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Tuesday, 19th February 2019

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... meanwhile Maccas coughs up $330,000 PA for heart tick

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


A South Australian company is paying one of many competing Islamic Halal Certification “services” (AFIC) an undisclosed monthly fee for its seal of approval. But Scholle Industries Pty Ltd, based in Elizabeth, is a manufacturer of plastic packaging (plastic is derived from oil) and has apparently been able to assure Muslim fraudsters that all oil wells are facing Mecca.

Farcical Halal certification is being exposed as nothing more than an extortion racket adding to the cost of almost every type of purchase and governments are failing to act to protect Australians from this Islamic curse on our retail trade for fear of an Islamic electoral backlash.

Coercion, and threats by the Islamic “certifiers” to economically cripple Australian manufacturers and processors who refuse to pay up are being ignored by authorities.

Since the scam has been exposed, Aussie shoppers are refusing to buy product with the Halal certified label and the little Arab motifs are disappearing from shelf products everywhere like pork pies at a Passover, but the payments and the threats remain.

Halal certification headquarters are based in Saudi Arabia with Indonesia (MUI) administering the Asian arm and many various competing Australian “certifiers” operating both nationally and in most States. 

Total income from the world-wide scam is a reported $1.2 trillion, with Australia contributing a mere billion or so while our Defence Force wonders where the hell the House of Saud gets the money to pay the Islamic State.

It was reported here earlier this year that one major Aussie meat processor, who refused to be identified, claimed he had been told to pay $27,000 a month for halal certification or risk being banned from exporting. 

Mr Stephen Kelly, an executive of the Japanese-owned Nippon Meat Packers in Queensland, said last year that MUI had already banned his abattoirs from selling meat to Indonesia because he had procured his “certification” from one of MUI’s Australian opposition certifiers, AHFS.

Meanwhile the Heart Foundation’s “tick of approval” is proving another fraudulent impost on embattled Aussies with “ticks” being thrown to pizzas, deep-fried chips and pies, if the right amount of money is paid of course. 

MacDonald’s has forked out millions over the past eight years to have the Heart Foundation's “tick” of approval on their junk food.

The Heart Foundation is a (cough, cough) non-profit organisation but their “advisers”, “consultants” and executives drive very nice cars, live in very nice houses and take extended, very expensive and all exes paid overseas trips to study other "ticksters".

If this government was able to get rid of the carbon tax, Halal, Kosher and the “tick” taxes should be a piece of piss.


Are Government departments, and politicians like Barnaby Joyce, Islamic scholars?
NOPE, just vastly overpaid, unemployable infidel idiots, suckers for the "Halal Certification" con, rort, scam, kickbacks a disservice that REAL Australians have to pay for (all need jailing)!

Big problem is the major majority of Moslems don't even know the Qur'an and just act out what ever their lying Mullah tells them!
Even though "Halal Certification" expressly turns Halal food (blessed), into Haram food (unblessed)!
"Surat Al-Ma'idah [5:5]" (Qur'an, Verse 5.5)
*This day [all] good foods have been made lawful, and the food of those who were given the Scripture is lawful for you and your food is lawful for them.*

"Halal Certification" scam makes Islamic "good food" "Bid'ah"(actions which displease Allah ta`ala and his messenger.)

This above fact is confirmed by Saudi Arabian Islamic Scholars.
“Muslims are allowed to eat food prepared or cooked without prayers… and this is agreed on by Muslims scholars,” Sheikh Jazlani told Al Arabiya.

Australian Islamic Scholar call this a "rort"

South African Islamic scholars say the same

unscrupulous money men would not remain alive if they denied this fact in Saudi Arabia, as they commonly do in Australia to our idiot government infidels!

"Halal Certification" also makes products untouchable by conscientious Christians("1 Corinthians 10:28") , Jews, Sikhs, Buddhist and Hindus as well as Moslems,those familiar with their Qur'an and know what foods are Halal or Haram (part of their teachings)!

Q: How did Moslems make food "Halal" before certification?
A: A Muslim can easily make any food halal (permissible) by praying over it (simply by pronouncing 'bismillah' over their meal), just as observant Christians say grace.

And they are worried about, " NOT HAVING ENOUGH MONEY TO PAY OUR SERVICE PERSONAL what they deservedly deserve too... " it's got to be April fools day still, eh ?

All in the MEAL(or mean) TIME they all are still having mega bucks being handed to them all hand over fist, to do as they want,too !

What makes more sense? Australian companies paying a huge religious tax to a minority group, loosely described as a 'religion' that is oppressive, vulgar, aggressive to it's hosts (us) intolerant whilst demanding tolerance from us, regressive in it's nature, murderous, criminal, violent as a way of life, sexually perverted, genocidal, on a mission to dominate anything and everything, blah blah blah you know the rest, just check the 'Boycott Halal' and the 'anonymous' pages....or....Australian companies putting a similar amount toward an Australian Farmer's and Grazier's fund to assist our struggling primary industry for food. Instead of halal 'for the furtherment of islam', Afag (Aus, farmers and graziers) for the furtherment of Australia, what do you reckon?

