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Monday, 25th March 2019

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... but only just

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


You would think that religion would be dead by now, given its degree of self harm. But in some quarters it is thriving, despite child abuse, murderous rampages, two-State quandaries, re-siting of embassies, jihadism, a fruit loop Pope, endless Arab Springs/Winters, and governments without morals!

Why then are we celebrating ancient Pagan rabbit-and-egg Spring festivities that have no relationship to Christ? Well, it’s something to do with how we were raised. Christians are as unchangeable as are Muslims and that’s why the Catholic Church wants your children until they are seven and you can do with them what you want after that, they will remain Catholic. 

They will have been "branded", told they were “baptised” before they could say the word, and there’s not a damned thing they can do about it! I mean the Catholic Church isn’t interested in running cake shops, but running schools is indispensable to the cause of fashioning young minds in Catholic concrete.

Christ died on a cross, yes okay, but as for the rest of the tale I have no time for the supernatural and although you Christians try to reform me, I promise I won’t try to reform you… mainly because I don’t think Christianity is a bad thing. Nonsense maybe, but a stencil upon which people can conduct their lives. And it has to be better than Islam, because to worship something, anything, is a human need.

Christianity is a pretty dodgy glue that helps societies to adhere to a set of principles. Many will say it’s the Ten Commandments, but that’s definitely not true. 

  The Jews needed something other than money to worship when Moses shot through

The Ten Commandments were given to Moses and written by the finger of "his God" on two stone tablets, on top of a volcanic Mount Sinai, as the story goes, but these commandments were intended only for the very naughty Jews… they were Mosaic laws and have little relationship to Christ who came along eons later.

Nonetheless, Mohammed was a Johnny-come-lately when compared to Abraham’s ancient Jews, who needed to worship something. I mean every time Moses turned his back they built very expensive, solid gold statues to worship.

   Under Mosaic law heaven becomes irrelevant as no-one today would qualify for entry:

Thou shalt not worship any false image! Okay, I guess that includes the Shroud of Turin, (which was carbon-dated to the 15th century) and Collingwood!

Thou shalt keep the Sabbath holy! Gord, is that a Sunday or a Saturday... 'cos Saturday is definitely out if the Swans are playing!

Thou shalt not take the Lord thy God's name in vain! OMG, Moses didn't consider texting acronyms!

Honour your mother and father! Hmmm, your mother and father are never home to honour!

Thou shalt not kill! That counts out all the Germans, Turks, Italians, Yanks and Ruskies (and a few billion Muslims who were never going to make it anyway!)

Thou shalt not commit adultery! Crumbs, poor Barnaby... and anyway, what if your co-adultering staff member is partial to a harmless friendly bonk?

Thou shalt not steal! That counts out the Government, the CBA, the ATO, unions, the Gold Coast City Council and all energy and insurance companies.

Thou shalt not covet your neighbour’s wife! Blimey, what if the little hotty sun bakes topless?

Crikey, "Heaven" must be a near-vacant allotment of ugly sheilas and bonkers blokes!

Christian teachings were a bit different. No eye-for-an-eye laws for the Gentiles, it was “turn the other cheek” stuff and He actually told us to “love our neighbours”... so Moses and Christ were a bit conflicted when it came to the naughty bit rules!

I was indoctrinated as a kid in a very strict religion but it was never my thing as it made me think in a straight jacket so I decided to flick it at eight. The trouble was that, until I was 21, every time I uttered the F bomb I was ducking for cover from an imagined bolt of lightning. 

But to be honest, it seems our level of decadence increases as a corollary with the diminution of Christianity. So a belief in the supernatural clearly has some redeeming features. 

But not for me, although I still buy Easter eggs and put up a Christmas tree for the kids to decorate every year. Yet none of us actually understands what the hell we are celebrating when we honour Pagan rituals like the Goddess of Spring, Oestra (Easter) and the mid-Winter festival of Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus) ...and the blinking tooth fairy.

But who cares, it all seems to give us a feeling of righteous warmth... 

                                                 which it actually shouldn’t.    


It is a shame to see an intelligent man beat himself up over the Old Testament. The book describes in large part ancient World living. A World completely alien to the modern World that we now live in that began with the reformer Jesus Christ. Jesus replaced the Ten Commandments with two...Love the LORD your God...Mat 22:38 and love your neighbour as yourself...Mk 12:31.The only celebration Jersus commanded was the bread and wine to remember his suffering and death. As far as supernatural goes, Science can't explain what causes gravity in the here and now let alone know about anything supernatural. And the people who shake their fist at Christmas and Easter are the venaly religious...who have ruined it for all of Gods Creation.

