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Tuesday, 23rd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


With the encouragement of Cricket Australia and ex-NSW Premier Mike Baird, Test cricketer Usman Khawaja discarded the VB and Four X logos on his kit. Khawaja is the first declared Muslim to wear the baggy green and part of his kit is a well-worn prayer mat that is used five times a day in front of perplexed team mates. But there are inconsistencies in Khawaja’s stance. 

Shariah law does not permit  homosexual behaviour and it does not permit interest to be charged by money lenders (a crime in Islam, denounced in Christianity and known as “usury”). Yet Khawaja still wears the Commonwealth Bank logo and plays with young team recruit “pretty boy” Adam Zampa’s bum cleavage when he thinks no-one is watching. 

So it’s difficult to gauge just how committed Khawaja is to his sacred Islamic cult.

VB and Four X have supported State and Test cricket teams with $100 million. This money pays for players’ substantial retainers, all international and domestic airfares, hotels, meals and all other expenses, so it seems more than a little unfair that a player who partakes of VB’s and Four X’s largesse can walk away from any obligation to honour a promotional logo deal. But this is Islam we are talking about here.

Beer, with all its faults, is still very much a part of Australian culture and it is not yet illegal, so Khawaja is out of step with the Aussie image of “a fair go” and “one in all in”.

                                                         No VB logo for Khawaja

Kahwaja is a talented Pakistani but should respect the honour of playing for Australia and forget the stone-age Islamic traditions Pakistan clings to, as any Australian who played for Pakistan would do out of respect for another country. But respect is a word not mentioned in the Khoran when it comes to the traditions of others.

I watched in disgust when, during our National Anthem, Khawaja constantly fingered little Adam Zampa’s bum and I asked myself the question, “why doesn’t Adam break Usman’s bloody arm?”  (See Youtube clip if gay stuff doesn't offend.)

                                          The Test team's agreed logo deal with VB.

When Australia plays Pakistan again on Australia Day, Australian sport may have reached a new PC low?   

Peter Badel of The Courier-Mail wrote that, “Khawaja is too humble to ram his religious views down the throats of his cohorts, ...that’s what makes him a beacon for Australian cricket.” But that’s only the far Left Courier Mail.

And prior to taking up cricket Khawaja was training to fly aircraft. 

Hmmmm, okay.


The pricks are brainwashed, gullible and crazy enough without encouraging them to drink piss although when they are away from their home turf and away from their mufti, sheikh, imman, cleric or whatever they don't mind a drop as can be witnessed in places like Phuket, Pattaya etc. But who could blame them.

He may yet wish he wasn't Islamic if what is below becomes a reality.

