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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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Kirralie Smith

Kirralie Smith is the creator of the halal choices website, shopping guide book and phone app and an expert on halal certification of foods and supermarkets in Australia


Halal as a concept only exists because of Sharia Law. If there was no Islamic Sharia Law there would be no such thing as halal. “Halal” is simply a word that means lawful or permissible. There is no problem with Muslims eating halal food in this or any other country. The problem with halal certification is that producers pay fees to claim a product is “halal”.  

It is both amusing and frustrating when we hear companies and Muslims alike trying to convince us halal certification is not about Sharia Law, or that the money raised is not about promoting Islam in Australia.

Have a look at the constitution of Supreme Islamic Council of Halal Meat on Australia (S.I.C.H.M.A)

Under point 2 titled “Objects of the Organisation” it states: “The Organisation shall be a non-profit RELIGIOUS organisation DEDICATED to the PROMOTION of the Islamic religion, culture and principles.” Their words, not mine (although I capitalised some to make a point).

It goes on to state that the objectives are to prepare halal meat “strictly to Islamic Sharia”.

The Islamic Council of Queensland confirms this by stating: “Islam is not a mere religion. It is a way of life with rules and manners governing every facet of life. Since food is an important part of daily life, food laws carry a special significance.” They also spell out that the concept of halal in Islam has very specific motives. Among them is to preserve the purity of the (Islamic) religion.

Under sub-headings of the S.C.H.I.M.A Constitution it says the resources, in other words profits, will be used, “to unify Muslims of Australia from diverse backgrounds for the cause of Islamic dawah”. This basically means they will fund activities that preach and proselytise for the purpose of gaining converts to Islam.

Directly under that it says the profits made from halal certifying of meat will be used to “implement a system of Islamic education”. This means schools for Muslims where they are taught Sharia Law. 

S.C.H.I.M.A is not alone in these objectives. The Islamic Council of WA uses its profits to make, “...ongoing donations to Syria. Because of the difficult civil conditions, the donations were made through “Al Imdaad” charity, to ensure that no recriminations could be directed at ICWA”. What recriminations could there be?

Australia Halal Food Services states on its website, “....the money raised goes to nurturing and educating Muslim minds”. 

Halal Australia is a little more vague when it says the profits go toward, “our obligation to serve the community within social, educational and charitable activities”. I think we can assume that means Islamic education and charities.

It is time people woke up. Australia is a free country and Muslims should be able to eat halal food. Our objection is having it imposed on us and being required to fund it!

And for those who want to jump up and down and start name calling, I will include a comment posted by a supporter on our facebook page, it is absolutely spot on!

"If I choose to purchase an Australian product instead of a Chinese product, no media will call me a bully or a racist. If I choose a local product over an interstate product, no media will call me a bigot. If I choose cruelty-free over factory-farming, no media will write an article calling me intolerant. I'm free to read labels and make a choice. But when I choose not to fund the halal industry, I'm a bully, a racist, a bigot etc, etc, etc. My money, my choice? Only when it suits the media."

So where is the money coming from to preach and promote Islam? Your grocery purchases, that's where.

Where is the money coming from to build more Islamic schools in Australia? Your Christmas turkey and this weekend’s BBQ meat.

How are Islamic “charities” being funded? With your breakfast cereals, chocolate bars, bread, milk, cosmetics etc… and where exactly does that money get distributed?

Seriously friends, is it really the role of the Australian family to fund and advance the doctrine of Islam with their everyday grocery purchases?


My solution / idea. Employ a muslim at every shop. He/she can then bless/pray over the food that needs to be halal. If you don't want halal, don't get it blessed. The cost of employing that person would be covered by a cost X weight, to be paid by the person wanting halal. No manufacturers need certification, user pays. Obviously labeling of products needs to be tightened to make sure of no contamination by alcohol or pigs gizzards, everybody's happy!

Is there something in the constitution that says they are not to be wards of the state and not receive welfare and housing?

Just a question, is it not against our Australian law to employ a person based on their religion, color or nationality? The slaughterman must be a muslim in order for the meat to be certified halal... WTF, I am a business owner and if I advertised for someone to work in my shop stating they must be male and a muslim I'd be dragged into court. Maybe pursue this at the place where it all begins, the slaughter houses. Discriminatory employment advertising.

The following states clearly, we are being treated unlawfully by forced halal rort.. where is the legal community when we need them?
1. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. This right shall include freedom to have a religion or whatever belief of his choice, and freedom, either individually or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in worship, observance, practice and teaching.
2. No one shall be subject to coercion which would impair his freedom to have a religion or belief of his choice.

Brian Woods has successfully registered the trademark name “halal”, sub-category “certification”. This trademark is registered in 164 countries. Let the games begin!

I would like to think we can increase the momentum without abuse and rhetoric. It is a simple choice and unfortunately we have those that want to be abusive. The choice is whether we want to pay "religious taxes" on our every day grocery items. I am sure, the answer is no. Unfortunately again, Australians are a little apathetic when it comes to something that is not affecting them (or so they think. Where the money goes really does not matter. The simple fact of whether it is 100th of a cent or a dollar, it is my money and our society, being secular, should not have these religious fees placed on every day groceries. this type of certification did not happen 50 years ago, did they all starve, NO.

