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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


To default or not to default? That is the question and don’t bother holding a referendum that everyone already knows the result of... it will be exactly the same result as that of the last election, you know, the one that rocketed Leftist Alex Tsipras to the prime ministership on a promise he wouldn’t pay.

Put simply the Greeks won’t be paying their bills! They will default! And the shame is that they will get away with it.

Stock markets are in freefall for no other reason than they are nervous of the “d” word. The truth is the lazy Greeks should never have been part of the EU because they were always going to use the Euro as an easy path to further socialism at the expense of other member nations.

Half the damned corrupt country refuses to pay tax (there is no penalty) and the other half lives off welfare. WTF were lenders doing financing these excesses and WTF did Brussels expect to be the final outcome?

Tsipras is simply fooling around. His invitation to Vladimir Putin to discuss the debt and Putin’s suggestion that he “may” help was just another thinly veiled Greek scam!

The chance of Putin’s involvement had sent shivers up the spines of other EU States and Tsipras intended to use that as a lever for a further delay on paying the debt.

Of course it didn’t work and Putin promptly disappeared as Brussels closed in demanding payment. But there can be no payment because the austerity measures Brussels imposed were only further weakening Greece’s ability to pay.

Brussels now wants Greece gone and Greece now wants out.

Default will ensue and Greece will go on its merry way with a XXX credit rating and a devalued Drachma designed to attract foreign investment in a dodgy tourist based economy.

Creditors will fight with their insurers for a few years and all will go back to normal.

But Greece will remain a corrupt example of how the EU was never supposed to work. A muddle-headed group of economists actually dreamt that EU members could all hop into bed and screw each other under a doona of one currency.

The trouble is that they all had disparate economies, different coloured governments and all the socialist members saw an opportunity to fleece the richer members.

After all, isn’t that what socialist governments do?

Fortunately only 19 of the 28 members took advantage of the invitational scam... they included, guess who? Yep, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Ireland and Italy!

It appears those on the take are moving further Left while those being taken are moving further to the Right. Surprise surprise!

Despite nervous stock markets, even Germany’s Merkel hasn’t got her ovaries in a knot over Greece. Lenders, including the majors, have hedged their bets and insured losses as much as is possible against unsecured loans.

This is no GFC, Greece will only be a serious loss to itself and a Government as far Left as Tsipras’s will be no help in a recovery, but who cares, Ouzo sales are up and plates keep getting smashed in a socialist paradise where no-one pays except the lenders or the lenders’ insurers.

Tsipras’s referendum is designed to show that the people have spoken and not Tsipras.


Go to Moorooka in Brisbane and you can see lots of foreigners standing about all day doing nothing talking ,drinking coffee ,driving around in Toyota Prados you paid for ,should thank the Aussies for paying for this Socialist Paradise !

The EU should be renamed to 'The Hotel California', check in any time you like - just don't try and check out or we will throw every economic sanction we can muster against you.

Typical socialist pigs. They do not have a clue. Should be a warning to anyone considering voting labor, because thats where we were headed under their corrupt and inept governance.

Weak bastards,

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. One statement some time back said that they expected the Germans and other major creditors to just write off their loans, as like the yanks wrote off some of the British war loans etc and they still want to retire in their early to mid 50's.

Typical Commie stunt and the MSM keep on spewing out the propaganda to the Larry's (Sorry bloke, Luv ya like a brother but a point needs to be made) of this world,,

Labors hope ! that one day Australia will look like Greece !

3.25 (9/4) odds available about a 'NO' referendum result.. good price if its as cut and dry as this article suggests..

Greece has a total debt of approx. half a trillion dollars, close to what we had under theRudd/Gillard/Rudd disaster. Imagine where Australia would be had these idiots had won the last Federal election!

Well well well, the birth place of democracy may well be re-birth place of democracy. The economic Einstein of our times, Martin Armstrong is putting forward a proposal to the Greek Govt if they choose to leave the Euro / EU. For those of you who do not know of Martin's past, he had a great relationship with Margaret Thatcher and advised her on economic matters, the Chinese have followed Martin for decades and has consulted to many Govts and Central Banks. He told the EU that the Euro will fail as you cannot have one Currency with multiple sovereign debts, it can only work with one debt.

Be warned! Creating the turmoil in these countries will lead to division, rebellion, revolution and anarchy and leave a vacuum that will enable the likes of the ISIS murderers to invade and wrest control from elected Governments ... as we have seen in the ME regions. 'Those' wanting to take Government and economic control the likes of Greece, Portugul, Spain, Italy etc will be over-run by the ISIS determination to Rule the World.

You had to be a part of the EU rip off ..or...Blind Freddie to NOT see the EU rubbish was NEVER going to be Fair or Work for the poorer, non-industrialised countries. Banksters and Germany STILL wanting to own and rule the world.

IN all of this Greek /EU ( Germany ) Bank/ Money / Delinquent debt etc tragedy! has Germany paid out all they were told and agreed to pay in compensation for all the losses and damage to various countries ( including Greece !) from WW 1 & 2 ?? 'Do as we say!! NOT as we do!!??"

People need to read these sites to really understand what this EU was originally set up for::::::"New EU Plan for “Effective Immigration Stop” Driven by Popular Protest – Wool over Our Eyes Once Again to Lull Us Facing Coudenhove Kalergi´s/Sarkozy´s NWO-Mongrel Plan" "The Rothschild 1945 – 1950: The underlying mission of the United Nations" "Tracing the Occult Masonic/Pharisaic Origin of EU through EU-founding Father Count Coudenhove Kalergi"

Central Bank of Central Banks Says “The World is Unable to Fight Next Global Crash” and "TPP Grants Banks Terrifying Secret Powers"

Hercules just came down over Sumatra, watch the Indons blame us for donating the freaking thing to them.

The Socialist/Communist mentality, and we are heading there at 100 MPH. This is where The Gillard and Krudd were taking us and where Wee Willy will have us going if he or his Communist Party regain power. The land where everyone is entitled to everything for free and no one needs to work; = Karl Marx's Utopia what all Australian university students are indoctrinated into believing can be achieved. We really are breeding a race of VERY, VERY! "Young and naive" people. Now where have I heard that before?

Not me lg, I am just having fun. Hey is that Avatar the great man himself, Menzies? Whomever it is has got the same eyebrows as another great man...John Winston Howard. They don't make politicians like that anymore. Very sad and to the real detriment to our nation....and Bruce's too.

Stop blaming the people, blame the bankers and the elite, they are the ones that borrowed the money and stashed it away. All this pension crapp is a cover up, just look here in Oz what happened to the $300 billion did go to the pensioners and unemployed ? they didn't build anything (oh the tin sheds at schools) ended up in the coffers of big business.

BDS, Greece is the classic leftist enclave. The fact is that socialism is reaching its zenith, where now no-one pays and everyone expects a free ride. It was always going to happen.