>> In an article in "Insight", Patrick Carlyon, (CM 28/1) makes
>> a slight hint that there could be a possibility that the Bourke Street
>> lethal attack could be Islamic terrorist related, even thought there seems
>> to be a total media blackout on that possibility. Linking it to the Lindt
>> Cafe incident createds that possibility, but generally that matter is
>> taboo. (and that "the answers may be uncomfortable").
>> Will the Courier Mail have the courage to be the first to break this media
>> tactic of silence?
>> But why is there this general reluctance to call a spade a spade and not
>> comment on the killer's recent Islamic background, utterances and actions
>> prior to the slaying and during the tragic events. If you are doing what
>> the Victorian police heirarchy have alredy done with their definative
>> statement based on what appears as deliberate ignorance of the facts, is
>> there any real chance that it will all be revealed? With some much
>> evidence already seen and heard via the TV media, many Australian are
>> asking why hasn't any of that been commented on yet? Has the realization
>> that this could be the first major Islamically inspired vehicle attack in
>> Australia and thus there a reluctance to admit that at all costs. The
>> Victorian police immediate definitive announcement on the day, that the
>> tragic event was not (Islamic) terrorism relate, smacks of their PC
>> attitudes and wishful logic or just plain deliberate ignorance of the
>> total immediate evidence).
>> Below are two articles you may find relevant for your awareness.
>> .......................................
>> Australia: Melbourne car attacker identifies himself as Muslim
>>> January 20, 2017 2:08 pm By Robert Spencer 44 Comments
>>> All day people have been indignantly tweeting and emailing me, saying
>>> that Dimitrious Gargasoulas is not Muslim, he's Greek. That Islam is a
>>> religion and Greek is a nationality seems to escape a surprising number of people,
>>> including Australian authorities. Anyway, Gargasoulas does seem to be
>>> quite unbalanced. What mainstream analysts fail to grasp is that being
>>> unbalanced and being a jihadi are not mutually exclusive. In fact, Islam
>>> attracts the psychically marginal, as it provides them with a
>>> justification of and blessing for their impulses to rage, hatred and
>>> violence.
>>> "Driver in Melbourne Car Attack Named as 'Greek Islamic Kurd' with Mental
>>> Health Issues," by Donna Rachel Edmunds, Breitbart, January 20, 2017:
>>> The driver who ploughed his car into crowds on a Melbourne street
>>> killing four and injuring 15 others has been named as Dimitrious Gargasoulas, 26.
>>> Gargasoulas, who claims to be 'Greek Islamic Kurdish' and a follower of
>>> Yazdanism, has been found to have posted multiple rambling messages on
>>> social media in the last few days, ranting about the "illuminati",
>>> promising "heaven and hell is real", and vowing to "have god's laws
>>> reinstated".
>>> "I declare war on tyranny today, you dogs will have the option to either
>>> believe in me and his positive energy he offers and stay faithful to me
>>> or
>>> serve the one who enslaves you at his feet," he wrote on Facebook on
>>> Monday, the Daily Mail has reported.
>>> He added: "I offer freedom no work no bills just that we all keep faith
>>> and believe in the one god, the one higher being for the good and protect
>>> the energy that he gives with your heart.
>>> "God bless everyone in the world it is about to change xoxo."
>>> A few days earlier he had posted: "I know exactly how to take you DOGS
>>> down the power of knowing has revealed and I shall have GODS laws
>>> re-instated."
>>> In a long rant in early January he wrote: "Today the Gods have given me
>>> wisdom and knowledge. They have awoken me.
>>> "Keep in mind good will always prevail over evil and that is exactly
>>> whats to come in the following days weeks and so forth.
>>> "I'll take you all out just me you need a army to take me [.] wait until
>>> you see mine! For all those who know me. know I'm a genuine good sexy
>>> young guy.
>>> "I've been blessed. and now your fucked".
>>> ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
>> When will the Australian media have the courage to expose the
>>>> real truth behind the Bourke Street attack in Melbourne, irrespective of
>>>> the consequences of anger towards the hierarchy of the Victorian police
>>>> force, events of the coming Australia Day celebrations or the possible
>>>> anti-Islamic backlash negativities which may follow. The TRUTH can't be
>>>> hidden forever, otherwise, when the shit hits the fan over it all, the
>>>> media in general, the Victorian Police and Government may be splattered
>>>> irrevicably, rarely to be trusted again. Any layman can easily expose
>>>> much of it right now, from information already available from the
>>>> killer's own web site, limited exposure from the reluctant media,
>>>> witnesses to the tragedy, Gargasoulas's friends and videos of the actual
>>>> tragedy on the web, despite the media blackout.
>>>> When one close friend claims the killer recently converted to Islam and
>>>> a marked change immediately was seen in his behavior; that mustn't be
>>>> ignored and could be quickly authenticated.. On his Facebook page,
>>>> Gargasoulas claimed to be of 'Greek Islamic Kurdish' in his new
>>>> identity.and for the last few days, ranted about the "illuminati",
>>>> promising "heaven and hell is real", and vowing to "have god's laws
>>>> reinstated". (It's to be hoped that follow-up investigation doesn't
>>>> by-pass much if the implications from all that.) His attack displayed
>>>> all the hallmarks of copy-cat Islamic vehicle massacres in Europe. What we
>>>> see as crazy rantings, are likely to be the result of radicalization
>>>> from the web which all Islamists display after radicalization...a form
>>>> of "Islamic insanity" in our logic. The only other contributing factor not
>>>> yet available is the level of any drug concentrations possibly found is
>>>> his blood immediately after the attack. Surely one can one assume that
>>>> any level was identified soon after, despite his injuries?
>>>> Further more , his use of the term "dogs" in his facebook threats
>>>> against us Infidels,(rather than "pigs" which Islam reserves for Jews) for us
>>>> to be on the receiving end of his violent plans, also indicates his radical
>>>> "Islamic" intentions. Ask why are police and authorities still ignoring
>>>> his repeated comments just before the killing began?: His calls of
>>>> " Allahu Akbar", the standard Islamic battle cry, (with its
>>>> implications) were clearly heard. Also, why have they also ignored the fact that while
>>>> driving and doing doughnuts in the car and steering with his left hand
>>>> only, his right fist was clenched outside the car door to occasionally
>>>> give the Islamic supremacy sign ,(it was often inverted downwards as he hung on
>>>> in tight right-hand turns), with his right index finger. Victorian police
>>>> seems to have completely avoided making any relevant comments to avoid
>>>> hinting at any Islamic connection...................Thus a media blackout
>>>> for more Islamic appeasement? As for the police making a "definitive"
>>>> statement that the attack was not terrrorist related, this displays a
>>>> massive ignorance of the immediately available and follow-up evidence.
>>>> Now Gargasoulas complains of being "unwell" to avoid having to appear
>>>> in court. Is that refusal an easy way out which should never be allowed in
>>>> any serious cases like this one? Maybe it's another easy way for him
>>>> also to show disrespect already, to our court system, because it's well known
>>>> that many Muslims and Islamic converts claim they respect only Allah's
>>>> laws and authority?.
>>>> To hide all of this from the Australian public smacks of totalitarian
>>>> and/or PC our media establishment
>>>> While many more facts will need to be known for a water-tight case
>>>> against this killer, what is already known and relevant, should not have
>>>> a media blackout put on it. It smacks of similar Islamic attitudes and
>>>> actions towards free speech. All Australians deserve to know the
>>>> available truth on the massacre now , and not be kept speculating on the
>>>> extent of its Islamic roots.
>>> >
>>> (It's worth remembering also that Greece gained its independence from
>>> the Ottoman Empire less than 200 years ago. So Islam is nothing new to most
>>> Greeks, although it is not generally benevolently remembered in Greek
>>> history}.
>>> and a further item maybe of interest?

