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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


G.P: “Listen Frank, I’m applying to the Vatican for asylum.”

Papa: “What’s the problem my son? 

G.P: “I’m fleeing persecution, I need a job Frank. I’ve saved us a bloody fortune down under but I’ve dirtied me nappy. I can’t do mass any more, the buggers won’t even let me say grace! I’m a bloody cardinal for Christ’s sake, Frank!”

Papa: “Settle down George, settle down. How much have you saved us?”

G.P: “Bloody millions mate, millions. But can you imagine what it’s like being interrogated in a Royal Commission into Child Abuse?”

Papa: “Child abuse George? Why the hell didn’t you just move to another parish?”

G.P: “No, No, Not me Frank! It’s Oz mate, they got more kiddy fiddlers than kangaroos down there and I ran out of parishes to send ‘em to.”

Papa: “Goodness me, George, what can I do?”

G.P: “Just give me a job as your adviser Frank, I’ve got to front that damned Commission again tomorrow and I’ve told them I’ll be holed up here and can only appear via video link.”

Papa: “Okay, but what are you going to advise me on?” 

G.P: “Well, this celibacy stuff is really hurting us bad mate, the clergy are chasing stray cats and the Muslims are shagging us out of existence. I mean some priests I know haven’t had a shag for months! I reckon you should bring in an edict, just for a trial run, where we pollinate all the nuns.”

Papa: “That’s outrageous George! How in the hell will we be able to crack a woody over a nun? I s’pose the choir boys would be happy about it ‘tho. Look, can we talk about this tomorrow George?”

G.P: “Okay, have I got refugee status then? I’ve lots more ripper ideas?”

Papa: “Have you tried the Ecuadorean Embassy, George?”


From Peter FitzSimons in the SMH:

The breathtakingly arrogant venality and cruel callousness of Cardinal George Pell continues to stun me. Speaking via video link from Rome to the Royal Commission into institutional child abuse on Thursday he compared the responsibility of the Catholic Church for sexually abusing children to that of a "trucking company". You see, if the company's driver picked up a passenger and then sexually assaulted that person, then "I don't think it appropriate for the ... leadership of that company be held responsible".

He said that. He really said that!

So, Cardinal Pell, what if the trucking company had a strict policy since its foundation that none of its drivers could have any sexual outlet whatsoever, for their entire adult lives? What if the trucking company had a long and sordid history, globally, not only of their drivers picking up children and abusing them, but also of moving their drivers from state to state so that after every complaint they could be shielded from prosecution, thus allowing them to continue their abuse? What then, Cardinal Pell? For your position to be consistent you have to advocate that if a trucking company continued to employ drivers that took children into their cabs and abused them, that company should not be held responsible.

Given Pell's position on not even releasing the documentation held by the Vatican over these cases of abuse, he must also maintain it is OK for the head office of this international trucking company in, say, New York, to decline to help authorities investigating this abuse, by refusing to give those files to police. Simply staggering, from first to last. HOW DOES PELL SLEEP? And how does anyone defend this?

Folks, always keep in mind that in June 2002, Pell was accused of having sexually abused a 12-year-old boy at a Roman Catholic youth camp in 1961 whilst a seminarian.

Incredible as it may seem but at my school where a Pedophile Priest and others wrecked havoc with 300 or more boys, mostly in the 10-15 age range in the 50s and 60's some of his victims went on and became sexual predators against young boys themselves. Some after becoming priests themselves. The school was still having problems with abuse in the late 1990's. Only one priest ever went to prison.

I was surprised when more young priests to be did not come forward during Pell's case. Maybe they were throttled?

The RC is a politically motivated distraction to take attention away from who's committing paedophilia today. Paedos gravitate towards positions that allow them access to children. Islam, social workers, teachers etc. No one's even looking at it because they're all getting excited about something that happened 30 years ago.It would be nice if it looked like they gave a shit about the poor little children who're being abused today?

The Catholic Church clearly has something to hide simply because it wont release Vatican files regarding the clergy and diocesan involvement in child abuse.

Was appalled when Pell likened the church to a trucking company, where the driver picks up a girl and rapes her. Not the fault of the trucking company. Mate, in any trucking company (or any company for that matter), I've ever been involved in, he would have been sacked on the spot. Pell is beyond belief - as is the whole RC church.

Pell's own words from the RC: "There is a long history of sin and crime within the church and one of the functions of the leadership of the church is to control and eradicate this."

Pell is under the hammer to explain why he agreed with the Vatican not to provide certain documentation. His piss weak answer is that it's a State Secret. The audience laughs.

After a break, again no sound. The Commissioner looks pissed off, as he should, but as anybody could tell him, nothing electrical out of Italy was ever reliable.

Sound drops out again. What a farce. Typical Italian balls up. They should have insisted that Pell get on a plane and appear in person.

Justification of the Catholic dodging the issue can not be made by pointing to the shortcomings of other institutions. The Catholic Church adopts the very high moral ground and must be held accountable even to depletion of their assets,

Pells' ponderous spoken delivery ought to ensure that the RC runs out of time.

They have paid out millions of dollars and many of the claims have not been proven as they go through a civil court. Many institutions have had similar problems, including government ones such as Parramatta Girls' home amongst others. How much have state institutions paid out or even admitted wrong doing? I do not agree with your assessment of the situation JimJim and I think your dislike for Pell has influenced your judgement. Many paedophiles deny and hide their activities and other people often find it hard to believe that people could do such things - especially in the past whereas today we are very aware - perhaps overly so as we tend to be a bit paranoid about it - of the problem.

Sound working now. Pell is fronting. Let's see what side-stepping bullshit he comes up with this time.

I can see Pell, but there's no sound???

Well I think this article is a cheap shot and I am an atheist. The Catholic church is doing its best to redress the issue and most of these cases are of an historical nature. Catholics are find citizens and have contributed greatly to Australia. If we have a problem with a religion in this country, it is not Catholicism that's the problem! We should focus on the real enemy within.

What time is The Pedo Pell show on today?

8 hours ago
another left leaning f%%%wit the tea party may have got the yanks back on track
there is no room for kissing arse and grovelling on your knees to the parasites called progressive

After looking at the RC into Pell's conduct, Frank could do the church a favour and reneg on his decision to take Pell. What an utter disgrace of unethical immoral human behaviour.