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Tuesday, 21st February 2017

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Reliable Energy - Weather or Not

Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


We are told, incessantly, that man’s use of hydrocarbon fuels will cause climate catastrophe, with more droughts, heat waves, bush fires, floods, blizzards, snow storms, typhoons, hurricanes, super-storms and “weird” weather.

Why then would governments compound these claimed risks by pushing weather-dependent energy like wind, solar, hydro or tidal power?

During heatwaves on sultry summer afternoons, wind power fails when our cold rooms, fridges and air-conditioners need it most. And overheating turbines start bush fires.

On cold still winter nights, wind and solar will produce zero power when all the trains, heaters, TV sets and coffee machines are sucking energy at the end of a footy match.

In a gale, turbines switch off to avoid damage; in still air they sit idle; in a snow storm they consume power to prevent icing up; and in a tsunami, offshore wind turbines and tidal generators are destroyed.

Solar panels shut down every night; their output varies even when the sun shines; they are blotted out by snow, clouds or dust; and are smashed by hail stones.

Even mighty hydro-power will fail if we suffer the never-ending Flannery Droughts.

So if the alarmists are right, and if we are faced with wild weather FOR ANY REASON, we can’t trust weather-dependent energy.

Stick to reliable hydro-carbons – coal, oil and gas, and for dire emergencies - diesel. They will produce electricity, weather-or-not.



Wind farms linked to temperature increase
By Science Online's Stuart Gary, staff

Posted April 30, 2012 11:32

Air turbulence from giant turbines causes air temperatures to rise around wind farms, scientists say.

Researchers including Associate Professor Liming Zhou from the State University of New York examined conditions around 2,358 turbines at four Texas wind farms.

Writing in the journal Nature Climate Change, Professor Zhou and colleagues reported a temperature increase of up to 0.72 degrees Celsius per decade at wind farm locations, compared to nearby areas.

They also found the effect to be greater at night than during the day.

The study could help researchers better understand the impact of wind farms on local environments.

After discounting the impact of surface features such as vegetation, roads, light reflection and surface structures, the researchers concluded that the temperature change was caused by air turbulence generated by the turbines' giant rotor blades.

"Turbine rotors were modifying surface-atmosphere exchanges and the transfer of energy, momentum, mass and moisture within the atmosphere," they wrote.

The findings are based on nine years of satellite data covering an area of central western Texas, where some of the world's largest wind farms are located.

The results match modelling studies showing wind farms can significantly affect local scale meteorology by increasing surface roughness, changing the stability of the atmospheric boundary layer, and enhancing turbulence in the wake generated by rotor blades.

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This is a bit long, but good reading. Australia's Hottest Day !
Not 2016, BUT 1828 at a blistering 53.9 °C Back before man-made climate change was frying Australia, when CO2 was around 300ppm, the continent savoured an ideal pre-industrial climate.... RIGHT?
This is the kind of climate we are spending $10bn per annum to get back too... Right again?
We are told today's climate has more records and more extremes than times gone by, but the few records we have from the early 1800's are eye-popping.
Things were not just hotter, but so wildly hot it burst thermometers.
The earliest temperature records we have show that Australia was a land of shocking heatwaves and droughts, except for when it was bitterly cold or raging in flood.
In other words, nothing has changed, except possibly things might not be quite so hot now!
Silliggy (Lance Pidgeon) has been researching records from early explorers and from newspapers.
What he's uncovered is fascinating! It's as if history is being erased!
For all that we hear about recent record-breaking climate extremes, records that are equally extreme, and sometimes even more so, are ignored.
In January 1896 a savage blast "like a furnace" stretched across Australia from east to west and lasted for weeks.
The death toll reached 437 people in the eastern states.
Newspaper reports showed that in Bourke the heat approached 120°F (48.9°C) on three days.
Links to documentary evidence (1)(2)(3)
The maximum at or above 102 degrees F (38.9°C) for 24 days straight!
Use the several links below to read the news reports at the time for yourself ..
1. By Tuesday Jan 14, people were reported falling dead in the streets.
2. Unable to sleep, people in Brewarrina walked the streets at night for hours, thermometers recorded 109F at midnight.
3. Overnight, the temperature did not fall below 103°F.
4. On Jan 18 in Wilcannia, five deaths were recorded in one day, the hospitals were overcrowded and reports said that "more deaths are hourly expected".
5. By January 24, in Bourke, many businesses had shut down (almost everything bar the hotels).
6. Panic stricken Australians were fleeing to the hills in climate refugee trains.
As reported at the time, the government felt the situation was so serious that to save lives and ease the suffering of its citizens they added cheaper train services:
What I found most interesting about this was the skill, dedication and length of meteorological data taken in the 1800's. When our climate is "the most important moral challenge" why is it there is so little interest in our longest and oldest data?
Who knew that one of the most meticulous and detailed temperature records in the world from the 1800's comes from Adelaide, largely thanks to Sir Charles Todd.
The West Terrace site in Adelaide was one of the best in the world at the time, and provides accurate historic temperatures from "Australia's first permanent weather bureau at Adelaide in 1856?.
Rainfall records even appear to go as far back as 1839. Lance Pidgeon went delving into the National Archives and was surprised at what he found.
The media are in overdrive, making out that "the extreme heat is the new normal" in Australia.
The Great Australian Heatwave of January 2013 didn't push the mercury above 50C at any weather station in Australia, yet it's been 50C (122F) and hotter in many inland towns across Australia over the past century.
See how many are in the late 1800's and early to mid 1900's.
You can't blame those high records on man-made global warming!