The Followers of Islam know ALL about Terrorism and Genocide.It is Infused in the DNA of Islam and all whom submit to that Cancerous Cult that is Hell bent on the Islamification of Australia and it's Conservative Western Values and Culture.All brought to you by Your Elected representatives using Your hard earned tax dollars, so you may be used as Cannon Fodder for any follower of Islam to Kill to promote Islam in Australia..To what end you ask, Well that may be a question for your local member of Parliament to answer. They REFUSE to criticise the very thing that is KILLING you and your Family, One Event at at Time.The Last Terror attack, Plowing through pedestrian traffic may not have been your family, but the Few degree's of Separations ensures you will soon feel what Islam is ALL about.

If Khawaja dosn't want to wear the sponsers logo, Fuck him off,Otherwise VB should pull all advertising

will go searching for that one T..........

Tommo Wed 25 Jan 2017 09:00:30 am
Anyone seen this ? Too real and very strange, like t5he whole "chase".

Who Is The “Blue Man” Waving Instructions To Gargasoulas Before The Killing Spree?
January 22, 2017 by Dalia Mae 188 Comments
Outside Flinders Street Station, a man in a blue top waves instructions to the driver that killed several pedestrians along Burke Street Mall
By Dee Mclachlan
I wrote an article yesterday about Dimitrious (‘Jimmy’) Gargasoulas, being chased by the police in Melbourne’s CBD. He was doing “doughnuts” outside Flinders Street Station — seeming waiting for and taunting police. Followed by three silver cars, he drove down Swanston Street (which is closed to general traffic), then ramping onto the pavement, he mowed down pedestrians.
He has so far killed 5 people and injured many more.
I now have more to say, thanks to comments that Gary posted, referring to the video I had provided. Gary noted the man wearing a blue top was seemingly waving instructions.
I analysed this in slow motion and this man — the “blue man” — seems to be signalling to Garasgoulas while he is doing doughnuts.
There are several parts to this man’s actions:
1. The red Holden is circling with Garasgoulas leaning far out the window — looking at the crowds. Is he waiting for someone, or waiting for a signal? He does several doughnuts.
2. Then we see the blue man appear and move to the driver’s window of a stationary silver car which is waiting in the tram tracks. (This turns out, I presume, to be one of the unmarked police cars.)
3. The blue man then runs toward the intersection and gestures to the Holden. The blue man points, then gestures as if he is holding a steering wheel, and turning it. Is he indicating to Garasgoulas to “keep circling“?
4. As a second identical silver (unmarked) car arrives behind him, then the blue man raises both arms in the air. Why? Could this be “We’re all here, this is your last circle,” or maybe it is a general signal to all — “standby.”
5. Then as a third unmarked car pulls up, the blue man keeps his left arm raised (pointing towards Swanston Street) — and waves his right hand, gesturing to Garasgoulas to move along. He is even standing in front of one of the silver cars. Is the blue man indicating to Garasgoulas that “You can head down Swanston Street now.”
6. With the blue man waving, the three unmarked cars — in unison — turn left neatly BEHIND the Holden — and follow the Garasgoulas down the tram tracks along Swanston (Note, Swanston Street is for trams only). Amazingly, shockingly, these unmarked cars make no attempt to encircle the Holden and cut it off.
Who is the blue man?
This is extraordinary. This blue “conductor” reminds me of the Craft security guy at the Boston Marathon bombing — and the miraculous disappearance of his large black backpack.
And photographer Tony Gough, of News Corp Australia, happened to be at the intersection too.
Below I have uploaded a compilation of views from sowhat?3 and smoke’n mirrors.

