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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Surprise, surprise... Putin is usurping what should be the role of the black bloke who created this mess. No surprise to Pickering Post readers, because they got it first here weeks ago: It seems, as Putin suggests, Obama still doesn’t realise what he has done.

What he has done is made an enemy of Israel, Egypt, Iran, Syria... in fact every Arab State, except for the Saudis, who are the curators of the most extreme form of Wahabist Islam under Shariah law. When it comes to terrorism the Saudis make the Qataris look like a bunch of old menstruating sheilas in hijabs.

Of course Putin is shoring up his mate Bashar Assad against the Syrian rebels but if the ISIS mob gets in the way (and they are) who suddenly becomes the world’s hero?

Obama could have wiped this ISIS vermin out in a week two years back when they numbered 5,000. He failed to act deciding instead, with a retreating phantom coalition of 41 to applaud him, to send half-million dollar Exocet and Sidewinder missiles into empty Humvees that were his anyway!

Now ISIS numbers 30,000, Putin has cannily used the emergency to kill off the Syrian rebels and ISIS at the same time, while projecting himself as the world’s number one fixer and Obama the world’s number one fool.

Okay, Assad and that Khomani Somebastard would not be top of your dinner party list but blimey, where does that leave the ISIS leader, al Baghdadi?

“Oooh, look at the casualties”, screams the White House and the Left Press. Well there have been over 250,000 of those already and 5 million refugees without a thing being done by the West. Now when Putin acts the casualties suddenly matter? 

While Obama worries about his 18 handicap, Putin will be setting up a central command centre controlling flights on the same radio frequency to avoid collisions in and out of al Raqqa. And guess who has the only boots on the ground? Yep, Putin, along with the Kurds who Obama refuses to arm!

Suddenly Obama is fighting alongside his bitter enemies, the Russians, Iranians and Syrians and it’s a tossup who he wants to shoot down first! Incredibly Obama is still insisting on a regime change in Syria! WTF? What regime does he have in mind to replace the existing Assad regime? Hasn’t he learnt a bloody thing in seven years, or isn’t he on our side?

Fair dinkum this is like watching a circus with only one clown.... Obama!

Meanwhile Obama’s puppet Iraqi army is having more deserters than the Libs.


Well, now we have the Illuminati and the JEWS! FFS we don't need more enemies as the ones immediately in front are enough for us right now. Anyone who posts antiJewish drivel, Illuminati rubbish or NWO paranoia is simply distracting us and probably on purpose from the REAL problem: ISLAM! Free speech means that any lunatic can post but taking notice of them lets the side down IMO. Stick with the Enemy in front as "divide and conquer" has always been the Islamic way.

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this world is turning to shit

Never send a boy to do a man's job

Obama is no match for Putin - USA is no longer the power of western civilisation - it is finished - no longer respected - full of corruption - took Putin to sort out the Muslim mess it seems.

Well said Larry.

obumma has to be the biggest fuckwit ever to hold the office of President

EU arrogance will lead to disaster - a good read

The Russian strikes have been made with Sukhoi 24M, Su25 and SU34. The SU34 used a glide bomb to destroy an underground command centre. TASS reports there are 50 attack aircraft in Syria including helicopters.


The Australian reports the Pentagon is considering protecting the terrorists it backs in Syria. There is no reference as to how they might do that without provoking an outright war with Russia. It is quite likely they will be trying to increase the flow of supplies to the Islamists including portable surface to air missiles. All pretence that the western invasions of the Middle East were against terrorism has been dropped.

If you listen to the cops and the goons who are supposed to represent us in Parliament... You'd swear that they don't know where terrorists come from. When they eventually work it out, it will be too late to do anything about it. Sad that. What we need is a Putin. He knows how to deal with this stuff. Even maybe a TRUMP?

Just on your last comment Larry, about deserting Liberals. It was interesting to hear that some big wig in the Liberal party was boasting that in Qld, the Liberal party had 7 resignations and 8 new recruits. 7 resignations is far more dangerous than they might believe, because for every one resignation, there are 1,000 non-member conservatives who have turned their backs on the party to look for an independent. That is why the Turnbull government is only marginally in front in the opinion polls. This is still the honeymoon period and they may have temporarily gained slightly more centre left voters than they have lost right wing voters. 51/49 is hardly a commanding lead, so Turnbull does not have the next election in the bag just yet.

Putin probably did not say it, but it reads well - "“Negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board and then struts around like it won the game.” – Vladimir Putin

Ok, Assad is no Albert Schweitzer, but name me one Arab leader that is. They are all evil bastards. But Assad is standing firm (as he has every right to do) against IS, which is backed by the muslim brotherhood. It is the muslim brotherhood, backed by Obama, that decided that it was going to remove Assad and take over Syria just as Gadhafi was removed in Libya. Assad had other ideas. As Tony Abbott correctly said, this is all about badies versus badies.

Why don't we send a real present over there..

Maybe this is what is what is needed to clean up the Syrian mess.

This is just a warm-up to Putin's big event. Here is the prediction. With some 140,000 troops ready to enter Islamic State from Russia and Iran, Syria will be under the full control of President Assad by Christmas time. ISIS will be totally eradicated in Syria, done Russian style. Putin knows that a problem unresolved today always becomes another problem tomorrow. So, the Russian troops know exactly what the objective of exterminating ISIS is about... about a complete bloodbath of ISIS jihadists ... total extermination.

He isn't on our side. He isn't on America's side. His every act is to destroy the US and its influence in the world.

Former Queensland Premier Campbell Newman regarded the state’s media as a “pack of bastards” by the end of the 2015 state election campaign

That should come with a headline, Politician finally tells the truth.
Yes, journos are bastards and hunt in packs, but that's what you get when leftoid media only employ leftoid bastards.