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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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... and on ABC/Green oxygen

Don Smith

Don is no-nonsense bloke with a background in the arts and business. He pens unique Aussie banter and has an interest in all things controversial


Gee! Really upset about those headlines, you know the ones that said asylum seekers take lawyers’ advice and refuse to talk to Indian officials and get shunted off to Nauru. “They were offered a good deal but refused to take it”, said Morrison.

Finally some bloody sanity! Morrison made a statement along these lines: “We mean business, you’re not going to get in via the back door without a passport using people smugglers. Knock on the front door with a legitimate reason and we will probably talk to you about it.”

Now the “do-gooding” Greens and Leftie lunatics can put whatever spin they like on it, but the last thing 95 per cent of all these boat people who have arrived here over the past five years would actually be are genuine “asylum seekers”, especially this lot from India. Even ALP leaders like Bob Carr and Kevin Rudd said these people were mostly “country shoppers”.

In fact this last lot do not even classify as refugees, let alone asylum seekers. What exactly were they seeking refuge from? They already had refuge and protection in a safe haven in India. Might not have been the best place on the planet, but they were safe.

But don’t let that spoil a good story, these lunatic self-appointed “advocates” will tell you that these are genuine asylum seekers fleeing persecution in their homeland, despite the fact that the UN and anyone else who has actually gone to have a look, saying that they were not in danger in either India or their homeland.

However, ask lunatic "Rintool" and he will tell you that the UN officials are dead wrong.

Oh that’s right, places such as Malaysia, Indonesia and India are not safe havens because they do not have a government body called Centrelink. And by golly, they do not have one in Sri Lanka either. Stuff it, I forgot about that, sorry.

Funny thing is, the last time I looked, this country of Oz was a democracy and actually gets to elect its governments on the basis that they will do certain things for the country. Firstly, not stuff the joint up, but that’s another story.

 Recently we elected a new government to run the show and one thing they said they would do was shut down illegal back door immigration, so they set about the task immediately upon taking office.

Convention in Australia has always been that the defeated political party respects our democracy and allows the incoming government to proceed with their mandate to implement policy.

However, for the first time in our history we have lunatic Left defeated government led by an ex-union thug who has no respect for our democracy, or for the electorate, and has become the most obstructionist opposition in history. (Even an odious Rudd/Gillard Government was permitted to sail almost 600 Bills unimpeded through both Houses.)

Despite the lowest primary vote in its history the ALP under Shorten, along with the Greens and Clive Palmer for good measure, has totally refused point blank to acknowledge the mandate given to the new Government.

In fact they have gone out of their way to actually prevent it from implementing the policies they were elected to implement. They have virtually told the electorate we do not give a stuff about your wishes, stick your election up your arse.

Regardless that you may or may not agree with everything that the Government is doing, it was elected to do these things and should be allowed to get on with the job.

What makes matters worse, it appears that both the ALP and the Greens are prepared to go to great lengths to sabotage the elected Government. Not just disagree and argue with it but actually sabotage it.

It appears to anger them somewhat that this new Government has been successful in implementing policy whereas, when they were in government, they stuffed up everything they touched. It has clearly enraged them that the new Government has actually stopped these boats.

In fact, so enraged are they at the Government’s success, there is evidence that the ALP and the Greens have played an operational part in getting this latest boat from India to Australia.

It’s funny that the new Government stops the flow of illegal immigration and suddenly we get a boat departing from somewhere completely different! India! And the patrons on that boat have satellite mobile phones with the telephone numbers of ALP politicians and pinko Green advocates . Mmmm, makes you wonder,eh?

Now, not only are these ALP and Green slime insulting the electorate as well as showing complete disrespect for our democratic process, ironically they are being protected by that very democracy they insult.

Because in most countries, interfering in a government’s operations, especially border protection, could land you in jail for a very long time. In fact in some countries aiding and abetting an operation to smuggle people into a country could get you lined up against a wall and executed.

Holy hell! Can you imagine Shorten and the Greens running this country in the present climate? 


I've no doubt that the muslims are secretly financing the ALP / Greens. I just wish that someone could confirm it. This also applies with all the left wing governments in Europe that now have serious and permanent problems with muslims.

I am about a tenth of the way through reading the book by Hal Colebatch “Australia’s Secret War” This is a story about the behaviour of the Labor union movement and in particular the Waterside Workers Union during the Japanese attempted invasion of Australia from 1942 onwards.

What I have read so far leaves me in no doubt that the Waterside workers did everything within their power to prevent Australian & American forces from protecting Australia from the Japanese invasion.

Here are some of the stories taken from Army personnel who witnessed such atrocities :-

An American Liberty ship was unloading urgently needed Allison aircraft engines in Adelaide. The crane drivers lifted the engines up, swung them over to above the wharf, then let them drop several meters onto the concrete thus doing considerable damage making them inoperative. Of course the Americans protested to them very strongly but the wharfies continued on with the wreckage.

