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Monday, 17th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


This would involve the removal of half of his bum and five otherwise healthy organs – “My bladder, bowel, prostate, colon and ­rectum-- and for the rest of my days I will have to carry both a colostomy bag and a bladder bag.” This was not a good read in The Australian while having my Weet Bix but Graham Richardson is determined to battle on in excruciating pain. Like me he probably has a young son in mind.

Chemo and some other stuff didn’t work on Richo and those sneaky little lymph nodes always seem to return, so it’s not much of a deteriorating life for him. It’s not how long you live that matters, it’s how well.

Explaining your life-threatening operation is in the same category as, “let me show you my holiday snaps”, so I won’t go there. I’m told I will probably not last this year out and when the lymph nodes return, as I’m assured they will, the cancer will have gone too far anyway. The chemo, I’m told, would only have had a ten per cent chance of working anyway.

The choice was a simple one for me... screw the chemo and enjoy what time I have left.

I could even rob a bank or two! I reckon that would be exciting seeing how they robbed me blind first and maybe I’ll kill a few bastards. Ooops, I’d get life for that! 

If Richo is getting the same pain killers that I am then he is probably chasing stray cats too... blimey, one of those little white pills must be equal to ten Viagra.

I’m not religious so I don’t believe in the afterlife with those spooky bright white lights and things. But I have never understood why a wake is held after some poor bastard is buried... why not hold the wake while he’s still alive so he can get a chance to say a coherent goodbye to everyone?

That’s what I’m going to do and I can do it because these lymph node things attack with great speed. Seven people I have known with cancer, including my first wife of 40 years, all died suddenly and five of them suffered the poisonous chemo material with awful effects.

So, at the first indication that these little lymph buggers are back I’ll be arranging a huge party with the family and some old friends I haven’t seen for a long while. The next day I’ll be happy to order some morphine, roll a smoke, relax in my favourite chair and watch some old episodes of Deadliest Catch.

I’ll have a smile on my face and my family and friends won’t have to remember the sight of an emaciated, decomposing shell of a person they once called Dad.

Anyway, I hope Richo’s choice proves me wrong and he pulls through.


Larry we all have lymph nodes through out our bodies .... they are an important part of our immune system. They are not something that comes & goes like cancer does before & after treatments.However they can contain cancer cells when they start to move throughout the body thus spreading secondary cancers when they come back in other places from the initial source. This why sentinel lymph nodes are checked & removed close to the cancer source to try & prevent the spread. This not always successful. It's something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy & I hope Richo makes the most of the rest of his life ... and you too if you are battling cancer. And yes I reckon the "wake" should be before you shuffle off this mortal coil.

Read 'The China Study' Good chance of a cure for you.

Slightly OT but relevant to the subject:

Highest paying profession? Surgeon, physician, MD - in that order. They reap so much money they constantly look for more investment opportunities - gold, property, mutual funds, tax havens, etc. etc.

Highest costs in life? After tax and mortgage, medical in old age. They milk the frail and aged until the the piggy bank is dry and then squeeze Medicare to exhaustion knowing that it is funded by taxes from future generations (AMA have no ethics, particularly since they associate with Mafia Labor)

Point of the above? I side with LP's argument. I prefer to leave my wealth (what little there is) to my family rather than greedy AMA medicos and politicians who legislate to perpetually raise taxes.
If I can't enjoy my life, at least my family will.

Barton ?

what ever it takes...

Sounds good Larry. I feel the same way about a Wake. I would prefer to have a good old knees up. I would like to mention this. Why in the hell can we not choose to die. Now a days a Vet will come along and put your pet peacefully to sleep in its own home with people around it. WTF can we not have the same dignity. I am a cancer survivor. But should the beast'y come back and it becomes good bye Lady Pirate. I would like to sail off into the sunset with the gentle lap of the waves, watching the sails fill,take my goodbye medicine with my family aboard and peacefully go.

Bruce, I have the greatest respect for your posts. Having said that, you do keep heckling with your remarks like "gutless non de plumes" and "the Japanese saw me as a hero". You have been in Aus for however many years, and still not learned that if you put yourself out there, you are fair game. PS, Stewart Is is still one of the most beautiful places on earth, although a tad cold.

Ah so Houdini Sun.


Is the human headline going to seek a seat in parliament I vaguely remember something on that front? Who is Barry Cohen Ruggers give is the run down?

As a Cancer sufferer I have some sympathy with Richo but do take perverse pleasure in noting that all those years of venality & corruption to achieve his "whatever it takes" wealth have been for nought .. no amount of gains (ill-gotten or legal) can substitute for health .. now he is learning "you can't take it with you" .... sad man!

i am slipping BR I should have said, Ollie branch.

I did warn you about Saddler Houdini, I knew how this would finish old mate. Why you bother to offer an olive branch to it remains a mystery to me. You have many friends here already, pick and stick. Have a good weekend with your beautiful wife. Warm regards. Harry. PS. You should stay up past Midnight pl, that is tradition when the fireworks start. It's New Years Eve every night on PP after the witching hour. : )

Would someone tell us when that useless labor scumbag dies, so I won't need to look at his picture before I pop the champagne.

Bruce doesn't lie Saddlerdot.

Oh Shirley of the "I would hope that some of the posters think about what they say and write" you mean like this? Shirley Fri 22 Apr 2016 08:53:59 pm
Lights, the paw paw Bible thumping, poster, battling a life threatening illness, found on the back threads trolling and abusing innocent posters .....hmmmm sounds like the tried and true worn out formula of the smartgirl...methinks :)) Complete psychopath

Richo has never been found guilty of anything barring some tax issues Ringo. LET IT BE LET IT BE LET IT BE.SEEKING WORDS OF WISDOM LET IT BE.

Lymph nodes are always there and do a good job of catching cancer cells before they travel further around the body from the original site. So it is not a case of lymph nodes coming back. I had 17 removed from my left neck; one caught cancer cells from my mouth. Three years later with a recurrence in my mouth I also had 3 nodes removed from my right neck, but they were clear. Thank God for my lymph nodes!

I stand chastised.

God bless you Larry.