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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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... a recount won’t cut the mustard with this farce

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


                                       What was that deal with the Greens again Mal?

Every political pundit is blithely ignoring the lead story out of this election. Thanks to the Australian Electoral Commission, up until this morning all voters have been given the wrong information on how to vote. If, as suggested, there has been some political interference that favours the Greens in these false instructions then it will be an even bigger lead story.

These are the AEC’s instructions as seen by all voters and strictly adhered to by scrutineers:


“Select numbers using the drop down fields contained within the boxes on the sample ballot paper below. When you believe you have completed a formal vote, click the 'check my ballot paper' button at the bottom of the ballot paper. To cast a formal Senate vote, you can choose to vote either above the line or below the line.

Above the line

“You must number at least boxes for parties or groups in the order of your choice (with number 1 as your first choice). [note "must"]

Below the line

“You must number at least 12 boxes for individual candidates in the order of your choice (with number 1 as your first choice). [Note "must" again] 

“You can number as many additional boxes as you choose when voting either above the line (i.e. more than six boxes) or below the line (i.e. more than twelve boxes)”.

The truth is, according to the legislation, you can number only one box if you wish or as many as you wish. See the legislation,

The truth is that you can even make a mistake and the ballot will be formal up until the mistake is boxes numbered 1, 2, 3, 5 will be a formal vote but only up to box 3. If you number boxes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, your vote is formal only up to the box numbered 4 (because scrutineers cannot know which of the two boxes numbered 5 were intended to be 5, or even 6.)

                                 These are just a few of the incompetent AEC galahs

The AEC instructions are clearly wrong but they have knowingly continued to persist with them, despite having admitted they are wrong during multiple phone calls asking for clarification.

There are believable reports out of Western Sydney that the pre-poll informal vote has jumped from 6 per cent to over 20 per cent because scrutineers have been given false information by the AEC and have unknowingly misled voters who actually tried to vote formally.

Now, the pre-polls should be under lock and key and there should be no way that anyone could legally know the percentage of informal votes, but hey, this is Western Sydney, and there are bookies out there offering great odds of 6/1 and better if the informal votes reach above 7 per cent when a 20 per cent informal rate in many electorates is more than possible!

But here’s the nub, there have been millions of pre-poll votes already cast (perhaps a third of all eligible votes) and voting forms have been filled out under the false direction of the AEC. 

These informal votes cannot now be re-counted as formal votes simply because the voter may have voted differently had he (she) been given the correct information in the first place.

The AEC informed all scrutineers of the correct way to vote only yesterday, one day before the Saturday polls, but it was too late, 30, maybe up to 40 per cent of votes have already been cast in many electorates and the informal vote count is through the roof. 

So, all the many candidates who will have lost a seat by a margin of 20 per cent or less will rightly demand a recount. But what’s the point of a bloody recount when all those informal votes can’t be re-counted as formal? There is only one solution ... a new election! 

But this time for God’s sake sack the disaster-prone AEC first! Because they were told by yours truly and others on a number of occasions that they were risking necessitating a new election if they continued to lie to the public. 

They agreed without hesitation that their instructions were wrong yet they continued to knowingly mislead every single voter in Australia using expensive advertising campaigns.

Electoral Commissioner, ex-Army and number one AEC boss dickhead, said, “We’re supposed to provide a democratic service for all Australians and in my mind that’s getting to the stage where it’s difficult." 

On the issue of changing the voting system for the Senate, Mr Rogers said, "The AEC would not allow itself to be used as either the reason to do or not to do reform". Hmmm... and we actually pay these blokes?

So don’t count your chickens later tonight, best to prepare for the massive shitfight that follows.


In my PRESS RELEASE Confusing/unconstitutional legislative provisions continues in Federal elections.

