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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Tony Abbott is right – Australia should quit the Paris Climate Treaty. China, India, Russia, Brazil, South Africa and Indonesia will ignore Paris. USA has already quit and Japan even withdrew from the Kyoto Treaty.

"Do what you like with your own countries, but I'm out of here!"

 Germany will fail to meet its obligations and Poland will not try very hard. France relies heavily on nuclear power and naturally supports imposing Paris handicaps on competitors.

We send them our coal so we don't have to burn it.

And most of the rest of the world are just hanging in there hoping for a flood of cash from the climate compensation fund or from selling phony carbon credits.

Please send money so we can keep jacking our houses up

Australia has huge coal, gas, oil and uranium resources. To export these, while we hobble our industries with windmill power, is insane.

Nope, levels aren't rising. We can all get dressed again.

Viv Forbes

[email protected]

Washpool Qld Australia


Not only should we quit the Paris Climate treaty bit also quit the Lima accord,declaration whatever it was called and signed in 1975. Australia has been a clear loser with this agreement and there fore we should thumb our noses at the world and rebuild our manufacturing and agriculture and return this country to full employment. The Lima thing is a failure anyway accept for those that benefited by it like Asia and Europe to begin with.

This is the only thread I can open now. This link is about the centenary fly over in London and scroll way down the page to all the planes that will take part and where they will be flying to and from......

The consultant must have been shagging or something and let her get photographed running with her skinny arms showing. Probably got the sack over that.

contd...It is not a global agreement and it does NOT DESERVER TO BE TREATED WITH THE SANCTITY THAT FOLLOWERS OF THE POISONOUS GREEN IDEOLOGY HAVE ACCORDED IT...… excerpt from . Piers Ackerman's opinion in the … Daily Telegraph

contd..progression of roughly equal cuts every year over the next decade. But now that we are more alive to all the consequences of combining energy policy with emissions policy - and now we understand this will define our economy for decades to come - there is no excuse for getting it wrong again" the National Party is testing its new leader Michael McCormack with a two page list of demands to be met by Turnbull with the goal of ensuring cheaper and reliable power is returned to Australians. ..TURNBULL HAS LOST A LOT OF AUTHORITY WITHIN THE LIBERAL PARTY EVEN AS HE ATTEMPTS TO WIN BACK CONSERVATIVE MEMBERS WITH A FEW INCONSEQUENTIAL VICTORIES. Abbotts argument is logical and irrefutable. China and India were never part of the Paris Agreement and the US has now withdrawn.

contd. Tony Abbott has eaten his share of humble pie for signing up to the Paris Agreement, admitting that he didn't anticipate how the aspirational targets agreed to then would become binding commitments later. ( That should be a lesson to others who feel inclined in the future to align themselves with one of the UN's attention grabbing fashion statements)...'ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT LAWS OF POLITICS IS ; BEWARE THE UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES OF WHAT SEEMS-LIKE- A -GOOD-IDEA- AT - THE- TIME" Mr Abbott said. "I am not sure that the Howard government fully anticipated where the renewable energy target would lead when it first made the decision to impose one. I didn't anticipate how agreeing to emissions that were 26% lower in 2030 than in 2005 would subsequently become a linear

contd..that currently export that coal. That would REDUCE THE COSTS TO MANUFACTURERS AND DOMESTIC CONSUMERS. It really is such a no brainer that both Labor, which wishes to increase the punitive emission reduction target even further, and the Turnbull Liberals, who are bent on virtue signalling to the international community by sticking to the dead Paris Agreement, ARE GUILTY OF SABOTAGING THE NATIONAL INTEREST...… Do they really believe the zealots who seem to think that carbon dioxide is harmful to the Great Barrier Reef if it is sourced from Australia but not that harmful is sourced from China, India or Japan or some other country where our coal is being burnt.

Contd..Both Chief Scientist Alan Finkel and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg agree that removing the miniscule amount our emissions contribute to the atmosphere would be meaningless in terms of influencing climate change. China and India are using Australian coal to power their industrial engines...BECAUSE WE ARE NOW SLAVES TO THOSE WHOM LENIN IS UNDERSTOOD TO HAVE TERMED "USEFUL IDIOTS" (those trying to destroy their own countries and make them ripe for revolution ) OUR INDUSTRIES ARE NOW CRIPPLED BY THE PROHIBITIVE COST OF INEFFICIENT ELECTRICTY DELIVERED BY POWER COMPANIES GAMING THE SYSTEM TO INCREASE THEIR PROFITS. The ELDERLY ARE DYING BECAUSE THEY CAN'T AFFORD TO HEAT THEIR HOMES...… Yet we could be powering the nation with COAL used in POWER STATIONS built beside the mines

Piers Akerman : Why The Turnbull Government Should Back Out Of The Paris Agreement - 7/7/2018: The Turnbull government's commitment to the Paris Climate Change Agreement is a costly and deadly exercise in vanity and futility...As former PM Tony Abbott has patiently explained, it makes no sense for Australia to remain beholden to an agreement that punishes our nation and rewards it's competitors while doing nothing to alleviate the overblow threat of global warming. China, India and the US contribute 50% of the world's so called greenhouse emission and HAVE NO INTENTION OF HOBBLING THEIR ECONOMIES FOR THE SAKE OF THE GREEN RELIGION, SO WHY SHOULD WE ?

Look forward to it every year.

Abbott advocating quitting the Paris treaty, Not while the current girly men are running the government. Abbott should quit the liberal party.

The disgusting ABC supported by Taxpayer's Mega $ will never change their tune on Warming they have dug such a deep hole that they will continue pushing the Warming Barrow in the face of ever growing evidence to the contrary.

Stick's image consultant should get the sack. What about that pic of the thing running...Unfortunate.

Thank you Harry.

The stick insect has an image consultant who makes sure she always looks presentable....if that's possible. That clown should have had one too. But common sense was not his strong point.

Job done.

.IE, if you looked like the clown in those speedos with a swimming hat on knowing a photo taken would go around the world, wouldn't you make sure you hid from any cameras? Peta Credlin probably put him up to it.

If someone wants to shit me, put a big photo of Abbott somewhere where I can't avoid looking at it. Works every time.

Fuckenell, for once we can agree. The chateaux, the helicopeteral views of the countryside. It is such a beautiful country. I've visited a few times & as long as you stick to the rural areas & speak English [do not try to impress them with your schoolboy French, they hate foreigners mangling their language].
Keep away from the cities. Most provincial urban areas are ruled by goatfuckers & niggers & are no-go zones. If you must go to Paris, speak to no-one, see the sights & get out.

Than the Lord .IE. I'm traumatized with this one. Abbott is like a gatekeeper...looking at us.