I try not to buy Halal certified products. I wrote to our local WW manager - no reply, so I phoned him. He said he had received my letter but had forwarded it to his superiors. After a brief discussion, he called me a racist and hung up on me! He also said that by boycotting the products I was supporting terrorism! Work that one out - I can't! Unless he believes that the Muslims are terrorists!

Personally I will not buy certified stuff and even agree with another contributor re the TICK . There is much more tick stuff since I first had cardio some 12 years ago.Some stuff without mentioning eggs was very frowned on. It didn't occur to me that businesses pay these immigrants for certification. RIDICULOUS STATE OF AFFAIRS

You can't avoid halal Enrique. Vegemite, bread, cheese, just some examples. If I stop eating the things I enjoy and raised on, then the moosescums have compromised my life. I will not boycott, but I will complain and protest.

You can.. not buy Halal ..anything with alcohol etc...but you cannot dodge the ramifications of such a massive expenditure on religion to appease the happy clappers . when we are supposedly broke and being forced to cut services ...really pisses me off

I’m sure we are all sick of this halal scam. Solutions? Only name calling and absent politicians so far…

Looking for ways that we might dispense with the issue regarding the halal scam tax.

As we are a free country, those that wish to purchase halal produce and products should be able to do so – just as those who do not wish to participate need to be able to opt out without penalty.

A predominant claim is that non-muslims are paying higher prices for their groceries and other products that are certified halal.

The certifiers and companies involved are obfuscating what kind of monies are involved, but its said that it’s a rort that’s producing millions of dollars to the operators. That seems plausible given the scope of the types of products affected right across many varied products and some services. Its reasonable to suspect the amount to be significant.

Until these organisations are independently held accountable – we should correctly suspect that they are adding to the cost of consumer goods in Australia. They are also imposing a religious aspect that only serves themselves.

This is unfair. Consumers should have the option to buy clearly identified halal products – or not.

If a supplier wishes to provide a halal certified product – it should also provide a non-certified, alternative product at a lower cost – or provide the halal product to non-believers at a lower price.

A non-believing consumer should only need to declare at the point-of-sale that they do not wish to pay the halal component in order to get the product at the lower price.

A halal product must always be offered at a higher price and the price variance might relate to the cost of halal certification that is not set by the halal certifiers – but by the government – and that amount might reflect a particular class of goods, milk, bread, etc.

This might safeguard against certifiers attempting to covertly circumvent the process and get more fees – undeclared, from companies. They will pay the same amount, irrespective.

If we implemented such a scheme – yes, there are additional costs in doing this, but these extra costs can then be passed on to the certifiers and reflected in the price variance mentioned before against a certified product – and a non-certified product.

This way, those who wish to buy halal products can do so, and the cost of their choice will be wholly funded by those who stand to benefit from halal certification.

Halal certification should not be an issue potentially or otherwise for non-believers.

I’m ready to be shot down but I feel its at least an attempt at finding a way around the problem that respects all consumers.

Yes Enrique, those religious spendings with my taxes piss me off too. All religions need to be purged from society. So I oppose halal cert as well, and more strongly due to its insidious nature and that islam/sharia is in conflict with secular societies. ie, Martin place this morning.

Well done ABC/ALP/Greens!!! You fellate Muslims then dare to ask WHY the scum do what they do. Hey dodo....this is one good reason for an insecticide..want to disagree now openly?

Johnno where is Waleed Ali to explain that this is all our fault , where is Shorten standing side by side with his Muslim Brothers oh and sisters but they are in another room away form the man with the wandering dick, Milne will be doing her happy dance , Sarah Two Dogs will be watching re runs of Sea Patrol to keep up to date with what is happening and Tony well he will probably be fiddling like Nero! ABC, Fairfax, The Guardian, Get Up, the Socialist Alliance and every other leftist group will be slavering to report this but will take no responsibility for their kowtowing to them!


Breaking news re hostages in Martin Place. Will Abbott get off his timid arse a and do something strong for a change, or will it require politicians or judges to be threatened before he does.

I am seriously considering moving to another country, where they don't allow this scam at all.

Hostages held in Lindt Café in Martin Place in Sydney by ISIS Lindt targeted because they do not pay Halal? The Left Media, Labor and Greens are responsible for this and LNP for being wooses and going soft on Muslim threat!

The way to stuff this is for the federal gummint to take over all certification of Halal products and gather the fees.

I realise that some of the information posed by the following questions can be found, however, these are mostly from private, not official sources that can be relied upon. No disrespect to Kirralie.

Some questions:
How much money is being raised?
How many companies are involved?
Who are these companies?
What products are certified?
What products are labelled?
How much does certification cost?
How many halal certifiers operate in Australia?
Is it a commercial activity or deemed not-for-profit?
What products are not labelled - and why not?
What are the *costs* borne by the consumer?
Where is the money going?
Are halal operators audited?
Should participating companies divulge details of their involvement? If not - why not?
Do companies not certified still hold contracts in Muslim countries