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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I don’t believe he is in any sense a paedophile. Rolf Harris is just a dirty old man. He is a talented octogenarian from another age where girls learnt to fend for themselves. Under the shadow of a despicable Jimmy Savile and in a climate of paedophile purges, he was always a gonner.

I copped a barrage of abuse for suggesting his guilt, but when his own friends had warned me not to allow my kids near him, and monitoring the time he had spent at my home, it was hard to believe otherwise.

Regardless, when he attends court again this Friday, he will likely suffer a custodial sentence. But he shouldn’t, he is no threat to anyone, not now. A jail sentence will serve only to assuage the hurt of his victims.

Rolf was caught in the net of those trawling for paedophile fish and a name like Rolf Harris ensured applause for a big one that didn’t get away.

It’s a tragic shame that such an Aussie icon fell foul of decency and British justice. But Harris was more than a touchy feely pervert. Like many adored entertainers he felt he could freely follow his testosterone flushes with impunity.

Harris needs to be punished for crimes committed up to a half century ago but the presiding judge will consider that he is already condemned to suffer devastating shame for what remains of his shattered life.

Harris was just one of numerous “uncles” of families we learnt to placate or avoid, they were everywhere then and it must be asked if contemporaneous sentencing should apply to a bygone age.

 I now feel sorry for him and his devoted family and I expect another barrage of abuse for that, but yesterday we lost a part of our talented heritage.

Rolf Harris lost everything.



Great is the confirmation in news today about Andrews' connection with corrupt builders union. If Napthine and Co do not use this every day toward the electorate, they deserve to lose in November. Play dirt with dirt I say !

I'm with you Hermes, and I'm a male. If the cap fits wear it!

Hear hear ES.

Albatross - I reckon they will line old Clive Palmer up any time! Mind you they would have to be slow runners and so big he would have to roll them in flour and find the wet spot!

Bury you to your armpits and chuck stones at you if you are raped. Chop off hands for stealing. In England, chuck you in jail for a year for throwing bacon at a mosque. It upset the Imam apparently.

Who will be the next prominent male whose name will be dragged through the mud? John Monash? (He is alleged, after all, to have kept a mistress in the UK during WW1.) Damien Parer? (He did, after all, do a lot of his work in the dark room.)

One can't help but feel that there is a concerted campaign being waged to knock down and besmirch every white male figure of any standing in our past.

After what happened to Smith was, freedom of choice, is what he wanted, freedom from choice is what Smith got.

The Australian Government should quote Sharia Law as a defence if that's the case. In Saudi Arabia they gouge out your eye for crossing against a red light, and as they say in legal circles de minimus non curat lex.

93 k a day, if your on the AWU Labor Union Super rort. Great work if ya can get it.

When I lived in WA many years ago I knew a chap who used to say he lived in Bassen dean, opposite Cumming Smith. I wonder if its still there?

Ted Bundy was talented as well. He played a convincing roll as a nice up standing well spoken fellow in a business suit offering rides to strangers. I'd sooner neck myself that feel sorry for that talented man.

And Malice and Blackbum are suing the Aust Govt on behalf of a rioting asylum seeker who lost an eye during riot.

OK my take on RH is

Allegedly Ray did a 180 and got rid of Smith for an inappropriate flippant and most offensive comment that got Arabic people very very very, angry. Subsequently enraged hostile vindictive Arabic then rang the Station. Allegedly frightening Hadley into sacking Smith. The next day after the frightening incident, Hadley named all the broadcasters under his control by name and time slot, indicating unity with Hadley. (They all got the memo) intimating they were all behind him in admonishing Smith. Ray as the dominant personality and enforcer at the station works by the ethos, if your not with Ray, your 2GB enemy and must be smashed summarily, posthaste, swat.

If a female has suffered a lifelong mental trauma because she was touched on the bum 40 years ago, she was defective to begin with! It's a money grab all right! They are coming out of the woodwork at the moment in Australia as they all regain their memories and recover from amnesia! Mind you, his 20 million Pounds in the bank wouldn't have anything to do with it would it? All the sharks from Piranha Lawyers are circling and one Ambulance Chasing mob in Britain are saying they have signed up 12 so far! That will blow out to 20 or 30 eventually but oddly enough he is only convicted on 4 of them! Not saying he's guilty or a victim of the alleged victims but 40 years later! Faarrrk! Oh dear, I am slowly regaining my memory about a parish priest or was that the WA Bishop? Doesn't matter!

All on about Harris in the press, where are they about Shorten and his filthy past ?

Yeh, I can't help feel now everyone is gonna be some kind of RH victim and go to Slater and Gordon for a class Action style pay out. Payola time?????

At least RH knows how to play the didgeridoo?

Perhaps we all need to have a bex and a cup of tea and a good lay down, in regards to the bagging Ray Hadley's been getting lately. New facts from last night. Yes, as I say Poor Ray May have had no choice, according to Brian Wilshire even if it's the truth it doesn't matter. If it offends Islam it is off limits at 2GB. So lay off Ray, looks like he has no wriggle room at 2GB, as the spokesman he had to say what he said and may well had to get things underway for Smith speedy exiting from the holiday lineup.

What ever happened to "Take responsibility for your own actions" We are being taught by clever lawyers to always find a scapegoat for our own stuff ups.

strange that post verdict every one knew about what was going on.