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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Why did exploratory rock-art funding dry up after it was discovered that Australia’s Aborigines were likely not the first inhabitants. And why were rock paintings destroyed that clearly showed a more sophisticated indigenous people were present prior to, and at the same time, as our Aborigines?

Hmmm, could it blow the concept of Aborigines as the first inhabitants out of the water? Could a refusal to fund further exploration have something to do with land rights, outrageous funding levels or Constitutional recognition?

Only around 5,000 rock-art sites are known out of a possible 20,000 and it's troubling that sites such as those shown below have been desecrated.

After the alarming findings of a Graham Walsh (who spent 40 years studying Australian rock-art) were first published, they sent members of the Left wing “Australian Archaeological Association” into a panicWalsh proposed that the paintings were drawn by an Asiatic people prior to, and since, the last ice age… around a mere 15,000 years ago.

Consequently, on the 18th December 1995, the Association issued a media statement declaring that Walsh's “interpretation” of rock-art was "racist”, thus funding was promptly discontinued.

But the enigma of these provocative rock-paintings lives on and cannot remain unexplained forever, despite the well-held belief that Australia’s Aborigines were Australia's original inhabitants.

There is a glaring gap between what we are asked to believe and what rock paintings show.

Australian Aborigines are, let’s face it, extremely primitive… not having invented the wheel or the concept of math. Numbers more than one are simply “many”. If you take the painting of the canoe (above) it has a high bow and stern meaning it was a sea-going vessel capable of riding steep waves to and from shore, not the usual paintings of hollowed out logs or folded bark.

The elongated figures (above) are of a different artistic genre to crude Aboriginal paintings which concentrated on simple spit-hand and dot designs. According to Walsh these paintings reflect distinctive Asiatic art.

I took a helicopter into the Kimberley, having dropped fuel drums at points where I swear no-one else has ever been… there were rivers and waterfalls without names. Schools of barramundi were swimming in numerous rock pools and you had to hide behind a tree to bait your hook.

Brilliantly coloured birds perched on my fishing rod and shoulders and giant goannas ambled across my feet as if I didn’t exist.

I can never forget seeing, from 400 ft, incredible shapes of conjoined hexagons. They were around a foot thick and 15 foot high and made from what looked like compressed black volcanic glassy material. But there are no volcanoes in Australia.

Each side of the conjoined hexagons looked to be around 8 ft across and each section held its own eco-culture of plants, birds, and I suspect small animals and insects. There was nowhere to land for miles and I was without a camera but I swore I would return… I haven’t got back there yet but the structure is still as clear as crystal in my head.

What the hell was it there for, who could have built such a complicated, sophisticated, structure? How old was it it? Was there drainage from the monsoonal rains? Did the different plants indicate those that could sustain long periods under water? It certainly wasn’t an Aboriginal structure.

This is only loosely connected to rock-art but Les Hiddins, the Bush Tucker Man (above) has for decades believed in a tribe of white Aborigines and he contacted me a few years back to say he had fresh evidence but asked me not to reveal anything of his findings until he got back to me. He didn’t get back to me.

The now defunct English “Leeds Mercury” newspaper published an extract that came from the private journal of a British officer, Lieutenant Nixon, who described how his exploring party in 1832, had discovered a white colony living in an oasis-like area in Australia’s interior. 

Les believes the truth will lie in DNA testing but first we too must lay eyes on this white tribe or their remains.

Only a few hundred years ago, numerous Dutch ships were wrecked off the Kimberley’s rugged coast and it’s reasonable to believe Aboriginal tribes took in survivors who had no choice but to become completely assimilated. 

Those survivors would have brought previously unknown European skills to an inaccessible tribe. Yet Les Hiddins’ quest for answers has centred mainly on the interior.

I am not suggesting these black honeycombed structures had anything to do with a white tribe, only a suggestion we have much yet to learn about Australia's Aboriginal anthropological history.

What I have seen was in entirely inaccessible parts of the Kimberley. And, along with the discoveries of the Kimberley Foundation, I feel that DNA will be more easily found within 500 miles inland from the Kimberley coast.   

And I’m still waiting, Les.  


This information that has been hidden, must come into the light, as what is happening within Australia by the Aboriginals must be confronted to bring things back into order.

Most interesting Mr. Pickering. On a similar vein have you come across Wayne Herschel and his mind boggling research? check this out:

Early last year we did the tour of Katherine Gorge. The aboriginal boat handler told us (group of mainly white tourists) that when aboriginals first claimed land rights they got knocked back, so over the next decade or so they made up all these 'connections' and so-called 'sacred' sites (often middens i.e. rubbish heaps) then reclaimed and told all these fake stories. This time they were believed and the land rights scam began. That was straight from the horses mouth with 30 witnesses.

Bradshaw paintings have been described by Aboriginals as not theirs!

You are right on the money Larry - I've reckoned this for years. The aboriginal industry must be stopped and our politicians of all persuasions get some intestinal fortitude by stopping the madness and PC brigade taking over.

“…….But the West has a serious issue with authoritarian leaders. Current democracies require disposable leadership, in order to obliterate responsibility. In a parallel reality however – a “leader” is not one who spends the most on an election campaign and wins. A leader is not one who comes into office for 4 years, to look important. A leader is not one who is cleared of any responsibility for the reforms or policies that were pushed through under their administration.
Democracies corrupt our terminology – using “authoritarian” and “dictator” interchangeably – when it’s not the same thing at all. A true leader comes around once in a blue moon – and when the people recognise it, he stays for a long time. Democracies go nuts trying to discredit him [unless they installed him themselves].
The US 1986 attempt to assassinate Gaddafi failed. In 1992, they took a different approach by imposing sanctions for being “a dictator.” We now know that sanctions are never about taking the moral high ground – it is about asserting force, it is about bankrupting a country, it is about attacking their revenue streams – in this case, oil – it is about freezing its financial assets, just so that they will do as they are told………...”

No one has ever owned land, as the pages of history will attest, nations are abandoned, defeated, invaded or assimilated and have been forever. Homo erectis has been around roughly 2 million years and the Abo's, for a few thousand years. The old Abo might be as thick as a turnip but he can sniff out a Dole Office like a bloodhound.

Funny thing - one of the few DNA studies done on Aboriginal populations showed a huge difference between east and west coast populations. So even then, the question is which among the so-called 'first people' actually got here first? Gives a lot of credence to the theory that they arrived in waves and killed each other off. Not a popular one amongst the victim industry since it makes them look worse than the white-fella.

The " Bradshaw paintings" look African to me. The boab tree being only in the Kimberlies (l wonder how long that name lasts) and Africa , I wonder if there's a connection. Surely they didn't physically destroy them . I hope you're wrong on that count Larry.

Yet we all cry for the chosen racists that stole land off the Canaanites.

There is an unpopular theory that has been around since ww2, called the trihybrid model, originally presented by Tindale and Birdsell in 1941. It proposed that there were three waves of Aboriginal migration into Australia with each migration destroying the previous population and occupying the consequently vacated land. Keith Windshuttle has written about it many times, and he always uses hard evidence. It is unpopular because the political consequences are unthinkable for the racist aboriginal identity industry. So they accuse Windshuttle of being revionist, while they are busily rewriting history to suit their own political ends. I liked Hiddens when he was active. Maybe he has been bought off if he has gone quiet on anything controversial.

yep..i can remember the sharks at Tangalooma not long after it closed and i don't blame him one bit for not going in the water.

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Perhaps the best example of hexagonal "organ pipe" rocks is on the slopes of the extinct (we hope) volcano known as Mount Kaputar, which is an awesome sight from the Newell Highway between Narrabri and Moree.

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