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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


An Australian Prime Minister is not asked to make a Parliamentary statement on two pieces of flotsam in the Southern Ocean unless further critical information is being purposefully withheld from incompetent Malaysian officials.

Given currents and prevailing winds, the material sighted is unlikely to be a container, not in that part of the world. It appears some people know much more than media was told.

If the bold assumption can be made that the sighted wreckage is that of the Boeing 777, then there is no better point on the planet to ensure black boxes are not recovered for years, if ever, and that clears insurance claims to be paid.

The black boxes will be in 4 kilometres’ deep treacherous waters in one of the most inaccessibly remote points imaginable. 

The known actions of the crew appeared deliberate and calmly intentional.

The wreckage site correlates with the point the aircraft would have suffered fuel exhaustion. And that point was concentrated on by search crews for reasons other than what we have been told. 

Could evidence have been found that indicates suicide? It has happened before involving an Egyptian crew and evidence was suppressed and denied by the airline to avoid bankruptcy. 

The consensus among search crews is that no wreckage will be found. So far they have sighted the bridge of an old fishing boat and large pods of dolphins. 

The wreckage may not be that of the lost aircraft and it may never be found, after all what better place is there to ensure it isn’t. 

An international contributor has informed of his assessment: 

Hi Larry, 

“A scenario for those who can't make anything of the gibberish coming out of Malaysia, but remain interested:

“I have been convinced for some time that this was pilot or co-pilot suicide. 

Apparently the ACARS system was turned off and the flight-path west over the peninsular was programmed in immediately before the co-pilot said, “All right, good night” to the ATCs. 

“He or the captain then switched off the aircraft’s transponder. 

“I believe those targeting the search also believe this 'accident' was a suicide. 


“If a pilot wants to commit suicide and still allow his family to collect insurance, he has to try to make sure the wreckage isn't found. 

"To do that he needs to fly the plane in a manner that would hide it from, or confuse, military and civilian radar, then put it somewhere very hard to find. He did exactly that. 

“The problem is pilot suicide might make some passengers suspect that something is very wrong. 


“Put on an oxygen mask and slowly decompress the plane. 

"Assuming he can prevent the deployment of passenger oxygen masks, he then climbs to 45,000 ft (it is reported he did that) to ensure everyone except himself is either comatose or dead. 

"Then manoeuvre the plane until it is pointing to the most desolate part of the southern Indian Ocean, set the autopilot, take his oxygen mask off, and go to sleep.

"If my theory is correct he has come unstuck because he didn't realise the plane was still trying to ‘handshake’ with an InMarSat satellite over the Indian Ocean, which gave the searchers the look-down angle to draw that big red circle. 

"They intersected that circle with where they thought the aircraft would have run out of fuel and promptly targeted DigitalGlobe mapping satellites and AGIO to go have a look. 

"The series of events doesn't imply a catastrophic malfunction and if the aircraft was flown to the southern Indian Ocean, a hijacking doesn't make sense. 

"I hope I'm wrong and it has landed safely somewhere, but I don't think so."

Ken Lanham,

[The flaw in the theory is that both pilots and a flight engineer would all need to agree to a suicide pact at the same time.]


Suicide ! BS ! in this day and age an airliner that cant be found ? BS, constant waffle and cover up, YES ! being told to shut up OR ELSE by the powers that be ! another racket taking place,'' something rotten in Denmark''

I think that Larry has better things to do than preside over a primary school tiff....are you for real Bruce? ...valid point SE!

it has been found in the Southern Ocean today.

Lesson: Make sure that none of the crew of any airline you travel on are MUSLIMS.

If what the Aussie and now Chinese satellites have found in the southern Indian Ocean turn out to be part of flight 370, and I reinforce the "IF", the catastrophic decompression theory does not explain how it got there. Radar in two countries tracked it flying west from its last known position for a period of time, but something or someone has made it track south from there. You are correct that we pilots are a big thingy about what we do, I'm happy to wear narcissistic, but we are also not aware of what was happening on board at the time, even pilots do funny things if they have a gun at their temple, and we may never know.

The B777 doesn't have a flight engineer, unless there was an engineer on board for and (initially) unrelated reason anyway.

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Whatever it is, the Chinese have picked it up on their satellites and have a better fix on it. It has covered 75km since last detection but now only a matter of time before confirmation one way or another:

.....sorry, "they" being the pilots....

....i believe that they probably had some sort of fire onboard and immediately did the turn back, they would have put their PBE,s on ( smoke hoods ) while pulling circuit breakers to try and stop the fire , hence the navaids and coms going down, they most likely were finally overcome with the smoke along with the passengers, and the plane has then continued on autopilot until it has run out of fuel....

Here is a theory from an experienced pilot.

.....more likely to have been a fire on board i think .....

If this is indeed the case then the perpetrator is a totally self-centered murdering asshole. If you wish to top yourself do it at home with pills, if you wish to make a statement set yourself on fire outside the parliament. In anycase take out yourself if you are that way. Do not take out over 300 others who were just getting on with thier lives.

with the back-lash that tony abbott got through the press today about the missing plane-------hes only trying to do the right thing,as in keeping the people informed about the situation.TONY,TELL THEM JACK SHIT.

G2.,If this is suicide, then one or other of the flight crew are cowards. To take all those innocent folk down with him and leave so many grieving relatives behind never knowing what happened. Lets hope it was an accident and not some stuffed up Muslim mind doing something in the name of Allah or because he could not cope with life.

I remember back in 1982. I visited New York and went to the World Trade Center. I went to the viewing platform inside the building and looked straight down and nearly fainted. I HATE FUCKING HEIGHTS.......Plane travel?? As long as I`m pissed.

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