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Friday, 22nd March 2019

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...and things we've forgotten to remember

Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Today is Remembrance Day, an appropriate time to reflect on our ability to defend ourselves. History holds lessons. Back in Dec 1941, Japan suddenly attacked the huge US Naval base at Pearl Harbour.

Three days later, two “invincible” British warships, “Repulse” and “Prince of Wales” were sunk by Japanese planes off Malaya. Soon Japanese armies were rampaging through Asia towards Australia. 

By Feb 1942, the British fortress of Singapore surrendered and Japanese bombs were falling on Darwin. By Sept 1942 the Japanese army had slashed their way down the Kokoda Track and could see the lights of Port Moresby. They were looking across Torres Strait to Australia. At that time, most of our trained soldiers were fighting Rommel in North Africa or in Japanese prison camps.

Suddenly Australia was on its own and needed to defend itself with what we had here. Armies need soldiers, weapons, bullets, vehicles, fuel, food (and cigarettes).

Rationing was introduced for petrol, food and cigarettes. An immediate critical shortage was copper for cartridge cases - we had mines producing lead, zinc, silver, gold and iron, but there was a critical shortage of copper.

Fortuitously, just before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, an exploration drill hole at Mount Isa had struck rich copper ore.

Mount Isa was called on to avert a calamitous shortage of copper in Australia. With government encouragement, Mount Isa Mines made the brave decision to suspend the profitable silver/lead/zinc operations and convert all mining and treatment facilities to extracting copper.

The lead concentrator could be converted to treat copper ore, but the biggest problem was how to smelt the copper concentrates. Luckily the company had skilled engineers and metallurgists in the lead smelter.

In a miracle of improvisation, scrap steel and spare parts were purchased and scavenged from old mines and smelters from Cloncurry, Mt Elliott, Mt Cuthbert and Kuridala and cobbled into a workable copper smelter.

In 1943 the first Mount Isa blister copper was produced. Production continued after the war when Mount Isa returned to extracting the then more profitable silver/lead/zinc. Later new plant was built enabling both lead and copper to be produced from this fabulous mine.

This story of the importance of self-reliance has lessons for today. 

The war on carbon energy, the carbon tax, the renewable energy targets, escalating electricity costs and the voices in Parliament calling for Emissions Trading Schemes have all unnerved our big users of carbon fuels and electricity. Smelting and refining have become threatened industries in Australia, and closure of the Mount Isa copper smelter and the Townsville copper refinery has been foreshadowed. Already six major metal smelting/refining operations have closed in Australia this century and more are likely. The closures have affected copper, lead, zinc, steel and aluminium – the sinews of modern industry. And the car industry, with all its skills and tools, is closing.

Local production and refining of oil is also declining, while “lock-the-gate” vandals are trying to prevent domestic exploration and production of gas. More and more land and offshore waters are closed to exploration and mining, and heavy industry is scorned. It was estimated recently that by next year, half of Australia’s oil refining capacity will have closed. In the event of a disruption to tanker routes, Australia has just 12 days of diesel supplies before city fuel and food supplies start to dry up.

We are losing the resources, skills and machinery needed for our own security, while we fritter precious resources on green energy, direct action, carbon capture and storage and other pointless anti-carbon chimeras.

Our foolish green energy policies and the suicidal war on carbon fuels are killing real industry leaving us unskilled and defenceless – like a fat toothless walrus basking on a sunny beach.

Wake up Australia.


I wonder if all the German and Japanese car drivers in Australia that have killed off our car industry remember the atrocities of these 2 nations and the tech hole they will leave us in? Obviously not because they vastly outnumber Australian cars on the road. I don't want to hear any crap either that they are better. I'd take my HSV any day over a MB C63.

the response hardly addressed my concerns and is the obviously PC response to any criticism. What more can one expect from head in the sand Labor voting PC teachers?

I wrote to Carrington Public School re their Remembrance Day programme. Their reply is as follows: Thank you for your contact.

There has been some misunderstanding about our Remembrance Day service yesterday. I would like to assure you that the service was held as it has been in the past and the school will continue to commemorate this important event each year.

The service which was attended by all students and staff, and school community members were welcome. The service featured the Ode, a minute’s silence the Last Post and Rouse. In addition The Recessional and National Anthem were sung by all those in attendance.

We had a great service and thank you for your interest.

Carrington Public School
Young St, Carrington 2294

And will they go through the ritual of "Thanking the original owners.....etc. ad nausium...?

I wonder if the moslems will take this much care of our land when they take over?
We're being"White anted" from within, and we won't be able to stop them "Landing" any more.

The technology is available for the smelters to continue operating without upsetting anyone but companies like Xstrata and Nth Qld nickel who have this technology aren't interested in using it .

Sorry, couldn't help it

For fucks sake, we are buying second hand Yank Tanks and PAYING for them to fix them. Hmmm Hmmm , hows the budget ? Lets kill some unemployed kids , that'll save it. Their No. 1 cause of death is already suicide . lets make their life impossible. Hmmm, Hmmm , that's the solution. TEAM AUSTRALIA YAY YAY

Every word a gem, but FUCK OFF THE FRACKING, it has allowed a Green takeover of every food producer in Oz . STOP IT.

Good effort by this Victorian Police sergeant:

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Was that a Bruce Rugby poem? he hasn't been around for a while.

That is very Special, thank-you for sharing Geoff U.

Well put Vic.

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Former Archbishop of Canterbury says ‘panic’ about the niqab is 'largely misplaced' even if young children cannot see their teacher’s face ..


p Australia have had it to good for a long time. Our enemies are now in our town,suburbs and cities. We are so dumb and politicily correct we are downing in our own dribble and shit. I fear for our nation and the stupity of the labor/ green movement. Climate change is a natural process and we have all been conned by the money grabbing pricks of this world. So Fucking with our futures and security.gust amit to the world that it is all about money and the so called green tax to feed another money stream for the so call incompent ecommermist pricks who have bullshitted their way onto sky,abc and government thought bubbles. We the average Australia time to take your heads out of your over feed welfare backsides and demand our political leaders to change direct. man may climate change is crap.

Me too

Agree whole heartedly with those sentiments Viv, well stated....
However may I add that the problem really started with the "Whitlam Mentality".....that being that getting a university education became this national priority and put this stigma on going to TAFE and doing a trade...our skills shortage commenced in the mid 70's because of it....