The documents can be downloaded from:
(Ok I omitted the 'p' in cometent') I exposed the conflict citing the legislation and this was forwarded to every former Member of parliament(as once the writs were issued none were any longer Members of Parliament) but to no avail. More than a decade ago I urged the JSCEM to have an independent supervisory body overlooking elections and so the AEC. But also to no avail. If 'elections" are a democratic tool then why do we lack a basic fool proof system to make sure it is a democratic election

NOT ONE WORD FROM MEDIA, family saw it before voting the anomaly was evident ty LP for nailing it again.. aec tking too long to count because they have to f"FIX" THE INFORMAL COUNT ?? BLOODY LIES AEC

6 possible Senate seats for One Nation

I would rather have the fate of Australia in the hands of One Nation than the rabble we had there before.

It appears to me that the SEC and the Union Labor Party are working hand in glove to defraud the voters.No Government organization could be as inept and incompetent as the Commission. Yet there has not been one word about this monumental stuffup by the media or the politicians except for Larry. Why? I am also very suspicious of electoral boundaries favouring Labor as well. The Brexit vote was decided very quickly so why do we have to wait for so long. In this age of computers it should be rather simple to change things and also provide biros to cast our votes.

Bruce, do not waste you time with a response. She is sick.

How's Reggie?

Whoever ran the LNP campaign should have already resigned last night without being asked. A more irrelevant, weak and mis-targeted campaign is hard to imagine.

The budget changes to superannuation was the greatest own goal ever by a political party. If it only affected the claimed 4% of people, it would not have raised enough revenue to make it worthwhile. People will work you out in politics.

The TURC had provided enough ammunition to destroy Shorten and the Labor party yet was totally ignored, perhaps because of the Abbott legacy.

Jobs and growth as the Coalition theme was a joke. The scare campaign by Labor on Medicare was as brilliant and effective as it was dishonest. You can tell that Labor owns the dishonesty campaign having had so much practice in the union elections.
Turnbull should have gone to an election as soon as he stabbed Abbott. Delaying it merely gave people time to work him out.

The performance by Turnbull since taking over makes one question whether he is as clever as he thinks he is.It would appear not.

The honourable thing would be for Turnbull to resign from not just the leadership but from parliament altogether.

But we know that wont happen.

I was the sole scrutineer at the main Hobart booth yesterday (for HEMP party) and I insisted that any Senate paper which contained fewer than six numbered boxes above the line or twelve numbered below the line (and which was otherwise valid in all other respects, of course) should be counted since it clearly indicated the voter’s intent. This applied for any paper which has votes above •and• below the line.
Once the papers are recounted back at the AEC there may be more Senate papers listed as informal, of course.
I also insisted that any voting paper for Denison, HoR, which contained fewer than six numbered boxes (and which was otherwise valid, of course) should be counted as valid.

The person who handed me the ballot papers said, "Number 6 boxes above the line or 12 boxes below." Unfortunately, I didn't correct them because it wasn't until a little later that I thought about their misleading wording.

Soon the Africans will be over here overseeing our corrupt elections on behalf of the U.N.


Savva was acting as a Liberal spokes person this morning on insiders and was being excepted and encouraged as such by the others. Sickening.

SAVVA giving her two bobs worth? She is a sour old b..tch. I bet she is commiserating with her "hero" as is scrawny Bitchop.

Oh dear - is that still hanging about?

There is only one way of checking for multiple votes by the same person and that is to compare all the enrollment sheets from each voting station. There is no way the AEC would bother to do that exercise. Labor, Unions and Greens know this full well (they also have their people in the AEC) and so they would have sent an army of multiple voters around to many stations in pretty much most of the electorates. They do it every election, which is why their people in the AEC, and their people in the parliament refuse to electronically automate the system to automatically and immediately identify multiple voters. The system is highly fraudable and has been frauded by the usual culprits at every election (state and federal) for a long time. Wayne Swan and his henchmen are masters at this game.

At least she wont be seduced by Jamie, maybe heartbroken

Her timing was impeccable.
Or just persistent?

I just sent Wyatt Roy my congratulations on losing his seat.

Has anyone have a list of the 55 who are still standing? (Unfortunately Turnbull and Bishop made it )

Turnbull is disgusting. The people have rejected him but like the emporer with new clothes he can't bear to hear the truth. Caught between the spectre of a rapist leading the country the people have chosen to desert for other options.