Another time a ship load of several complete fighter aircraft, which were badly needed, arrived in Australia to be transferred to a ship heading for the front line in PNG. Again the wharfies did everything possible to delay the loadings, again dropping them onto the wharf heavily enough to do considerable damage so as to delay their departure until repaired. At another occasion the crane hooked onto an aircraft when it was still bolted to the deck and continued to lift until the whole airframe was buckled rendering it useless.

One of the worst acts that caused huge losses was when a ship was loading some urgently needed radio and radar equipment in Townsville, the wharfies had a go slow period which delayed the departure time considerably. Upon it’s arrival at it’s destination the radio equipment was hurriedly unloaded and installation started immediately. It was then revealed that the radios were all useless as the valves has all been removed during loading at Townsville. Unfortunately 4 or 5 fighters were returning that night when the weather closed in making navigation impossible without radio assistance. There was nothing anyone could do about it, the aircraft were never heard of again, obviously they kept searching until they ran out of fuel and crashed into the sea.

There are several more such stories where serious delays at the wharfs caused many front line troops to run out of ammunition thus causing heavy casualties. The Australian Labor Government under John Curtain did nothing about it.

Fast forward to later years and nothing has changed except the union controlled Labor party is hell bent on destroying the country by sending it broke. As soon as Whitlam got into power it started, gross wastages of money. Eventually Whitlam was sacked before he was able to totally destroy the country. Then we copped Krudd/Gillard who also tried to wreck the country notwithstanding the huge surplus they inherited and the fact that Australia was in the midst of the biggest profitable mining boom in history they still managed to leave the biggest deficit in history..

So now we have a Government who is desperately trying to fix the problem and what do we get from the Labor ? every effort to stop it happening even trying to influence the stupid Senate into stopping any sort of recovery. Seems all Shorten wants to do is to get back in and thus finish us off.

YES Rosco. Frightening when you see names like , Sarah Hanson Young , I Wanna Big Dik , Clive , Muir the mute . Never ends . Think I will just watch the football . At least they kick a goal occasionally.

Because no one has found an armor piercing shell good enough to penetrate that prick's skull!

I was talking to a bloke this afternoon who is waiting for his security clearance so he can work in a detention centre and he reckons there are a thousand boaties in each centre and they cost us about $ 3 million per person per year to accommodate going on what the over all costs are from each contractor and it seem Abbott sold us a furphy because no detention centres were closed as the government had advertised to us .

Don't hold your breath on replies. Labor green and minority senators hold us in contempt, and Coalition senators may reply if the matter isn't too hard

shortass press conf on now, what a lying piece of shit, so is dreyass

....and every institution in this country is dominated by the left. The enemy is within and if these ppl aren't purged out of government we are doomed. The PM has just cancelled 18c repeal

I wonder if the IMEI number in the phones that the illegals were carrying were supplied from Australia, and could they then be traced to a person who bought these phones. It would certainly lead to a smoking gun.

One of your best articles ever Larry. Immigration was always supposed to be a two way street, we let you in and you contribute and assimilate, but since the majority of immigrants are now muslim we are in deep shit because these parasites do neither. I have no doubt in my mind that the latest boat was given aid by the labor and greens and should be thoughly investigated, and charges laid. Love to see twodads face walking into court charged with ppl suggling offences,as well as milne and the rest of the filthy green communists.What shortass has been doing is delibratley sabotaging the mandate the government has been given by the massive majority of Australians, that is sedition, sadly the judiciary is not on the majorities side either. I worry for my country when war is looming...

there's no such thing as sedition as an offence any more. gillard abolished it for some weird reason.

There is nothing in your head blowjob.

I'm looking at the clones (journo's) on the ALP propaganda Channel. (ABC) These idiots think this is a game. They are even now trying to put shit on Gov't moves to act against Terrorists.

Yes, there should be an inquiry into this latest shipment. The left knew it was on it's way. There were the aforementioned phone numbers of ABC and Fairfax journalists and "refugee" advocates embedded in the mobile phones of the passengers. And the left was agitating about where the boat was long before most Aussies even knew there was one on the way. And immigration lawyers were talking about their "clients" who were yet to enter the country. There will be a trail back to the origins of this people smuggling exercise, and I hope Scott Morrison explores it.

I would love to see Rintoul in jail for his part in people smuggling.

I would like to invite Rintool and Sarah Hanson Young to our area for a visit as the locals have never seen a traitorous, lying, troublemaking fool close up before.

Bruce, I didn't think you had it in you. You're as angry as the rest of us as to what they (the morons) are doing.

On the whole I found DJT's posts to be informative. I would much rather read his posts than those of the leftist attackers that visit this site. And yes, I think Abbott should speak up against the moslem values, behaviours and activities that are anti-Australian. In my opinion that is a weakness that he doesn't. Otherwise he have done a great job under arduous circumstances.

Thanks Hadenuff for the contacts. They will deffernatly be hearing from me. Traitors.

Bill shorten the thug. He couldn't blow out a candle the little pipqueeck that he is. He was only a thug because of the backup he got from his thug union mates, big man. Get the little prick by himself and i bet he would shit himself. Ponsy little prick.