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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


Robin Hood is a charming English folk tale that has enthralled children for centuries.The story is usually told more or less correctly however, people consistently come to completely the wrong conclusion.

This might not sound like such a big deal, but it kind of is. One particularly unfortunate example was the case of a couple of spoilt German rich kids called Karl and Freidrich. They put together some crackpot theories based on this common misinterpretation of Robin Hood’s adventures.

As a result of these ideas, some 50 million Russians, 38 million Chinese and fully one third of the population of Cambodia, paid with their lives.

It is of course, too late to do much about that. However, for some decades now, our own political leaders have been steering the SS Australia towards the icebergs of financial ruin based on this same flawed misconception.

So let me say this in the strongest possible terms: “Robin Hood did not steal from the rich to give to the poor.”

In Robin Hood’s day, the Government in England was spending money with all the restraint of a drunken sailor. Since they didn’t produce anything themselves, this money had to be looted from the people at gunpoint. In actual fact it was taken at arrow point since they hadn’t invented guns yet.

Some other things which hadn’t been invented were worthless paper money systems or international bond markets.

If the Government in that day wanted to rob the people they couldn’t just fire up the printing press (politely referred to as “lowering interest rates” or the even more insidious “Quantitative Easing”).

Neither could they borrow money on the people’s behalf and bugger off before the bill came due.

Instead they had to dispatch the evil Sheriff of Nottingham to do his rounds. He would ride into the village with his henchmen and help himself to whatever he could from the belongings of the hardworking ordinary folk. These poor unfortunates were left almost starving.

Once done, the Sheriff and his thugs would take off with the booty through Nottingham Forest to deliver it to his bloated political overlords. According to the legend, this was where Robin and his men would step in. They would lay in wait for the tax collectors and relieve them of their ill gotten gains.

They would then return the loot to its rightful owners who were the hard working taxpayers in the village.

So to set the record straight, it wasn’t Robin Hood who was doing the stealing, it was the Government. Robin Hood and his merry band of taxpayer advocates were taking stolen property from Government thieves and returning it to its rightful owners.

Did you get that Bill? How about you Malcolm and Sarah and the rest of you? Yes, you can compare yourselves to characters from this old English tale. But you aren’t the blokes in green pantyhose.

You are the evil Government thugs who are bleeding the hardworking people of this nation dry so that you and your comrades can live the life of luxury.

At least King Richard was up front about it.


Turnbull hiding from the Sky News people's forum. Refuses to participate and answer real people's questions. Happy to have the leftie media luvvies ask marshmallow questions but now anyone asking about the threat of Islam - or where the money is coming from.

speaking of history it seem you cannot find Guy Falk's any ware when he might be finally useful what a shame

I'll sixth it Warrick. I am thinking there must be literally thousands upon thousands of Australians sitting at the kitchen table saying '...what the f*ck do we do? i can't vote for him...and i won't vote for him". Whichever way round you usually would. No pressure, folks. This is definitely a sticky wicket and calls for a lot of chocolate to consume whilst pondering whether i can opt out of either of them, but still use my vote for some good. Hanson/ALA I guess, somehow.

I don't necessarily buy that Chris, but I do believe - as a famous figure J.K. Rowling said (as we've both had personal experience of this) - when you hit rock bottom, the only place to go, is up. She once said, it was a huge red letter day for her if she could afford to buy a new tea towel (cost, a pound). I've been there. Not any more, but you don't forget.

note Turnbull has become arbitrator of who is welcome in Australian Politics, a reality check is needed, the voter shall decide not Turnbull.

r/c you need to get to know rugby a bit better
he has a good point and at his age he is sticking to it

'There has never been a better time to be an Australian' This golden age must have started 14 September 2015 when Lord Wentworth, our glorious and beloved leader, knifed his way into the Prime Minister's chair and then sat on his hands for the last eight months.

Hanson is on Sky at the moment. Paul Murray giving her a decent hearing. She's coming across pretty well. Turnbull has made another mistake kicking her. Paul Murray gave Kirralie Smith a decent go as well. Pity the free to air media is so biased and not giving either any air time - although Angry Anderson apparently got a go tonight on one channel.

I am "a" Roger - not "the" Roger, Bruce. I believe the real Roger would not be caught dead on this site - and I wonder why I visit at all. I pop in from time to time but I find it a bizarre slice of Australia and the material that is posted under the banner of free speech somewhat disturbing. It's puzzling that some are able to post the most ridiculous garbage unchallenged, let alone what some actually seem to believe.

BUT wait, it gets better, Bitchop would not rule out standing for leadership of Libs. Interview this morning o

Pedigree analysis is my forte CC. Mixing with superior genes along the bloodline pool will eventually lead to upgrading. We must lift those you have referred to out of the mire through selective breeding programs. We can't wait any longer. I have selected you as a prime type to upgrade some of those housing commission types you speak of. Now please prepare for Harry's project 'Melting Moments' and make a quick deposit as I know you can. Send your specimen to P.O. Box 123 Mount Druitt NSW. It's winter don't worry about refrigeration we have a recipient donor waiting at present prearranged and laying dormant in a bong induced coma. Awaiting your instructions. Harry.

W..they're not useless..they are evil paid operatives who are shills for the White Genocide of Australia.a Zionist RKM agenda (the people who own our banks).watch Turnbull and Shorten mass debating..trying to avoid the issue they are working towards..the extermination of whites from Australia..both major parties are engaged in ethnic cleansing of whites...

Mmm and do you think the Westminster system doesn't mean fiefdom and serfs?

i'll second that...

I'm a melting pot man CC. Mix us all up so we don't know Arthur from Martha, black from brindle or Chinks from Hinks. Get out there and make love to your neighbour. Love they neighbour.

You are the one brandishing the sword Cross Chris. It is you that is a quisling.

Back at you Lights. Xxxooxxx

The film "Clinton Cash" - see - - is worth a Captain Cook.

Lights, totally agree, watch any morning show "news" It should be called "Moronic News" . However I am a firm believer in that things have to get worse before they get better! The US and Europe are nearly there, we have another 8 years to go. JMO!

BK, yes, I'd like that. I'd probably be a rich woman with a title, Lady ....., however, I don't like my chances, so won't be holding my breath.