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Thursday, 22nd February 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at


A couple of friends invited me to attend the Reclaim Australia rally at Bundall on the Gold Coast on Saturday morning. I didn’t know anything about the group except what I’d pre-read on social media. They say they want to send a message about Australian values and speak out against the rise of Islamic extremism. 

Now, I have to admit I don’t see any evidence of Islamic extremism on the Gold Coast, but there’s plenty of evidence of it around the world, including incidents in Sydney and Melbourne, and 100 or more Australians who’ve decided to head off to fight for Islamic extremists.

The weekend Reclaim rallies were held in 16 locations around the country with several in regional Queensland centres, and Brisbane. 

The kids and missus were off to Pacific Fair for some last minute Saturday morning Easter egg hunting, and well, to be frank, shopping malls and I don’t particularly get on. I blame it on the car parks, the acres of walking, and 'buyers remorse' a month later when the credit card bills hit the mail box. 

What struck me when I arrived at the Bundall rally location around 10:30am were the numbers, which I estimated to be around 800 to 1,000. I looked around for the neo-nazis, fascists and white supremacists but I was a little disappointed to see it was majority mums and dads and kids looking like they had mistakenly turned up for an Olivia Newton John concert in the park.

The kids were lining up for a go on the humungous jumping castle, while their parents were setting up their fold-out chairs and rolling out picnic blankets. I was pretty sure I must have got the location wrong. This all seemed rather normal and civilised.

Aren’t protests supposed to have screaming loonies, throwing marbles under police horses, while waving extreme placards in front of cameras? 

I did note half a dozen or so bikie looking types (jeans, leather vests, tattoos, beards, shaved heads), and around 20 or 30 police, but they all seemed to get on together, chatting and walking among the crowd. No arrests or abuses. All good so far. 

I made my way up to the front stage area, which again challenged my pre-conceived notions. The whole stage was adorned with more national flags than a United Nations convention. The largest flag of all was the aboriginal flag, which covered at least a third of the stage. Neighbouring the stage was a yummy variety of cultural foods, from home made dims sims to German sausages. 

The MC took to the stage, welcoming all comers from every race and religion, even Muslims if there were any. He explained the purpose of the rally was to embrace Australian values of fairness, tolerance, free speech and equality; that Australia was a nation of inclusiveness, not exclusiveness.

Everybody was welcome to come to Australia, but that’s a two way street. All cultures irrespective of beliefs or religion must in return embrace the values of Australia. He then introduced a beautiful young nine year old girl of aboriginal heritage who sang the Australian national anthem in her Dharawal tribal tongue. 

I snuck a peek around and saw more than a few moist eyes being wiped.  

Golly, there just weren’t any signs of racists and bigots so far. But reading the reports the following day, there must have been, because social media activists said this was a neo nazi rally. The only violence anywhere stemmed from anti-rally protestors in Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart who seemed to be determined to turn a peaceful rally into a violent shut-down of free speech. 

The rally speakers were all well informed, researched and experienced. I was particularly transfixed by the three returned Australian servicemen from Iraq and Afghanistan regaling shocking stories of the treatment of women and children at the hands of strict Islamic cultures.

A young village boy in Afghanistan would receive an horrific beating if his father learned he had accepted a chocolate from a coalition solider, or worse, shot at by a Taliban sympathiser if he or she happened to be too friendly to one of our Aussie soldiers. A young teen girl could be horribly punished if she simply waved back at friendly coalition troops while guarding the village. 

Other speakers included a radio broadcaster, an author, an iconic Aussie cartoonist and an ex-female police officer who served at the Lakemba police station in Sydney, which was peppered with gunshots while she was working inside.

The stories were riveting and informative. But it wasn’t all serious, there was a variety of live musical entertainment including the singer of Redgum who wowed the gathered throng with the legendary hit, “I Was Only Nineteen”.

Well, there must have been two rallies on the Gold Coast because the family friendly event I attended exhibited all the best Australian values I’ve become accustomed to as an immigrant’s son – tolerance, inclusiveness, free speech and fairness.

Not a racist or a bigot in sight. 


Dead right, Paul. I found this morning and have to say that at least in Greece, they all them by the correct term.

