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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Thought I’d risk another 8c last night and watch the overpaid Jones boy get his rocks off bushwhacking another Lib. There were the usual suspects with the ever-present token homosexual, unhinged ex-Speaker Anna Burke, one sensible bloke next to her, a sheila in a yellow dress and Jones' victim, Education Minister, Christopher Pyne.

One look at the hand-picked audience and it was clear Jones had set Pyne up, and Pyne knew it! But the diminutive Education Minister is a seasoned operator and was in no mood for the supercilious Jones. 

He quickly gave him a verbal belting at his first smart-arsed interruptive comment.

The audience was crammed with over-privileged, pimply uni students who were miffed that they had to leave their bongs at reception. “The Socialist Alternatives” I think they called themselves. 

I settled back and rolled a smoke... this could be interesting, for a change.

It sure was! Jones was soon enmeshed in the trap he had set for Pyne as uni students reverted to type and pulled on a well-rehearsed demo waving either a back-to-front banner or displaying appalling spelling, eventually forcing the program off air.

Tony Jones was in deep poo and his moderating skills were found woefully inadequate as he tried to quell the riot while Christopher Pyne sat back and grinned.

Someone finally removed the rabble under section 94A and it wasn’t Anna Burke, she was trying to be funny while agreeing with the fracas, and it wasn’t working. 

Jones looked stressed and Pyne was still grinning when finally, it was time for the token homosexual to tell everyone to clap hands while he warbled a dated song.

This morning the Jones boy is crying in his Weet Bix, the “Socialist Alternatives” are back on the bongs, Anna Burke is in the bathroom practising her humour, the token homosexual is still warbling that dated song and Christopher Pyne still hasn’t stopped grinning. 

...and I reckon, for the first time, I finally got my first 8c worth out of the ABC.


Men and women of Australia: Where would token homosexuals be without the ABC and SBS?

Jones is finished

Like Christopher Pyne very much, he could be our leader, go get them Christopher.....

There is a basic, simple fact (a reality, if you like) that ABC types and the Left in general do not understand . It is this. The majority of Australians, Liberal and Labor voters alike, do not like nor approve of the insular, arrogant and truly idiotic stances taken and tricks performed by so many of ABC presenters, on both radio and TV. If anyone or anything is going to cause old Aunty's demise or at least her vivisection it is her own sheltered workshop style staff. And they won't be able to blame Tony Abbott for that self inflicted fate.

i like that pyne chappie make a good prime minister, he dont give a rats arse whos corns he treads on, well done Christopher

Who gives a nat's about them (?) they will do anything from getting their hands dirty, or pay their way in life ! Anything for a freebie and a little cash of them green or labour shit stirrers won't save their arse in thy long run .....

As being For the abc being ' UN-BIASED ' conflicting it's main base reason of being who they are,and for doing what they do ! Also, as well as becoming labourised as it is(?) being so,as a broadcaster (?) they fail on all accounts ! It's time. To shut the gate, and close this shambolic taxpayer funded wasteful unit down. The money saved now could be better served elsewhere in the AUSTRALIAN publics purse, for more valued things it needs !

But apparently the ABC is not biased! It is all in our imagination! Swan, Gillard, Krudd and cohorts did not run up a massive debt, by fraudently and negligently over spending! It's all Abbotts and Hockeys fault, so says Ms Plibersek on Richo and Jones, no remorse, no admissions of guilt, they do not care one bit! The lost businesses, jobs, industry moving off shore, not to mention the suicides and other personal heartaches, all on Labors watch!

Don't al these kids Marxist or whatever now pay HEX fees to go to University. the choice of course entry is based on your O.P. score then you pay to do that course..the only free ride is via a scholarship..So no free rides unlike when you were there where it was undoubtedly free..

For people who hate the Marxist ABC so much that you want it abolished all seem to spend a hell of a lot of time watching it..Do I detect a faltering in the faith or is it simply a case of self know, like those American anti-gay southern Baptists who get caught in bed with a black male prostitute.

Same here Horrified. You could never put your private beliefs in an essay. Had to to toe the socialist line. Law subjects the same. You had to convince the examiner that you like him believed that all the creeps in our society are our equals. Bullshit!

When I went to UNI I quickly learnt that in order to pass my assignments (Sociology) I had to mimic the Communist teaching of my barefooted peasant skirted Lecturer - no-one, but no-one was allowed to have an original thought or to criticise!!! (Latrobe). later I went to UNE at Armidale and I did find that place generally objective.

Yep - Pyne was fantastic, unruffled and treated it as "everyday". Their campaign fell flat!

All the pissant subjects that dont lead to jobs such as arts degrees and social work should be dispensed with. More point laying bricks at tech. At least this will contribute to society and you dont need an over paid pretentious professor to teach you.

and many of you come out as dumb as you went in, and all too few of you get far with your grammar spelling, with punctuation remaining a mystery all of your days

11pm either Saturday or Sunday night on 24 is the final repeat.

Thank you for the good manners compliment Patterson. Modern day young people have no manners or consideration for others. Good manners are necessary in all societies.

The audience had no manners, interrupting the speakers, all the others protesting and having a huge banner. So much for vetting the audience and questions. The buck passes onto Jones and further on to Mark Scott.

To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, "It isn't so much that lefties are ignorant. It's just that they know so many things that aren't so."

Just a quick note on foreign students in our universities.

Curtin WA was known for an easy degree. Buy one or lie on your back for a lecturer... what ever.

I remember at the end of the year semesters there would be a car park full of high end luxury cars left for the repossessors to collect. Rich Asian students would just walk away from their hire purchase/leasing commitments and go home to mummy and daddy.

Everyday Australians would pick up the bill for these free loaders.