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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


If 120,000 illegal immigrants poured unimpeded through Australia’s airports under Rudd and Gillard, and home-grown Islamic extremists can come and go as they please on each others’ passports, then our current Islamic problem is of our own making.

Of course there are another 30,000 illegal, unprocessed boat arrivals the delightful Julia let loose into our suburbs prior to the last election and others that used our taxes to engage Labor law firms to appeal and reverse immigration panels’ decisions that they were “undesirables”.

Whatever you do don’t invoke 18C, so don’t say anything, but just have a bo peep at the predominance of customs and immigration officials who are of “Middle-Eastern” appearance. 

Now why would that be? I mean Middle-Eastern immigrants can make far more money on the foster-care and insurance scams while on disability pensions and a raft of other benefits worth thousands a week. Why would they want a job where they’d have to pay pay taxes and lose all those yummy benefits? 

Illegal Muslim immigrants never intend to work! They arrive for the benefits that will allow them the freedom to preach our demise.

Anyway it’s almost impossible to employ a Muslim; he prays five times a day and needs Fridays off at the local mosque for more serious prayers and to watch some new ISIS videos with his mullah after which he is sufficiently aroused to go hunt down some pesky infidels. 

So why is he attracted to customs and immigration departments? Hmmm.

Well, the answer may be buried in this little statistic: Since the Rudd Government came to office, there have been almost 1,000 complaints of corruption by customs officials. And who is making these complaints? The public perhaps? No! Each complaint has come from other honest officials, mostly Australians.

You see, only other officials can actually detect exactly what these fleas are up to.

Customs CEO Michael Pezzullo says that, “In 500 of the reports there was insufficient proof for prosecution and it was impossible to act on the remainder due to lost records or a change in record-keeping systems”. 

But he went on to say that the service has seen major improvements in its defence against corruption and misconduct since 2010.

In 2011, Customs came under the jurisdiction of the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity, (yawn... another useless agency) which handles all allegations of corruption and misconduct for the service and has the power to order investigations. Oh, the power to order “investigations” eh?

Well, that obviously wasn’t enough for Scott Morrison. This year, he promptly ordered a task force into the whole malignant customs mess.

Mr Pelluzzo has reassured us all with this well-considered written statement, "There is no place in the service for corruption, serious misconduct or fraud." Phew, I was worried for a moment there.

So far, police have arrested five people, including two customs officers, and it’s reported another six have been arrested, as part of a syndicate, after a three-year investigation into the 5,000 strong Customs department. 

But the 10,000 strong Immigration Department, unlike Customs, appears to have given up altogether with Immigration official and former Assistant Director of Investigations, Wayne Sievers, stating, ''Major organisers of fraud on Australia's immigration and citizenship programs realistically need have little fear of detection, arrest or prosecution.''

Unregistered immigration agents are charging up to $A30,000 per illegal immigrant. A part of that fee finds its way to complicit immigration officials, without whom the fraud doesn’t work. 

No figures are available on the number of immigration officials, if any, who have been arrested. But there are certainly big dollars available when you cooperate with crooked Middle-Eastern and Asian immigration agents here in Australia.

A corrupt Immigration Department official and her husband were caught running a $3 million criminal migration racket involving more than 1000 fraudulent visa applications. Again, no arrests. 

Reetika Ajjan and her husband were able to flee Australia three days after Immigration and Federal agents raided their house after they were discovered wiring over $A1 million to overseas bank accounts within a period of 48 hours. 

Sloppy investigators had failed to take even the most basic measures to stop them from leaving the country. They remain at large.

The SMH predictably reports that the Abbott Government has issued new licences in the past six months to migration agents previously identified by the Immigration Department as having bribed employers to obtain fake work references for visa applicants. WTF?

A Melbourne woman, Maria Nani (pictured) who was running an immigration scam with an asking price of $29,150 per illegal entrant was found guilty by Judge Mealy but the good judge inexplicably sentenced her to 300 hours community service and ordered her to pay a fine of $10,000. 

I guess that fine will be paid from the defrauded funds.

It seems the former immigration official and Assistant Director of Investigations, Mr Sievers, is right when he says immigration fraudsters have little to fear.


Um, can we bottle this great stuff up (?) and share it into all those muzscum ragheads ?

These ANTI SOCIAL RAGHEADS & GLADBAGGERS will be they think will be thy end of Oz ! But,due to the internal wisdom of the AUSSIE PERSON knows better than that...

Cheap cost up to $75,000 to go through the Australian Embassy in Phnom Penh,Cambodia

Are uneducated un-skilled third world Muslim immigrants entering our society/culture the equivalent of introducing cane toads into our environment? An irreversible problem is manifesting and in time, we will regret it was not nipped in the bud when there was a chance.

Keep this up Larry - much and all as I detest giving these Muslims, Middle Eastern tripe media attention, we must do something about them - Mr. Abbott, where are you? Wasn't it enough Labor put us in billions of dollars of debt, thousands of illegals arriving, welfare payments to all and sundry of this tripe - now, you have fixed the boats, fixed the carbon tax, now please, FIX THIS MUSLIM PROBLEM - No more of them, and clean up our Immigration Department - thanks again Larry, thousands of us follow you on this appalling matter.

Why is it that traitors to our country always look so repulsive ?

OT. 612 ALPBC radio, Brisbane, just covered a public comment by some church mob criticizing Australia for having children in detention. I rang them and spoke to the program producer, plus left a message on their Cereal Box line, that the only reason there is any children in detention in Australia is because their parents put them there. Spare us all the emotional blackmail.

Mental image: Disraeli using Charlie Brown as their avatar :)

I'm with you, Mrgg. We have a common enemy that is seeking to overthrow this country and everything we stand for as a nation.
Instead of the name-calling, accept that someone doesn't see the situation the same way you do and move on.
There's a well-known saying about arguing on the internet is like competing in the special olympics. You may win but you're both still retarded.
(let's see who is childish enough to lose the point of this point and focus on the 'retarded' bit....)

Because we have Pubic Serpents supervising more Pubic Serpents and they all suffer heavily from "Decisional Paralysis" from top to bottom! The governments of all persuasions are incapable of managing themselves and their apologists control the game!

BR and CS, I have had words with you both before and you guys have a lot to offer in your wisdom that only comes from experience, you guys aren't miles apart, I respect both of you, however, keep it between yourselfs, as Larry once said, if we where invited to a BBQ and talked face to face we would be all mates

Wonder what 'we' would accomplish !? If ?? 'we' stopped the vehemence between each other PP poster and concentrated all the dynamic energy of all our intellects on the REAL AUSTRALIA ENEMIES??

Well, the word 'burkha' was mentioned a few times and if you can't even realise that, you are the stupid one :)

And yes, some folks are quite stupid to think that middle easterners and indians ( or muslims and sikhs ) are the same.

Maybe we can personally lobby our dear leaders to submit a law that only those born and bred on Australian soil can work for the immigration department.

But there is no real alternative to persistence. Eventually a two state solution will be found.

I wasn't referring to you and want no part of it.

Having a difference of opinion is one thing, incessant bickering quite another.

I didn't see anything in the Weekend Australian.

Just testing...looks like I'll have to use a VM or go to a live Cd.

You got to hand it to Bruce! He is rounding up support sneakily to keep this Hanson thing going. Amazing. You should post whatever you like smartgirl. If people don't like reading it they can browse over it.