WHO told them to let him go? (allegedly).

I don't want to see any part of a Muslim woman. Their boxy bristly head ,thick hairy upper body , the plough horses collar with out the bristles , two hairy legs like tree stumps. No Thanks. Any wonder the blokes are dirty and they can't even have a drink !!

Thanks IE, I could have been here for hours!!

Old Jacktar Wed 25 Jan 2017 02:30:40 pm

What the last two generations forget, or refuse to acknowledge, is that a GREAT many immigrants came from oppressed countries and chose Australia on purpose BECAUSE of it's freedoms...........they in turn assimilated and BECAME Australians even while keeping their old traditions and customs, which enriched our way of life.

Sure the wogs, spicks and chinks had a hard time and I'm sure they still have their detractors today, albeit in a minority.................but NOWHERE I've seen have them isolated themselves, refuse to accept this way of life or generally become a pimple on the arse of society!

.................that was reserved for a group who came later, not as immigrants but a COLONISTS!, not as the oppressed seeking freedom but as latent oppressor, not as those wishing to assimilate but as those wishing to divide.......the truth of these things lies in their attitudes and actions!!..............Thing is, they could not have got this far without the assistance of our government and the machinations of minority groups (dhimmis)

When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty
- Thomas Jefferson

About the right age for marrying Rudolph

If so THORN. What an almighty stuff up.

Sorry folks for the mixed up post ... it is Cory's speech in 2015 but the second half comes first!

