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Monday, 17th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Once a week we put three hours aside to enjoy a thoroughly Aussie competition devoid of socio-political slogans, but this time a year ago such a banner would have been torn down immediately.

Today there is heightened awareness of the dangers mosques pose across the globe.

They are far from the places of worship they are portrayed to be. People are not mugs just because they support Collingwood (except for Eddie McGuire of course) and they have realised instances of terrorism are not deserving of the “lone wolf” tag the Left loves to use.

Terrorism always has group Islamic community backing, it relies on congregational protection and secrecy in planning atrocities and protecting those who manufactured the bombs and convinced the dumbest to turn themselves into mince meat in order to murder hundreds of innocents.

And behind each Islamic terrorist cell is the driving force of at least one of many mosques spewing Friday hate preachers. They high five each other while watching the newscasts. They gloat over their successes as death tolls rise and the injured writhe in pain on the sidewalk.

Even those who follow Collingwood have become aware of the danger mosques pose to non Muslims. More people are now reading the Koran and they are starting to believe it means what it says.

The personality-challenged McGuire wants to ban for life those who strung up the banner covering the scoreboard. What garbage! The sign was certainly in the wrong place at the wrong time but it shows the mosque message is getting stronger and more credible each day despite what McGuire says.

I wonder what McGuire's response would have been had the plot to blow up the MCG and its patrons and players been successful.

The banner at the MCG last night may have upset the PC brigade but it proves that even some Collingwood supporters have sufficient intelligence to understand the danger of proliferating suburban mosques.

And that’s saying something.


What is our country coming to

Can;t see Australia will become a lesser place at his passing.

So the AFL doesn't want football games to be a platform for political agendas? A life ban fir those that impose their political ideology at matches?? So, no more specially themed rounds or PC stunts dividing us by race, gender or sexuality? Yay!!!! I'm so glad I'll be able to enjoy going to the footy again.

Ellis is no loss to society

Just wondering if we'd get away with this but it seems they can !

OK for the Muslims to preach hate to us and fly their black flags, but not OK for us - and McGuire should step away from this, and Julie Bishop should have kept her mouth shut!

Well it's happened Newspoll Labor 51 Libs 49. I'm full of disgust for Turnbull and his supporters.

Right message at a well chosen venue.

I'm fed up with all the Publicity the PC Brigade have given This "Prank"
If it had Said "No More Churches" No body would have even Noticed.

Saddler. Sun 3 Apr 2016 10:19:13 pm
You people bag Turnbull for being a supposed lefty. He isn't the first Liberal to be branded a Leftie.

Ellis has written two books, Goodbye Jerusalem and Goodbye Babylon, on his experiences of the Labor Party. The first edition of Goodbye Jerusalem was pulped following a successful defamation case brought by two Liberal cabinet ministers, Tony Abbott and Peter Costello, and their wives. At issue was the single sentence where Ellis quoted politician Rodney Cavalier as having said, "Abbott and Costello...they're both in the Right wing of the Labour Party till the one woman fucked both of them and married one of them and inducted them into the Young Liberals".

All exports are worthless where taxpaying Australians do not own the means of production. How many "Buy Australian to keep the money in Australia" campaigns have we all heard over and over. Entrepreneur Dick Smith started an Australian food company because he was fed up with foreigners bleeding Australia. The profit side of the ledger is completely missing with foreigned owned, but even if it wasn't, the Chinese would just pay their 30% tax and still take the bulk of the money off shore to spend on creating jobs in China. On the expenses side of the ledger some money is spent in Australia on taxpaying employees and suppliers. But the Chinese have already got some contracts that will allow them to bring in Chinese workers. So our stupid Government is going to allow it, small at first, but wait and see. The Chinese Communist Government can come here use all of our infrastructure buy whatever they like and pay no income tax. Now as far as foreign money building Australia is concerned, most of the major infrastructure projects from the building of the Nullabor plain rail line in 1917 to the Great Snowy Mountain Scheme Starting in 1949 were funded by debt free money issued by the Commonwealth Bank. I just heard on the radio that the Chinese Government has just issued a WARNING to the Baird Government not to try and stop them buying the electricity grid!!!

K1 Saddler repeated a defamatory slur against two respectable married women in the crudest terms, which is par for the course for him. How can you characterise objection to that as rampant bile? just join the dots!

Thanks Dusty.

What the Iranian government and Shia Muslims don't what you to see.

Thanks Dusty you make sense as always.

This is probably going to get up some on this site's nose.

Did you hear Pauline on 2GB this morning Knight? Alan Jones of course... you could hear it on podcast, I am thinking around 6.45 to say 7.15 Eastern Standard NSW time. Very interesting.

Well your eyes are not that bad you past the test Knight. You did not fall for the trap.

He was a vicious piece of shit that hated the right. GFY STRINGY. TALK ABOUT INSIGNIFICANCE you exemplify it.