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I heard Trumble today spruiking about the 75 years since the fall of Singapore and that all is forgiven and I thought to myself it's lucky that our heroes have mostly faded away.
Because of our farming background my father gained a Soldier Settlement block and these Aussies banded together, bought one piece of equipment at a time and helped each other with their farming.
My neighbour spent 3 plus years in Changi and told me one day that I would not have survived as I was tall and would have been beaten to death. He, and the others, were filled with hatred. I say that these men did not forget but faded away.
Lest we forget. The enemy, whoever it may be!

For Fuck Sake how hard can it be? Liberals you preference Nationals first, One Nation second and the Labeens last. Nationals you preference Liberals first, One Nation second and the Labeens last. One Nation take your pick either Liberals first, Nationals second, or vice versa but make sure the Labeens are last. Whoever gets the most primary votes out of Liberals, National, and One Nation should in most cases get the chocolates and good luck to them. Stop the bickering and just put the Labeens last. Always.

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Driver left in a neck brace after forceful arrest at a McDonald's claims police targeted him because he 'has a beard and he looks Middle Eastern'

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After watching last Monday night's Q & A I am amazed at how that so called 25 year old "Islamic youth worker" with the silly name and the hilarious head cover and get up that sharia law is "good for muslim women". No wonder Jaqui got stuck into her. Google sharia law on Wikipedia and see form yourself.

Telegraph UK : Heading footballs causes same brain damage as boxing - major new study. No surprise there then says Winston.

We actually have a name and a photo, althis was AFTER the trial !

Uber driver found GUILTY of raping a young foreign tourist in Sydney after she fell asleep in his car

Read more:
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So I hear in Melbourne news someone left a steaming human poo on a train seat. Who would do such a thing. Also citizens are now forming groups to patrol and protect against the gangs. Bloody glad I don't live in Victoria.

Miss Piggy is " going to crack down on ice ".What the hell does she think the CCC, AFP, BORDER SECURITY AND ALL STATE POLICE have been doing for TWO YEARS. Her latest thought thought bubble tomorrow.

Looking at the two photo above I am struck on how little they represent the Australian continent. But they did trigger an interest in recorded snow fall on our slopes

Looking at the two graphs Spencer Creek 1954 to 2012 is VERY informative
Clearly not a UN site but the decline is obvious - another group seeing the warming where our BK cannot
They note:
Snow depth for August and September by year

This graph shows the depth of snow in the middle of August & September respectively (3rd week), over the period 1954-2012. The year to year variations are very evident in this graph. They do not seem to be predictable! The linear trendline shows no noticeable change to the avarage depth during August over the decades. But the peaks seem to be getting lower!

Headline on Skynews.

Anyone know what they mean?

Who does she think she is kidding ?!

'Islam IS a feminist religion': Muslim youth leader hits back at Jacqui Lambie over Sharia law saying it is 'all about justice and equality'

Read more:

Could have sworn I saw this story a bit further down, does this mean you are slow on the uptake once again, or does that only apply to me ?

Trump has never had the flu shot...and never got the flu, either – coincidence?
neither have millions of people over 60yrs

(Natural News) President Donald Trump says, “I don’t like the idea of injecting bad stuff into your body, which is basically what they do.” If you don’t know it by now, most people who get the flu are those injected with the flu vaccine, year after year after year.

The influenza vaccine insert tells you in plain writing that you should not get more than one vaccine in a lifetime, but who reads the vaccine insert and who cares about the warnings and side effects, right? You only read the ingredients on food and personal care products, and rely on medical doctors to inform you that the flu jab contains high levels of mercury, listed as thimerosal, plus formaldehyde (for embalming dead folks) and aluminum (the leading cause of Alzheimer’s).

Why would President Trump, a man who shakes more hands in a day than most people living on planet Earth, never get a flu shot, but somehow never get the flu? It’s simple: The flu shot is a huge scam that’s heavily marketed to every living American, including the elderly, pregnant women and babies just 6 months young.

You may think it’s tough to catch the U.S. government and the CDC telling boldfaced lies, but it’s not. The CDC blatantly lies to every American every year, saying that mercury has been removed from childhood vaccines, but the influenza vaccine (nicknamed the flu shot for good reason) is literally laced and loaded with mercury, some jabs containing up to 25,000 times the amount the EPA says is too much to consume from tap water or fish.

Imagine that. Not only are you severely overdosing yourself or your child with a known neurotoxin and brain-damaging chemical, but with a vaccine you are bypassing the normal bodily defense systems and filters, including the skin, the lungs and the digestive tract.

Flu vaccines are shot directly into muscle tissue, entering the blood and sometimes crossing the blood/brain barrier. Can you say autism spectrum disorder while ignoring this message?

In October of 2015, on Opie Radio, Trump was interviewed and stated the truth about the influenza vaccine. Listen for yourself here.

BLACKOUTS in South Australia are wreaking havoc on business, but Wesfarmers boss Richard Goyder says there is a bright spot: Bunnings has been selling a lot of generators.
Mr Goyder made the wry comment while speaking to media following the release of Wesfarmers first-half results on Wednesday. But he said energy security amid the debate over renewables was a “serious issue”.
“One of the great things about being a conglomerate is usually we find an upside,” he said. “Bunnings is selling a whole heap of generators in South Australia at the moment. [But] it is a serious issue.