Wednesday, 11 November 2015 THE SENATE 8258
Islamophobe, a bigot or a Muslim hater. Frankly, I put no stock in his insults against me. It is not the first time
someone has called me names—and, coming from someone like him, I wear it as a badge of honour.
But the telling thing about all these online rantings and arrogant insults is what they tell us about the character
of Mohamed El-Mouelhy. He is willing to spend a significant amount of time abusing people on social media
and peddling lies in the public domain. And, by his own admission, he has been involved in corrupt dealings—
bribery, to be specific—to attempt to gain access to the Indonesian halal food market. On ABC's Four Corners
he was asked whether the $28,000 he spent on a visit to Australia by Indonesian halal officials was, in his mind,
a bribe. This is what he said:
In my mind … as an after fact, yes, it is a bribe.
Why would anyone want to do business with a corrupt businessman? But, according to Mr El-Mouelhy himself,
business is booming. He arrogantly talks about how much money he makes from the halal certification industry.
On Today Tonight he said it had made him a millionaire. On Four Corners he said that everything he touches turns
to gold. His business website claims that it has an '80 per cent market share of halal certification in Australia'—
something which I have seen no evidence of, but that is what he claims.
Yet beneath these dodgy boasts there are many questions to be answered. He portrays himself and his business
as an Islamic body or authority. The name alone—Halal Certification Authority—implies that it is some sort of
peak community representative organisation. It even has a '.org' domain name instead of the usual '.com'. But
is it really an Islamic body or authority? Is it really a not-for-profit organisation as suggested by the domain
name? As far as I can tell it is neither. It is simply a private business formed to make money for Mr El-Mouelhy
through any means possible.
Descriptions of his company, on various websites, claim the Halal Certification Authority 'is the most
authoritative national Islamic body on the application of Islamic dietary laws' and it is an 'Islamic body appointed
by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service, AQIS, according to federal legislation'. Mr El-Mouelhy is
not an imam or Islamic religious leader, so I do not know on what basis he makes the claim of being a credible
authority. And AQIS does not appoint Islamic certifiers. The certifiers apply to AQIS to gain approval to certify
certain products for export. Further, El-Mouelhy boasts on Facebook that `Sharia rules' and is associated with
another organisation that includes a special religious or sharia subcommittee.
Despite these statements and associations, El-Mouelhy also denies the existence of sharia or Islamic law. On 11
Feb 2015, during an interview on SBS, El-Mouelhy stated—in relation to a court case—'The defendants have
said I am actually working to install sharia law—whatever that is—in Australia.' On 18 March 2015, during an
interview on the ABC's The Drum program, El-Mouelhy claimed: 'There is no such thing in Islam called sharia
law, by the way.' They are just more contradictions by a man unwilling to be confined by the truth.
Alarmingly, El-Mouelhy also boasts about contributing to the global Islamic charity Human Appeal International,
HAI, an organisation that has been banned in Israel, since 2008, because it channels funds to Hamas and has
links to Hezbollah. Mr El-Mouelhy claims he knows of no links from HAI to Hamas, but a quick internet search
reveals the HAI logo in use at Hamas ceremonies. Hamas, I remind the Senate, has been listed by the United
Nations as a terror group since 2001. In 1996 a CIA report said HAI was used as a conduit to fund terrorism.
HAI also sponsored two visits to Australia by a bloke named Tareq Al-Suwaidan, a man banned from the US
and Belgium for his violent anti-Semitism. And this is the charity that Mr El-Mouelhy chooses to support.
In short, based on his words and actions, I consider Mr El-Mouelhy to be an untrustworthy person. In fact, he
does a great disservice to the Muslim community and the halal certification industry. During evidence to the
committee on halal certification, one witness described the shonks and con men operating within the industry
and endorsed calls for reform. In my opinion, Mr El-Mouelhy is the embodiment of such a description. I know he
has made false statements about me and I know he has made admissions to being involved in corrupt practices.
On that evidence alone, El-Mouelhy must be considered one of the halal industry shonks and con men that no
reputable organisation should have anything to do with.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015 THE SENATE 8257
Date Wednesday, 11 November
Source Senate
Page 8257 Proof No
Questioner Responder
Speaker Bernardi, Sen Cory Question No.
Senator BERNARDI (South Australia) (12:45): I rise today to raise a matter involving a man claiming to be
an international business leader but who has demonstrated through his words and actions that he is a person
who clearly has limited—if any—association with the truth. I am talking about a gentleman by the name of Mr
Mohamed El-Mouelhy, who is head of the Halal Certification Authority. My attention was first drawn to Mr
El-Mouelhy's intentions by his Facebook page in which he made the following comment about me: 'Mr Cory
Bernardi is a well-known bigot and Muslim hater. A couple of years ago when halal certification became an issue
for the bigots, Bernardi sent me an unsolicited, offensive and racist email. I did not dignify him with a response
then, and I am not about to dignify him now.'
Having never heard of this man before, and establishing I had never had any previous contact with him, I was
perplexed as to his claim. Upon further review of his distasteful, bigoted and racist social media rantings, I
actually thought this was a grubby parody account. Imagine my shock when I discovered that Mr El-Mouelhy
was actually a real person claiming to be a respected businessman. I contacted him through his business email
asking for evidence of his defamatory claim that I had sent him an unsolicited, offensive and racist email. He
responded by not providing any evidence at all and refusing to engage in any further conversation.
Accordingly, I am completely at peace in referring to Mr El-Mouelhy's claims about me as completely false, and
I can only consider him to be a liar. This prompted me to conduct a further review of Mr El-Mouelhy's public
statements. Clearly, he is no stranger to the limelight. With an increasing interest in halal certification, and as the
head of the Halal Certification Authority, he has taken every opportunity to have his views heard. He pops up in
TV interviews, on radio and in print. He is constantly offering opinions that halal certification has made him a
multimillionaire. In fact, you could probably think that he is the quasi-face of halal certification in Australia. Yet,
when given his opportunity to appear before a Senate committee about this precise topic, he refused to appear.
I am guessing that the requirement to tell the truth in giving evidence before a Senate committee was enough
to scare him off.
But that does not stop him from abusing the Senate inquiry. On Facebook he called the inquiry an 'exercise in
bigotry' and a 'sham'. He labelled as bigots all those who called for the inquiry and all the senators who voted for
it. He insulted almost every submission to the enquiry and he claimed, quite incorrectly, that the inquiry wants
to destroy the halal certification industry. Amid proclamations that the government had 'shut down' the inquiry
—again, another lie—he boasted further about the money he makes and mentioned alleged corruption within
halal certification in Indonesia.
A large part of me wonders whether we should take anything he says seriously. In addition to defaming me on
the internet, Mr El-Mouelhy is happy to abuse many others. He insults the whole of New South Wales as a 'bigots
dreamland'. He describes Queensland as a 'bigots hinterland' and the ACT as 'foil hat territory'. I will not list them
all now, but he said the same about virtually every state and territory in Australia. On Facebook, he doles out
opinions and insults in equal measure. I will characterise just a few of these sorts of abuses today. Next to photos
of pork rectums for sale, he writes: 'Favourite food for bigots. They are what they eat!' He accuses the Reverend
Fred Nile of watching pornography on his computer and reading 'free porn mags'. In a comment to someone who
posted on his page he wrote: 'You are a jealous bogan … die in your rage, bigot'. In another comment about
someone on his page he said: 'This guy must have been to a Catholic school; he is besotted with paedophilia.'
When asked about animal suffering, he said: 'I don't mind seeing you suffer.' He labels those who do not agree
with him as 'bogans, bigots, religiously intolerant, rednecks and hicks'. His comments about a photo of short-
cut bacon, where the word 'cut' has been misspelled through the addition of an additional consonant is simply
repulsive, and it would be unparliamentary for me to repeat it here.
Such comments do not reflect well on any Australian businessman, especially someone who claims to be as
successful and prominent as Mr El-Mouelhy. I have lost count of the number of times he has labelled me an

