosexual indoctrination and propaganda.

Out here in Parkes, NSW, two of our local gays tried to intimidate our then local federal member, John Cobb, into changing his views on gay "marriage". JC stood his ground and in effect told the poofs to go root each other, which they do in any event. Next thing we knew posts on our town blog, Parkes Shire News, saw some pretty rough but pretty effective whacks to the pair involved in the attempted bullying, Beau (Small Bum) Newell and his crap buddy Andrew (Go Down On It, Swanee) Swan. Not another word out of them to be heard, which goes to show how standing up to these twats (no pun intended) puts them back in the box.

You said it all Larry , 100% bang on , been obvious for years but the disease from the trendy left councils of London has curtailed the true commentary (not PC) but most of us remember " chicken tonight ".

Cory Bernardi's blog has a few good posts on this issue. IMO the schools bullshit is just an excuse to up the feeding grounds for the older male homosexual predators, no longer wined and dined and having to find their own "boys" as they are past 30 and the laxity shows..

I've bumped a couple of people recently who have said the same sort of thing. People are waking up or are seeking their news in the alternative media. Can't help you with that Icke search. Marco would more than likely know.

CC, thought you may find this interesting. Two 3 hour parts, long but full of info. Gets into that mind control around 40 minutes into part two.

These pathetic scum buckets should get a life! They should stop their incessant whining about their lifestyle choice's and how they are using the victim card to further their wacked out and morally detestable campaign to change our kids into their mould. These two steps away from paedophilia and morally bankrupt left wing microbes need to get a grip on reality and peddle their despicable intentions to corrupt our children someplace else. Any school that serves up this bullshit or tries to make my kids take poofter lessons will make the day they were ever born.

Sate Schools: tell concerned parents, "tough luck"

"So we think very specific posters work really well, very specific messages from school leadership, very specific things written in your school newsletter, that Safe Schools Coalition is about supporting gender and sexual diversity. Not about celebrating diversity. NOT ABOUT STOPPING BULLYING. About gender and sexual diversity. About same-sex attractive. About being transgender. About being lesbian, gay, bisexual" (Roz Ward)

There should be equality so that dumb, fat ugly dykes can become Prime Minister.

Gent . Day just turned to shit . Pos .result in B.S. test..

There has Always been Bullies in ALL Schools and they Always pick on those weaker than themselves, but I am getting fed-up with this Gender Equality Crap
Teaching little kids about how to be a Poofter gives Me the Creeps.

We know who the whore is.

For such a serious change in voting period I think that there should be a certain majority to be reached before change occurs ... for example 65% of the voters say "Yes" ... otherwise no change

Thanks Rosa16, I do like playing in the kitchen. Out of all the different dishes available I always find Thai my favourite. Love the use of chili, lime juice and fish sauce. Hot, sour, salty and sweet(if you wish to add sugar). Yum yum.

Rosa16, Thai style pork green curry tonight. Something like this although I'll add prawn paste and assorted vegetables.

New article up from Larry

As a White Heterosexual Australian born, taxpaying male,Married with a mortgage, somehow this makes everything my fault. I am entitled to less than any other Australian, and yet, have to Tolerate all others views and tastes, at my financial and moral expense...You cannot keep kicking a dog and not expected to be bitten(at the ballot box). Household pets in Australia would have more rights and freedoms than I am entitled. I am sick of having to watch what these short sighted Progressive's are doing to our Great Country at our expense. ALA all the way.

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