Rev. Hon. Fred Nile ED., L.Th., M.L.C. demands the Government to also include "NON-HALAL" labelling on food.
Rev. Fred Nile declares that, "Australian people are being discriminated against and are being forced to eat food which has been prayed on by the Islamic god "Allah"…
"Christians and non-Muslims are being deceived to pay a tax which has not been regulated by the Government but also in fact, has allowed the Islamic Sharia Law followers to impose its' religion on every Australian citizen.
- This is discrimination against people who do not want to consume food and buy products which has been prayed on in accordance with the Islamic Sharia Law!"
- Australia is NOT an Islamic Nation - citizens must have much more 'NON-HALAL' choice at the super-market.
"I urge the Government to make it a priority to investigate the 'halal industry' and to include clear labelling of 'halal' and 'non-halal' on ALL products and food."
The worldwide 'halal tax' estimate is $2.7 trillion per annum and growing strong,
The Christian Democratic Party strongly opposes the imposing of Sharia Law in Australia, including it’s' 'halal certification'.
The Government must answer to the 98 percent of citizens who should not be paying this unnecessary and discriminating tax, investigate the 'halal' industry and include in its' Food Labelling measures to include clear labelling of 'non-halal' products to all citizens.

OT on the matter of violence against women: Ever noticed the quality of person that makes up union thugs in the various industries? Majority of them are single or divorced. Most appear to have an aggressive disposition. I'm guessing most of them have AVO's from previous partners. That is perhaps why they and Labor side with Islam.

Noble Lies...The notion that it is OK to make things up if you are doing in the service of the greater good. Hmmm.....that sums it up.

This is a must see video for ALL Australians. I ask any leftie, homo, greenie or muslim to say what part of this is incorrect

Monty: We are fortunate that our security apparatus is sufficiently tight that jihadists planning anything are rounded up well before they get to do anything. More importantly we need to ensure that we limit in our population followers of ideologies that run counter to a modern secular state. It's all about prevention rather than cure.

Paul, Thankyou for giving a TRUE account of the rally, as it seems from every other article that has been printed there was 350 to 450 people there, depends what article you read. With the amount of media people walking around at the rally it seems they all were wearing blindfolds.

Good for you.

Jemales, if the KKK came after you, I think I would probably join them, if they were happy to have one of their sworn enemies (me) join them for that purpose.

Paul, the only bigots I saw in the Adelaide rally weres the anti-rally protesters who show their distain and intolerance for free speech.

“Mohammad Hasan, who applied for the baby bonus and family tax benefits just two days after his wife arrived from Bangladesh with their seven-month-old son, was last week convicted of punching her in the head after she served him dinner which he complained was too salty.”

Ever wondered why domestic violence is on the rise, its mirroring the intake of the country shopping scum!

Bruce, you look down your nose at the level of education of some of the readers and participants of PP? I thought you were better than that, my bad

True but we don't care eh mate

Mohammad Hasan.....welfare rorts and wife beater.......who let him in.....definitely a Labor voter.

No need to state the obvious.

OK people, so I posted this [as a brand new member here who supports those against the Islamification of Australia by 'stealth'] on another topic below [Louise I think], sorry if I put it in the wrong area, but I will re-iterate: I am not a racist & believe the majority of fair-minded Aussies also think taking a stance against radical Islam is not racist [since when did religion have a colour?]. I asked these questions on Facebook on the 'Cairns Reclaim Australia Page' & my comments/questions were banned, deleted & vilified,when all I was asking for was clarification. You be the judge, & please someone tell me [all I wanted to know on the Cairns Facebook page] is if Mr. Shermon Burgess has updated his stance on racism?
As below: "I asked the "Reclaim Australia Rally-Cairns" FB page to clarify who this Shermon Burgess fellow is [from NSW I think] & they deleted my comments. While I support a rational discussion of this topic without all the flaming & rednecks & uneducated folk that come out of the woodwork, I was unceremoniously deleted & denigrated for no reason I could see [I support the core issues being raised] for asking why Mr. Burgess put up an obviously racist rant on Youtube recently? And he proclaims himself as a 'national' leader of Reclaim Australia. Have any other supporters here seen this particular Youtube video or got any positive knowledge about Mr. Shermon Burgess to share with me? I'm not wishing to 'stir the pot' here, but I really think this is Not the image Reclaim Australia want to display to the world imho. What do u think?: “

I know he won't answer , because he didn't go to any of the rallies . He's a lying left wing scumbag like billy Gordon . He just made that shit up .

We already knew that

I don't care if Nobodycares cares