The call to bomb the place is probably by muslims, they don't like it that "we" can see their wives faces.

I wouldn't attend that place if someone paid me. Traitors, the lot of them.

........But there were other live streams too, shown on news outlets’ websites and social networking sites like Facebook.
The inauguration broke live streaming records, TechCrunch reported.
One of the world’s largest content delivery networks, Akamai, said it was the biggest single live news event it has ever hosted, following an analysis of its live video data. Akamai’s customers include more than 15 of the world’s largest broadcasters.
While the impressive numbers are more to do with the easy access to live video online than Mr Trump’s popularity, we need more measured analysis when it comes to the new president — his record viewer claim certainly isn’t the most ridiculous thing he’s ever said.

Gillard hails Trump protest marches

Thankyou Gillard for giving us your two cents, now can we have back all the millions and millions of dollars you shiftily funnelled into the illegal Clinton foundation SLUSH fund acocunts that were used in the 1.2billion dollar run for her to steal the job in the whitehouse.

So now this trouble making lying ex public servant politician who is still sponging off the taxpayer.....applauds a bunch of whiny men hatin' wimmin who march in Australia on matters that aren't in this country about a President and other non issues not of our country.
Whining misandrist feminist troublemakers clapped on by a Gillard.
Is it any wonder they are thought of in such a manner.

What a ripper of an article:

"The rights and freedoms we now take for granted, including freedom of assembly and speech, the right to a fair and timely trial, and the right to vote and elect a representative government, trace their origins to events that occurred on January 26, 1788.

As argued by the Perth legal academic, Augusto Zimmerman, “When the penal colony of New South Wales was established in 1788, the laws of England were transplanted into Australia” and “As a result, the legal sociopolitical institutions of Australia found their primary roots in the legal and sociopolitical traditions of England”.

The Mabo decision by the High Court of Australia, where indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islanders were granted land rights, only happened because of a legal system inherited from England.

It’s no accident that those nations to our north, including China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Lao PDR and Cambodia, that were never settled by the British are totalitarian regimes where basic freedoms are denied and governments are oppressive and corrupt."