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Wednesday, 18th July 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Footy fans gasped as Adam Goodes stopped a major AFL match to point out a 13 year-old girl who had just called him an ape. He then pointed to two security men demanding she be evicted from the ground and she was, humiliated, crying and confused in front of a 60,000 gobsmacked crowd. Now when Adam gets the ball he’s booed, so what has he achieved?

An “Australian of the Year” award has only served to further anger those who lost respect for Goodes that day, while those who praised him gathered at the pub that night for a new round of Abo jokes.

Overt, humiliating racism has no place in any sport but neither should the public humiliation of a little girl who innocently copied the remarks of her parents and those around her. 

Under Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act Goodes has the right to not be offended but he has the intelligence to choose his moment... he chose a bad one.

Goodes took racial tolerance a step backward that day as clubs now hopelessly try to pinpoint those in their fan base responsible for the alarming increase in racist comments. 

But is the right to not be offended the exclusive domain of Aborigines? What about Muslims, Poms, Greeks, Indians, and redheads? 

Should talls and smalls (as commentators refer to them) also have a right to not be offended? Should a “small” be referred to as vertically challenged, a “bald” as follicly challenged?

The practice of Goodes and others of lifting their jumpers and pointing to the colour of their skin is surely provocative. Should white players do the same, or would that be racist? 

Bloody hell, I played Aussie Rules against Aborigines until I was 47 and copped colourful descriptions from my opposing player of what he did with my white wife the previous night and I happily reciprocated with a lewd commentary on his black mother and sister. But after the game we always shook hands before heading to the pub for a beer.

An Aussie wicketkeeper in jest will racially sledge a West Indian batsman but it only becomes a “racist” remark if a mike picks it up. Only then are the media obliged to feign indignation in a fit of political incorrectness. 

Many adjectives can precede the C bomb... black, white, fat, skinny, big, small, ugly. Does the right not to be offended apply only to colour? 

Do umpires also have a right to not be offended? After all, they cop the worst of personal abuse and the AFL cannot evict 60,000 fans but it’s quite okay to evict a distraught little girl in front of 59,999 others.

Australians can be offensive but we are not racist. Aborigines have exactly the same, if not more, rights than we have. Section 18C says we are racist, and that’s what is likely to light a fire under real racism. 

Adam Goodes has done an unintended disservice to his cause and I have acted illegally by discussing it.


That was the sad part she came from a family where the father had left at an early age and the mother had mental health issues. The girl's grandmother brought here a membership at the Pies as that was her one big outing. When Goodes found out the media was camped the girls doorstep he called a press conference to try and smooth things out. In the end she was a child he saw the face of a child. I have been to games where people have been removed for racial abuse the players went back to bench reported it and it was dealt with by security. Goodes was upset but he is a grown man who carried on like a child. She was a child who simply did not understand what was so wrong.

When I was a kid, I was called a Hun, a nazi, a kraut and so on because of my German surname. This was in spite of my ancestors migrating to Oz in 1848 and also having their sons volunteer for both WW including my father and grandfather. How did it affect me? Pffff! Call me what you like so long as it is not late for lunch. You will always find bogans where ever you go and they help the rest of us look better. Of course I could kick up a stink but I would be no better than the idiot who tried to insult me.

Looks like he has his eye on a career in politics.

They probably need something to help curl up their toes

Some people like to pretend their denim is of a different colour regardless of the genes woven into the human fabric. We're all mongrels to some degree. Mongrel apes. Intelligent though, some say even wise. Who's to judge? Each one of us. Thank God for Larry and PP.

Someone should tell Adam Goodes that if it wasn't for European settlement he would not be an AFL footballer. He would be living in a GUNYAH and wondering how to invent the wheel!

I'll bet the old battle axe torments her phone sex customers .

Adam you think she was racist, I think you were a bully, that's play on for mine................

Opps I forgot Germany had a couple tries too in 1914 & 1939

Methinks Adam has made more of a problem for himself and the Aboriginal people by much overdoing the racial emphasis in his public utterings since being ordained 'Australian of the Year'. Poor judgement on his behalf which is a shame because he has been quite a model for young people in multiple other respects.

Goodes needs to wake up too, Australia was bound to get other races arriving at some point, look at Britain, I think the first known peoples were the Picts, then the Celts arrived, then the Romans, Angles, Saxons Jutes, Vikings, Normans etc. (did I forget any? ) and later times plenty of others had a try i.e Spain, Holland, France etc.

The Aboriginals were not Australia's first people. Others existed here thousands of years before they arrived from across the then land bridge to the north.

The Australian day council who select the Australian of the year should be sacked. Awards such as these are an insult to the people who should get them not some crybaby footballer like Goodes, who and lets not forget this stated that Australia day should be called Invasion day. That's when he should of been stripped of the Australian of the year award. All the games of football this blokes played he gets upset what a thirteen year old girl calls him, you have got be joking. He's been called worst than that by adults but the precious Goodes has to point the finger at a girl to make his statement. The girl wasn't racist. Man up Goodes and stop acting like a little boy.

Fragile Goodes - Handle With Care!

If whites had not settled this country, Aborigines would not know what an ape is.
The term "ape" is commonly used to mean brainless. Goodes fits that category to a T.

What a joke and beat by Goodes and the politically correct. By appointing Goodes as Australian of the year, the position has possibly been damaged beyond repair.

I still do not believe that young girl meant to make a racist comment, I used to call my husband a big ape when he was behaving like a bully or when I was annoyed with him, and he was blond, blue eyed and fair skinned.

Is it just me, or do others see a deliberate, planned campaign that was put into place when this AFL player with a bushy, unkempt beard deliberately and methodically stopped a football game? And has anyone noticed just how quickly the media juggernaut produced the ads regarding racism in sport, featuring said AFL player, amongst others? And the alacrity with which an Australian of the Year nomination was lodged? All too smooth, all too quick for happenstance? I must admit, I don't follow AFL and wouldn't have picked the AFL player for being of indigeneous descent. What I did see was a man whos personal hygiene habits do not include cleaning and tidying up his beard.

She called out "You big ape" and this is supposed to be racial. It's been around from at least 1940's where in a cartoon a wife is calling her husband that - both white.

what a load of nonsense oh usual!