Halal certification - on products such as water, food, packaging and transport - is a scam of religious proportions. Bigger than the Y2K bug - it's time for our companies to wake up and see that they're being ripped off. And they're ripping us off at the checkout as a result.

There is an instant pasta product with a Heart Tick that is loaded with cholesterol. I asked the Heart Foundation if they take cholesterol in to account - no. Mind you, the cholesterol scare is a scam as well.

The Government could create a Licensed body that introduces a Non-Halal Users card , swiped at any store selling Halal certified goods ,cash points/credits accumulated would be refunded as a repayment of the all the amounts that were skimmed by this Halal certification scam at the end of the month . Judging by the sheer volume of the companies involved it surely would add up to no insignificant amount .The retailer would pass on the bill for the amount credited back to the customers on to the relevant Halal certification "authority" (used lightly). I see employment opportunities and resolution to the conflict over this as I'm sure no Muslim would like us to be out of pocket for their beliefs !

Why are our Leaders allowing this treason to continue. Islam is at war with the West ( we are part of the West). It is time for our "leaders" to lead.

The ARAB MAFIA...Stop this shit now.

Well put Eric , its late and i aint even gonna try . Fair to say T Dooley engages in some pretty suspect logic. The gist seems to be , carry a logo to say your Boss caved to an Islamic racket and see the prophet's coffers swell and the Company's .Just ensure the consumer has not got a clue and all is well. Sheez after that we can enforce Islamic sections on Bondi , newsreaders in hijabs and a blanket ban on cartoons depicting the Prophet ( sorry that's already in place ). I guess it's a win /win situation when we oblige Islam Tom?

With Australia becoming worse and worse by the day, I propose that we all seek asylum somewhere.

I suggest Pakistan:

We could build a huge church in the middle of Islamabad that dominates the skyline, set up chippys and shops on every corner, assault the locals who dare to come into "our" part of town, set up specialist shops selling pork products and non-halal meat, protest to the government that the name "Ramadan" is offensive to our religion, and ask that they make it more inclusive by changing it to "Starve Yourself Fest."

We shouldn't assume that the Woolwich killers are somehow representative of all Muslims, because they certainly are not.

Most Muslims are far too busy running paedophile gangs to even contemplate terrorism.

This video should be compulsory viewing for every Australia.

I know that this is off the above subject, but does anyone else think it is totally ironic that the Muslims favourite Nrl team is the dogs (bulldogs) considering their abject hatred of those beautiful animals?

It's gunna take some food scares for anything to change much it seems. I'm NOT advocating anything, just an observation.

Thanks Darth , my 1st thought as it's come from SHY or Rintoul etc .CRAP
As in the case of the so called 12 women on Xmas Island self harming coming from the mouthes of the Greens and that liar Triggs , turned out be utter BS . 1 drank shampoo or something less --- I will await the real report .

I've been at work and haven't caught up much .
Did hear 2 dads SHY waffling on about ladies on Nauru and showering .
And yes peter and Darth they are oxygen thiefs

That would be a brain G2.

Not me bagman, father, brother, son and best friend. Best of luck with that.

I've had a brain snap- to end the confrontation with ISIS, just follow the example of the Brits causing the "Sepoy Mutiny" of 1857.
Tallow and lard-greased cartridges[edit]
The final spark was provided by the ammunition for the new Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle.[20] These rifles, which fired Minié balls, had a tighter fit than the earlier muskets, and used paper cartridges that came pre-greased. To load the rifle, sepoys had to bite the cartridge open to release the powder.[21] The grease used on these cartridges included tallow derived from beef; which would be offensive to Hindus,[22] or lard derived from pork; which would be offensive to Muslims. At least one Company official pointed out the difficulties this may cause: "unless it be proven that the grease employed in these cartridges is not of a nature to offend or interfere with the prejudices of caste, it will be expedient not to issue them for test to Native corps".[23] However, in August 1856, greased cartridge production was initiated at Fort William, Calcutta, following a British design. The grease used included tallow supplied by the Indian firm of Gangadarh Banerji & Co.[24] By January, the rumours were abroad that the Enfield cartridges were greased with animal fat. Company officers became aware of the rumours through reports of an altercation between a high-caste sepoy and a low-caste labourer at Dum Dum.[25] The labourer had taunted the sepoy that by biting the cartridge, he had himself lost caste, although at this time such cartridges had been issued only at Meerut and not at Dum Dum.[26] There had been rumours that the British sought to destroy the religions of the Indian people, and forcing the native soldiers to break their sacred code would have certainly added to this rumour, as it apparently did. The Company was quick to reverse the effects of this policy in hopes that the Indians would be quelled.[27][28]