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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


The Australian government is holding an unnecessary enquiry into whether to abolish the Renewable Energy Target (RET), which mandates that 20% of Australian electricity must come from renewable sources by 2020. 

There is only one “renewable” energy source that makes sense for grid power in Australia – hydro-power. But all the good hydro dam sites are either already equipped, or have been sterilised by the same people who demand that we use renewable energy. 

Geo-thermal energy works, but Australia’s geology does not have many attractive geothermal sites. Nuclear is also “emissions free” but it is politically prohibited. And we have zero chance of getting approvals to clear-fell forests of timber for burning as biomass.

Which leaves wind and solar. Neither can ever produce continuous power at their “rated” capacity.  They are intermittent energy producers. The sun sets every day and there are cloudy days, stormy days and windless days. No amount of “research” will change these laws of nature. 

Wind and solar power can be useful in some situations such as remote locations, but when connected to the grid they are energy cripples that can only exist on crutches supplied by reliable power plants using hydro, coal or gas, and subsidised by consumers or tax payers. 

The costly RET can have no measurable effect on global temperatures. It imposes needless costs on poorly utilised backup facilities, and increases transmission costs, network instability, capital destruction and operating losses for existing generators. Germany has already showed how to create renewable energy chaos – let’s not follow their sad example.

This enquiry is an excuse for inaction and delay. The Minister could have dictated the answer to his secretary before smoko one morning: “If we are serious about providing Australian industry and consumers with economical reliable electricity, we must abolish the RET now.”

And if the green Senate refuses to abolish the act, the Minister can use his regulatory powers to change the renewables target from 20% to 2%, and the time limit from 2020 to 2120.


The Global Battle on Climate Change Continues
Michael Mann says he is the real thing and his detractors are crooks in the pay of Murdoch and sundry child-eaters.
President Obama may agree - he is exercising his inner Kevin Rudd and using the EPA to bypass Congress in closing down coal power stations, he wants to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 30 per cent. He suggested that rather than having an adverse effect this will boost the economy by $43 billion to $74 billion. Yeah right!
Obama claims hurricanes will increase without his latest coal-suppressing actions. It is doubtful he would be interested in data showing no increase of hurricanes in recent years. Obama's latest National Climate Assessment makes incorrect statements like, "recent decades have seen unusual warming", and "there is an increase in extreme weather events". A score of prestigious independent scientists have systematically dissected these statements and shown them to be false. Another debunked myth is that of the soon-to-be-extinct polar bears; unsurprisingly it turns out that like so many climate scare tales it was completely made-up.
Oh No!! It's becoming official, climate change is creating Frankenstein trout. What next? Yes, you guessed it - global warming is causing an upsurge in extra-marital dalliances.
Hmmmmm Where have we heard THIS crap before?

Abolish the RET - yesterday along with all subsidises to wind and solar - (see how long the last once they loose their public funding.) Viv has, as usual nailed it !!The lefty wet dream of the RET is just that.

For something like 420 billion, a lot of money, but so was the Snowy at the time. We could build tidal power station in the NT, also build dams to hold the Syd Arbs of water that head to the sea. Pipe the water across the nation with tidal power, then run it down the coastal escarpments to the capital cities, through Hydro power stations. The cities get water and power, both things they are short of. My figures would be accurate to maybe 100 Billion either way, Sort of 10 times what they spent on the NBN, that is really just for entertainment. Wireless via 4g, and whatever better technology is in the pipeline, will kill fibre in not a great number of years.

The Solar Panels to power the town of Windorah in Qld, when possible, were built at a cost of 4.5 million. This they say will save 20000 litres of diesel a year. Cost of 20000 litres at current retail,$33000. Cost of 4.5 million dollars at 2% interest, per year, $90000. They call that a good deal?

Media Ridiculed for Hyping “Antarctic Collapse” Amid Record Ice

I listened to Alan Jones talking to James Dinglepole about wind farms. Apparently the superannuation funds that Labor administers are heavily invested in the wind farms. If this is correct it is a conflict of interest for the Labor Party. How can they make a decision about Global Warming or the economics of wind farms when they own the product we all subsidise and we believe are a waste of time. Please expose this for the scam it is.

Hydro power will never work for Aus... we don't have an abundant source of water.. But what we do have is lot's of sunshine... more than almost anyone else on the planet!

Solar Panel Roadways --

Put some money into the development of Thorium nuclear power. Australia has the world's largest reserves of Thorium. It can never melt down like traditional nuclear power stations, is virtually non polluting and extremely safe in operation. China and India are both fast tracking research into Thorium reactors. We don't want to just mine the stuff and sell it overseas. We should develop clean safe Thorium power ourselves and lead the world!

The problem with our country's Conservative party is that it consists of many big government progressives. We all know that conservatism is the answer to all our problems but the LNP needs to constantly shift Left to maintain party unity. It is completely ridiculous. Dump the RET and Turnbull and others resign en masse.

Interesting. Seems like they saved 14grams of CO2. Very worthwhile - sarc.

Nuke power is NOT! Carbon nuetral, it takes 20 years to get back the carbon from just building them, then there is the massive amount of carbon just digging up the uranium. Then it takes huge amounts of carbon to store the stuff for 30 thousand years. Then when they have to be decommissioned, it costs 50odd billion to do this. Coal is the best way, good for the trees, plants, us, grows more food from the extra co2.

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The solar panels cheaply on Qld roofs ably put in by Bligh are causing problems and could be another Pink Batts catastrophe. Firstly, the Government and Energex are held into paying up to 50c a unit until the 2020s. It may seem good for the people who receive the benefit, but someone has to pay and it's all the people who don't have the panels who are disadvantaged as the panels have caused the electricity prices to rise. As well, the wires are being overused by power going in both directions and much more maintenance is required. Higher cost for Energex. What happens in Power failures? With so many people in this business corners have been cut to get panels on the roof and they could slip off. Many problems have been told to me by a electrician in the business.

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Question 1. Will the Traitorous; ALP, Greens & PUPs get rid of the stupid CARBON Tax?
Question 2. Will the Government call their Bluff with the Threat of a Double Dissolution?
& If 2 is YES.......
Question 3. Will the Australian Voters have the sense to put the LNP back in with a Landslide?

(PS: I wouldn't vote for Clive again if I had the chance.)

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