Be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, Larry. Our increasingly godless age has not seemed to have improved our relations with each other. Youngsters are yearning for “meaning” & are terribly vulnerable to cultural Marxism in our institutions. Suggest you have a read of what Prof. Jordan Peterson has to say about what the great archetypal stories can still hold for us.

Shepparton (Vic) has the dubious title of Australia's Ice City.

channel 7 Brisbane News won't use the kill word in describing death

knuckles you are right, he couldn't really say anything else. He's not stupid as you say, he can surely see the writing on the wall.

If Hadley put him on the spot like that on National Radio, what would you expect him to say. "Fuck no Ray we're gunna punt his arse and put the Stick in charge to guarantee Shortarse the keys to the Lodge". He really didn't have any option but to say he supported him. Now if that is fair dinkum or not is another matter for the back room. Dutton's no fool, he knows that the Turd is a dead man walking, and the longer he stays there the less chance they have of being re-elected, but the Turd has enough support from a bunch of weak pricks in his Cabinet and Back Benches to survive at the moment. However, it's the long game that's important.

lol pab and Ball

Luckily they weren't in the same studio.

All things considered, they do seem like a rather ungrateful bunch, after all the poms made the place the best country in the world.

pel....The Same "Special" he has with the gAyBC staff.......There are friends, and then there are Special FRIENDS.....:-)

No, Israel Folau is a shining light in a decrepit darkening world. And the left cringe and quickly pull the race card, and this thread has nothing to do with race.

lol pab...I know how you feel...its just that those two have something 'special'..shall we say

pel....The man is a first rate GOOSE......My life is too precious to waste it watching any more of that Trumble of disappointment than I absolutely must....:-)

the barrie and Malcolm love in..

“Washington’s Pope”? Who is Pope Francis I? Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio and Argentina’s “Dirty War”
by Michel Chossudovsky
March 13, 2013
[see update on the Secret Memorandum]
The Vatican conclave has elected Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope Francis I
Who is Jorge Mario Bergoglio?
In 1973, he had been appointed “Provincial” of Argentina for the Society of Jesus.
In this capacity, Bergoglio was the highest ranking Jesuit in Argentina during the military dictatorship led by General Jorge Videla (1976-1983).
He later became bishop and archbishop of Buenos Aires. Pope John Paul II elevated him to the title of cardinal in 2001
When the military junta relinquished power in 1983, the duly elected president Raúl Alfonsín set up a Truth Commission pertaining to the crimes underlying the “Dirty War” (La Guerra Sucia).
The military junta had been supported covertly by Washington.
US. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger played a behind the scenes role in the 1976 military coup.
Kissinger’s top deputy on Latin America, William Rogers, told him two days after the coup that “we’ve got to expect a fair amount of repression, probably a good deal of blood, in Argentina before too long.” … (National Security Archive, March 23, 2006)...........
.....................In 2005, human rights lawyer Myriam Bregman filed a criminal suit against Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, accusing him of conspiring with the military junta in the 1976 kidnapping of two Jesuit priests.
Several years later, the survivors of the “Dirty War” openly accused Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of complicity in the kidnapping of priests Francisco Jalics y Orlando Yorio as well six members of their parish, (El Mundo, 8 November 2010) ...................

Turbulls LabourLite...What a Pathetic achievement...Australia has not slid backwards, faster as a Nation for Decades...Unreliable Power,Terror on our Streets,Asset fire sales all over the place, Political Squabling, Skyrocketing bills, stagnant wages,Infrastructure Meltdowns....and the Taxpayer cops it Every Time...The only choice we are offered is Lube, or No-Lube, and sometimes even that option is removed and they just shaft us regardless to chase their Next Agenda....but that is just my humble opinion...

Peter Beattie did a pretty good impersonation of Mr Bean last night at the opening of the climate deranged games , what is Mr Flannery's latest spin on why it is raining water instead of his dust that we had been promised by this university trained Australian of the year for services to environmental misinformation .

Seems things are worse out bush.

Meth use double national average in Regional WA

I hope Loosey gave him a hug that evening.